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How You Should Use a Beard Oil?

How You Should Use a Beard Oil

Beard oils are necessary for both you and your beard. Beard oils moisturize as well as condition. You can also use it to prevent itching and beardruff. Beard oil can make your beard to style with ease. Also, your beard looks better.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to use beard oil. Check out this article to learn about it.

How to Use Beard Oil

When to apply it

You should apply it right after getting out of the shower. At that time, your beard has opened up greatly. Before applying beard oils, don’t forget to dry your beard with a towel. Sure, no one wants to apply beard oil when their beard is too wet.

How much to use

Depending on the length of the board thickness, you can determine how much oil you should use. You need to use 3-4 drops of beard oils for a new beard up to one month. For 1-3 months, you need 4-6 drops. And, 10 drops and up are necessary for one year and over of beard growth.

It is essential to determine the right amount for your beard. If you apply too much beard oil, it can cause dripping as well as unexpected embarrassment. If you use it for the first time, it is best to apply a small amount. Once you use enough beard oil, your beard will become softer.

How often to use

It depends on many factors. Here are some things you should consider:

  • You can use it every couple of days if you are living in humid conditions.
  • If you are staying in a dry climate, it is essential to do that more than once a day.

You can also apply the beard oil as your personal preference. We recommend you to use it every day since it can keep your beard attractive and healthy.

Pour the Beard Oil

Avoid pouring out too much beard oil in order not to waste your oil. If your bottle has a dropper, you need to put it back into your bottle after dispensing the appropriate amount into your palm. You should not put the bottle on a countertop to avoid attracting contaminants.

Apply the Oil

After taking a shower, your beard skin becomes warm. It is ready to apply your beard oil. Firstly, you need to spread the oil on your fingers and palms after pouring it. Then, get it to your beard’s roots to keep it strong and healthy.

Spread out the oil in your beard. Then, brush your palms along your beard sides. At the same time, do the same in front of your beard. Finally, coat your mustache hairs with your fingers.

Comb Your Beard

It is necessary to purchase a quality beard comb since your beard can get many benefits from combing. It can help to prevent ingrown hair, avoid stray hairs getting into your mouth, as well as making it appear fuller.

Benefits of Beard Oil

Using beard oil can make your beard a good look. Also, it can help you get a beard with a styled look. Here are some other benefits you can get from using beard oil:

Beard oil moisturizes

Beard oil can keep your beard moisturized, especially if you are living in a harsh climate. The fact is that your beard may get dry and brittle. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it hydrated.

Help beard smell good

There are different scents of beard oils, including sandalwood, cedarwood, tobacco, and citrus. Beard oils don’t have the same smell as your shampoo.

Give you a good-looking beard

We have already said previously. Beard oil promises to give you a nice sheen. Also, your beard can look fuller when you use beard oil.


Beard oil is made to improve your beard’s appearance. It can help to make your beard softer, fuller, and lusher. When using beard oil, you need to learn about some techniques to do it properly. You need to determine how much you should use it. Also, you should know how often you should use it.

In this post, we let you know the benefits of beard oil. Moreover, you also know how to use it as well. We hope our guide is useful to you.