Best Steam Generator Iron UK [2021]

Best Steam Generator Iron UK

Irons that can generate steam undoubtedly amazingly do their tasks to make you more productive. Especially, they’re great things to work with while comparing with some other common irons.

Steam generating irons are the perfect choice if you have a big family with loads of clothes to maintain. They might indeed be a bit expensive, but they work better and effectively than cheap ones.

As there are lots of brands and models of steam generating irons, you may be confused to choose the right product. But, you’ll find the perfect one for your family, if you follow this post up to the end.

It’s because we’re going share some best quality products along with a buying guide and some common and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Top 5 Best Steam Generator Iron UK

 Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9630/20 Steam Generator Iron

Securing 5 out of 5-star rating, the PerfectCare Elite GC9630/20 is the best stem generating iron by the famous Philips manufacturer in the list.

This high-quality steam iron is the fastest one and you need the lowest time to spend ironing per week. Lots of happy users are impressed by its efficacy and you’ll be as well. For the starters, the unit is great to use to reduce your waste of time.

It’s because this iron comes with the latest optimal temp technology, which is why it allows you to perform the tasks effortlessly.

At the same time, it’ll save you money that you likely to spend by pre-sorting for the laundry. Also, you don’t need to wait for the temperature to fine-tune with.

You’ll get the serenity that you don’t need to mess with your clothes regardless of the different kinds of fabric. As the item has a larger capacity of the water tank, you can get done your loads of laundry works without a break.

Generating a 135-gram per minute steam pressure constantly, the product also can produce up to 470 grams to boost your fabric fibers deeply.

The best thing to describe the manufacturer is this one is the single brand that has achieved the Wool Mark’s Gold Standard certifications. This is why the PerfectCare by Philips is the best stem generating iron so far.

Another good feature of the unit is its innovative system of heat cleaning, De-Calc is helpful and easy to use it.


  • Extremely fast hand ironing
  • Even gliding soleplates
  • Innovative technology
  • Larger water tank


  • Expensive

 Tefal SV6040 High-Pressure Iron With Steam Generator

Tefal SV6040 is high-pressure steam generating iron that comes with 7.5-bar pressure. The product also has a 500-gram per minute, extremely authoritative steam boosting system.

It’s a well-designed steam iron with the feature of reducing the time of spending while ironing. Thanks to its built-in, strong heater, it converts the given water into the perfect steam.

This makes a higher pressure and penetrates the thicker part of the fabric of your cloth. While using this steam iron, you’ll get quicker fold removal with more exact hand ironing.

Aside from this, the iron heats up quickly within just two minutes that allows you to start working faster. It’s the first steam iron with high pressure from the Tefal that comes with the latest technology of anti-scale and anti-stain.

This is why it provides double safety with accurate work outcomes at an affordable price. The manufacturer knows well that everybody looks for the garment without stain.

So, it might be a bit more pleasing to find the most excellent steam generating iron that will help you to accomplish it.

The unit is the perfect tool to help you avail the best beyond your clothes. Because safety matters much, the Tefal SV6040 is featured with Automatic off function.

Thus, if you leave it unattended, it’ll turn off automatically to prevent possible injury. Overall, this steam generating iron is extremely user-friendly with a large water tank to allow you to work for enough time to complete the tasks quickly.


  • Highest steam distribution
  • Performs fast & effortless
  • Large water tank
  • Safe & comfortable handle


  • Consumes a large amount of electricity

 Tefal GV8461 Autoclean ProExpress Steam Generator

This is another inclusion of the Tefal production line in this list and it has not lotted of dissimilarities from its ancestors. Along with 2200-watt powerful output, it rocks with high pressure and generating steam.

Coming with the ability of 6-bar pressure, this unit boosts its steam about 260-gram per minute. Like its previous model, it’s not just well designed; it’s also helpful to accomplish your ironing tasks quickly.

Apart from trimming down the time of ironing, the integrated boiler converts water into essential high pressure to penetrate deeply in your fabrics. If you compare the time of ironing using this unit with the regular one, you’ll find its real strength.

You’ll get lots of features are out there with this product while the major one is to use the latest technology for the solution of the anti-scaling. This is a feature of the original scale collector that helps you to prevent the buildup of limescale.

With a removable, larger water tank with a capacity of 1.8 liters of water, you can detach it to refill with water. Its scale collector is also removable, so it’s easy to clean by rinsing water under a tape.

Because of its automatic Durilium clean soleplate, it ensures you effortless ironing whenever you need it. As the soleplate is very soft, you’ll not face any resistance while ironing your clothes.

Due to its active gaps at the sides, top, and centers, it ensures even distribution of steam that assures a great ironing experience.


  • Powerful output
  • Higher bar pressure
  • Large water tank
  • Energy saving


  • Durability issue

 Morphy Richards PowerSteam Elite 332014 Steam Generator Iron

Another top brand in the steam-generating iron industry, Morphy Richards has set up itself over many years providing smart products. It has a revolutionary auto-cleaning function with the latest technology.

