5 Best Travel Hair Dryer UK 2021

Do you like traveling? if you are a travel freak and want to take your favorite hair dryer with you on all your adventures, we have brought some all the best choices.

People always need some special gadgets with them no matter wherever they go. Among them, a coffee maker or a hair straightener must not be the most necessary gadget.

However, a hairdryer must be the thing that people need while traveling. keeping that in mind, we came up with these amazing hair dryers that are easy to carry and come at an affordable price too. So let’s check it out.

Top 5 Best Travel Hair Dryer UK

1. Babyliss Travel Dryer 2000W

Some people like their hairdryers to be tiny and cute. However, efficiency is also their requirement. Keeping their choice in mind, we are reviewing this hairdryer.

This is one of the tiniest and cute hairdryers available currently in the market. Unlike its size, it works best for your hair.

You will get stylish looks for your hair with very little effort and in a short period. This little hairdryer weighs only 0.56 7kg and its size will fit even in your smallest bag.

Also, it comes with a comfortable handle which is easy to hold and therefore, you will dry your hair conveniently.

Generally, a small and portable hair dryer is something that you must carry with yourself. Keeping that in mind, we are suggesting you buy this pretty piece.

However, it doesn’t bring you any speed setting and that causes a little bit problem while using it. Also, it is not an issue if you are rushing towards your next outing.

The best part about this hairdryer is that it brings a beautiful case and therefore, putting it and packing is very easy.

It requires only 125 volts to 240 volts of energy for running. Well, it performs with very little sound and very quickly, too.

Currently, you will hardly find any better option than this hairdryer. Hence, to get silky and shiny hair, grab this piece without further ado.


  • Quick-drying ability
  • Lightweight and tiny in size
  • Comes with folded handle
  • Gives stylish hair looks


  • Inconvenient while drying long hair

2. GHD Flight- Luxury Hair Dryer

Since traveling requires staying in hotels a lot and it requires carrying all your necessary stuff with you too because most of the time you do not get your desired gadgets in hotel rooms.

Keeping that in mind we are suggesting you buy this dryer Because it will not disappoint you with its efficient performance and portability. Let’s know some more about it.

Buying a gadget and not thinking about the budget is a category that some people fall into. If you are one of them, then this dryer should be in your bucket list.

More reasons make it a great choice for any user.

For instance, you can get a whole professional hairstyle without even going to a salon. Undoubtedly, it’s an achievement that even comes in small size and lightweight.

Speaking of its features, other dryers can weigh almost two times more than this but it is very lightweight compared to them.

The safeguard technology will prevent overheating and that keeps you using it without worrying about it.

However, you just have to convince yourself to pay a bigger amount than the other dryers. We ensure you that it will be worth paying the money.

Also, to have perfect hair throughout the days, you cannot find a better option than this.

Moreover, it runs with average energy like 1200 volts and comes with different speed settings. It ensures that you can dry your hair with ease and not worrying about the overheating problem.


  • Various speed settings
  • Efficient performance
  • Comfortable handle
  • 2-years guarantee


  • Might be costly

3. Remington D3010- Affordable Option

People who have to rethink their budget before buying a product, this unit fits perfectly for them. This is going to win your heart with its extraordinary performance and cheap price.

You are going to get 2 different sets of speed as well as 3 heat measurement settings with it. Therefore, styling your hair according to your wish is just a matter of time.

It works super fast and efficiently and that is because of its 2000W of energy. An extra ceramic coating helps to absorb the extra heat and gives you a calm feeling while using it.

Also, the eco-setting system will help in the power reduction that it requires every day.

Pointing the obvious side of a hairdryer, most of the people think its drying hair with dryers make your hair harsh and damage it.

This dryer also has such reviews from some of its users. However, it is not going to bother you if you just use it occasionally.

Everyone likes to be soft and caring with their hair and this is how they act too. Therefore, this unit must meet all your expectations regarding your hair gadget.

Moreover, it brings a beautiful case to place it so that it can dignify the space-saving quality that a user looks for.

Also, the affordable price range is cherry on the top. This is how it is different from all the other brands.


  • Durability
  • Eco-setting system
  • Ceramic coating
  • Affordable price


  • Can make your hair rough

4. TRESemme- The Smooth Machine

We understand how much you love your hair and that’s why we couldn’t suggest anything better than this because this dryer will take care of your hair like no other dryer. We are telling you why!

Looking for a budget-friendly dryer cannot bring you a better option than this. Also, Its power pack performance will melt your heart.

In the case of frequently used, it works like a pro. It also brings 2-speed settings like many other hair dryers.

Despite having the most powerful system, it won’t play harshly with your hair. The existing ceramic technology spreads the heat evenly and makes sure you don’s face any overheating issue.