Despite its innovative tech and useful features, the unit is not expensive, unlike some other models. This model automatically identifies when it needs to clean and initiates the cleaning process automatically.

Having a light for the descaling, it allows you to decide when you should clean the iron. The cleaning method is simple that draw water from its tank and uses it to make a flush of the limescale from inside of the boiler.

Apart from being inexpensive, this steam generating iron is a great piece to creases uneven fabrics. Coming with a large 170-gram higher pressure steam, it glides with obstinate folds without much effort.

This is why you’ll certainly love its simple and user-friendly features and functions. Ahead of that, it has a large 2.2-liter tank capacity. Besides, you’ll get the optimum set of great controls to select the output of the steam and setting of the temperature as per your need.

As the unit makes you able to set the precise temperature, you can work with it smoothly. You just need to follow the given instructions for different clothes.

Another good thing to describe the steam-generating iron is you can use it for steaming vertically. So, you get what you’re in search of.


  • Automatic cleaning function
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Detachable large water tank
  • Durable glide soleplate


  • Issue of water leakage

 Phillips PerfectCare Viva GC7057/20 Steam Generator

Last, but not least, the Phillips PerfectCare GC7057/20 steam generating iron is great to accomplish a large number of clothes within a short time. So, if you’re looking for a way of stress-free ironing tasks, you don’t need to search anything more.

It’s because this device is fit enough to meet your needs of a steam iron. Coming with the latest ultra-fast performance, the unit is made of the latest set of technology. Despite the use of high-end technology, this steam iron is extremely affordable.

Also, the PerfectCare Viva is ready to show its charm even if you use it to iron folded and bulky clothes. And you’re out of getting anxiety about flaming your beloved dress or shirt. With a continuous stream, the product works with 120-gram per minute.

This is why it works effectively on all types of fabrics and creases. Like its ancestors, the unit is made with the practical OptimalTEMP technology that ensures flawless performance.

Also, this is an advanced technology that helps you to avoid changing the settings of temperature. The device has a great feature of safe-rest.

That means you can keep the hot soleplate of the device directly to get in touch with the clothes on the ironing board devoid of causing any harm.

Another great feature of the steam iron is that it has a large 2-liter water container. As a result, you can continue ironing up to 2 hours without any interruption.


  • Single temperature setting
  • Energy saving
  • Elegant descaling system
  • Larger water tank


  • Non-removable water tank

Buying Guide

The buying guide is very important to follow if you don’t know enough about buying a product like a steam iron. So, this section of the content is for those who don’t know well how to buy steam generating iron.


With different models of steam iron, there are many different designs available. However, you need to think about their types to go together with the preferred device that you should buy.

When some models are equipped with a large gripping handle, others might be a bit thinner in construction. Similarly, you also find some designs are included better style and look to go with your individual choice. Whatever the case may be, you should choose the iron that’s easy to operate and use.

Wattage Matters

Usually, you get referred to choose 300-watt steam iron. While choosing these watts, you have to identify two things about it: how faster it becomes heat up and how much essential steam it can generate. A smaller boiler is inside your steam iron that helps it to heat its water to generate steam.

If you buy an iron with a higher number of wattage, it’ll generate steam faster and more in amount. In any case, you can choose the watt from 2000 – 3100 according to your needs.


While talking about the soleplate, the manufacturers describe it in descriptive language. Most soleplates are made of some kind of metal and it’s usually steel. When you’ll choose a better quality iron, it’ll come with a soleplate of ceramic made.

This is the place that comes with contact with your clothes remaining under the iron. If you choose high-quality irons, they’ll help you to avoid splashing, snagging, and rusting to the clothes.

Number of The Steam Flow

You may have noticed that there is writing like 30g/m on the box of the iron. It indicates that if the boiler generates the steam, it’ll deliver with this rate to the soleplate along with your iron’s vents.

When more steam comes out, you’ll find it easy to folds and wrinkles. Also, most steam generating irons have a steam shot or steam boost that’s written like a 230g steam shot.

It means when you press the button of steam shot, your steam iron releases steam with a higher pressure. So, it could be 230 grams/minute in this instance. This is very important when your clothes have tough creases.

FAQs About Best Steam Generator Iron UK

How Regularly Do I Have To Decalcify My Steam Iron?

It’s not fixed for every piece of steam iron as it depends on the water type and the iron’s strength of use.

Is It Difficult To Clean My Steam Iron’s Soleplate?

No, soleplate with Sapphire or Eloxal is easy to clean using steel wool.

Can Purified Water Harm My Steam Iron?

Yes, it certainly can and it’s not a good influence on the performance of the steam.

Yes, it has absolutely a bad influence on steam performance.

What is the perfect water to use with my steam iron?

We and the manufacturers also highly recommend using the normal tap water in your steam iron. Always avoid any other types of liquids.


By now, you get a couple of ideas to choose the best steam generating iron. You always should try to buy the professional-grade iron that’s a bit tough to do. But, you have learned much about this concern that will help you to get the right products.

Well, it’s time to grab your favorite steam iron and it’s OK to choose anyone from our above-said list. So, go with your desired device and enjoy a long-lasting ironing experience!

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