The concentrator head laced with the amazing brush and the paddle with it gets you untangled hair and drying it faster. It comes with bristles too that give a relaxing and soothing feeling.

To notify you of the extra brush set that it brings, you will be easily able to clean it with that. The brush specially cleans the filter that it has to protect the dryer.

Keeping the title in mind, it is manufactured in a pretty, little size and weighs like 700g. Also, the folded handle saves the space while putting it in the luggage.

Besides, safety is also their concern. Therefore, the company provides a heat-protective system to save us from overheat.

However, you might face a little issue with storing it, according to some users. They say that it can not be stored vertically as it doesn’t have any hole to hang it.


  • Paddle brush
  • Not heavy
  • Comes in budget
  • Saves space


  • No hanging hole

5. Red Hair Dryer Piece 37070

Requiring professional hairstyle, undoubtedly go for this hairdryer. This one is satisfyingly small in size and also helps to get flawless styles like a salon.

To get fast and fabulous performance, you must bring this 1200W machine to your closet. There is a variable heat control system in it. All you have to do is to adjust the heat by using the switch.

The diffuser will help to do your style conveniently and give a smooth effect. This is auto removable too.

However, removing it may require much of your effort while using it for some days in the beginning. It gets easier with time.

Keeping the name relatable, it comes with a whole red casing and black inner parts that make it look the best combination. Its reasonable price and the warranty are the icings on the cake.

Having an appropriate adapter is all you need to run this dryer no matter where you are.

It requires an average amount of voltage and therefore, you can dry your hair anytime and anywhere.

On another note, this hairdryer is suitable for tours as well as home. Also, it comes with a loop that helps it hanging and saves space.

For making is extra safe, it brings an extra grill and filter for protective measures.

At last, speaking of the price, this is so reasonable and worth paying that you should grab it without even thinking twice.


  • Simple using method
  • Different speed level
  • Comfortable handle
  • Saves space


  • Looks like a cheap product

Buying Guide Of The Best Travel Hair Dryer UK


Generally, a different type of electricity is available in different countries. Chances are there that your usual dryer will not work in all the countries.

Therefore, facing such a situation may lead you to lose control over your dryer and damaging your hair sometimes.

Making a wise choice is something you should go for. That’s why double voltage dryers are the best partners.

They will serve you no matter where you are carrying them. Thus you can have stylish hair regardless of country and location.

Size & Weight

Speaking of the most important part, size and weight matter a lot in a dryer.

In the case of going out on a trip or a destination wedding, your hairdryer must be easy to carry and space-saving. Otherwise, there is no point in buying a dryer that you cannot carry.

For this reason, always go for a lightweight and small hairdryer.

This is going to be taking care of your arms too while drying hair for a long time. Also, it makes it easier to carry it even inside of your smallest bag pack.


Buying a lightweight and tiny hairdryer is not enough because you have to take care of the power too.

Some will meet your expectations with their looks and weight but will not be good with power. Therefore, it is important to watch out the power as well.

In that sense, having the power of 1000W in a hairdryer is enough. It will work from the lowest range of electricity to the highest range.

So, when you buy a dryer, make sure you don’t go for a piece carrying less power than 1000W.


Portability is crucial because without being a portable dryer, your dryer will be of no use on a trip. Keeping that in mind, always go for the dryers with folded handle.

It will get folded and occupies a small space in your baggage. Thus you can carry it wherever you go and use it like a pro.

Some manufacturing companies make dryers that look small but end up occupying too much space. Do not get deceived by them. Always look the way you can pack it and then go for it.

FAQs & Answers

Is a Hand Luggage is Suitable to a Carry Hair Dryer?

It all depends on the size and weight that your hair dryer comes in. However, there is something that you have to check out before carrying it and that is to ask your airline.

Some may not permit to carry any electrical gadgets and some may allow. Therefore, an official confirmation would help you move on.

How to Take Care Of My Hair Pre and Post Blow Dry?

To take care of sensitive hair, go for hair sprays after drying it. On the other hand, there are heat-protectant sprays available that suit all kinds of hair.

For rough hair, using relaxers would be a great option.

However, using chemical products may harm your hair in other ways. Therefore, try and use products with herbal ingredients as much as possible.

What about Hair fall?

Hair fall occurs for several reasons. To stop it, it’s necessary to know the root cause of it. However, using a hairdryer with proper care and instruction won’t cause hair fall.

We still would like to suggest you to not use the dryer in the case of excessive hair fall.

Consulting a professional and taking care of your hair properly is important. Overall, your hair requires special care no matter you blow dry it or not.


To recapitulate, a hairdryer is essential no matter where you go and what your purpose is to dress up. Choosing a good dryer is important as your hair deserves the best.

Think twice and follow our article before choosing a dryer. Hopefully, it will help to make a wise purchase.

Lastly, your hair is precious, dry it with a proper dryer and handle it with care.


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