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Not all people are out there who enjoy using an electric-powered shaver. It’s not surprising that using an electric shaver may cause skin irritations to some people.

Also, they’re as tough to clean plus unable to prevent the possible issues that happened due to bacteria.

In this case, classic, high-quality safety razors are the perfect solution for them. When you’re worried about safety and hygiene, you can’t choose anything but the safety razors as the name suggests.

As they’re very useful tools to upkeep your grooming, you can own one of them. This is why we’re going to share the top five safety razors that are leading in the market of the UK.

As a bonus, you’ll get a useful buying guide with some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with answers.

Top 5 Best Safety Razor UK

1. Gillette Fusion5 Men’s Safety Razor With FlexBall Technology

In the variety of safety razors available out there may make your head spinning. But, Gillette is the brand that millions of happy users across the globe trust and use it daily.

Also, the manufacturer offers new models of razors now and then and the Gillette Fusion5 is their latest edition over lots of older products.

Along with a larger lubrication strip, the razor has five sharp blades.

Thanks to the latest Flexball technology, it allows the unit to go to the tough to reach areas and follows the curves of your body.

If you know the right ways to use the razor, you can remove all of your unexpected hair with ease.

As a result, it’ll help you to reduce the shaving number every month. Because of its durable replacement cartridges, you can use them for more than one month.

Just like other razors of the Gillette Fusion series do, this model also equipped with a simple gripping handle.

The major difference of this technology with other models is its design of identifying the curves of your face.

Coming with a trimmer for an accurate cut of this ProGlide model that’s very useful to accomplish the shaving tasks effectively without leaving any spot of your face.

Some other key features are including finer and thinner blade’s edges with the superior lower resistance coating that offers you effortless cut through the beard.

Also, it has a Combo Guard with an improved blade that helps you to get the proper alignment of the hair.


  • Included with thinner, durable blades
  • Latest FlexBall technology
  • High-quality replacement cartridges
  • Great alignment


  • A bit expensive

2. BIC Flex3 Hybrid Razors For Men With Handle & Refills Pack

Another world’s famous and older brand of razor, BIC always keeps its commitment to high-quality products. Its Flex3 Hybrid Razors is also no exception to this.

It’s truly a hybrid razor with everything in a single unit that’s equipped with the movable blade system.

The razor comes with 3-stainless steel, durable blades that make your shaving activities effortless and simple to rinse.

The model is engineered with a head that pivots when you need to adjust it as per the curves on the face.

With every pack, you’ll get four cartridges of the razor with the latest handle. Also, you can replace the cartridge with ease followed by a button that requires an easy press.

Because it’s included with all the necessary things you need, you’re free of hunting for some other cartridges that will save your energy and time.

Coming with a lubricating strip that’s full of vitamin E and Aloe Vera, it provides simply great smooth shave.

Another good feature of the razor is its larger guard bar that protects your skin from lots of possible issues like cuts and irritations.

Also, it ensures a smooth shave because of its curved, long handle for better control over it while shaving.

You already know about the stuff that comes at free with the razor pack that’s a great value worth buying to save money.

Moreover, you’re all set to keep it in your travel bag for further use even if you’re on the move.


  • Flexible blades
  • Great value
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Smooth shave


  • Lower quality blades

3. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Razor With 12 Free Razor Blades

This is another entry from the famous Gillette brand that delivers an optimum close shave with no redness or any other issues.

The blade of the razor is so effective that you’ll find it newly feel even after its 10th shave.

It’s because the razor comes with 3 comfortable dura blades that help you complete your shaving with ease.

Also, the razor protective gel strip glides to help you prevent the skin from possible issues.

Moreover, it comes with a superior skin guard that helps you to protect the skin from stretching to prepare the hair to cut well.

Apart from the DuraComfort blades for durable comfort while shaving, you can use refills of any other Mach3 blades.

Coming with a great blade suspension, the razor allows the blades to get closer contact and avail the desired shave.

Besides, its pressure-adjusting rotating adapters work smoothly on the body curves for a simple and comfortable shave every time you do.

As we have tested lots of models of different brands, we found Mach3 not just long-lasting for about 15 shaves; it’s also affordable in price if you compare the times you can shave with other cheap razors.

So, you don’t need to lose your head when you find loads of different razors because you know well that Mach3 is the perfect one for you.

As a result, it’ll help you to get a great shaving experience on time. This is why the razor is highly recommended for you.


  • User-friendly
  • Precise shaving
  • Smoothens your skin
  • Great investment


  • Design is not as expected

4. Wilkinson Sword Hydro5 Razor With 13 Free Blade Refills

The Hydro5 from Wilkinson comes with a redesigned formula that reduces irritation and ensures a trouble-free smooth shave. Its long-lasting get reservoir works twice than ordinary razors.

Also, the razor has innovative technology of 5 blades that keeps skincare at its shaving heart. As a result, you’ll get a closer shave with a simple effort and without any issues like irritation.

As the facial skin is very sensitive, it can be dry out and irritated easily by an incorrect razor or harsh shaving.

This razor is equipped with blades that are Ultra Glide along with skin conditioners that have activated water.

Thus, it helps you to keep your skin as hydrated as smooth with every shave. Apart from these blades, its Skin Guard also provides close contact on your skin.

It’s because the unit creates a flatter and smoother surface when you shave that gives you a comfortable shaving experience without irritation.

The feature of Flip Trimmer is another great thing to get an exact trimming for the tough to reach spots in the face. So, it helps you to flip back the Gel Reservoir with an easy flip of the thump.

You’ll find most other types of razors come with conditioning strips with plastic and conditioners.

But, the Hydro5 is advanced to some degrees and featured a 100 percent pure conditioner with its reservoir for the long-lasting and effective shaving.

Also, the reservoir releases lubrication with full of vitamin E and Aloe Vera with activated water. These ensure the proper gliding with hydrating your skin that helps you to avoid rashes and cuts on your skin.


  • Flexible grip handle
  • Long-lasting
  • Effective flip trimmer
  • 5-blade design


  • Non-pivoting flip trimmer

5. Bulldog Skincare’s Original Bamboo Safety Razor

Some people like to keep their bears while others are not. If you’re one of them who don’t like to keep their beards, the Original Bamboo Safety Razor for you to help trim your beards.

This razor comes with everything that you want to get the perfect shave.

These include 5 tempered blades, an aloe Vera made lubricating strip and an exact trimmer that is designed with a pivoting head.

Its lower environmental impact is another great thing that sets apart the razor from the crowd.

It’s because all things of the razor are made of recyclable components from the metal components to the bamboo handle.

Apart from these, the product includes a locking screw that’s helpful when you need to replace the handle.

As the manufacturer noted the diverse effect of more than 2 billions of plastics razors are thrown every year, they planned to save the environment with natural and easy to decomposed elements.

This is why they produced bamboo handles and steel blades that all are eco-friendly. The handle of the razor is indeed designed beautifully with an aesthetic look that fits your hand comfortably. But, the blades of the razor dull after some shaves.

Although it’s a quite responsible idea to lower the effect on the environment, it feels cheaper. So, it certainly depends on what your preferences are.

That means if you prefer saving the environment then Original Bamboo Safety Razor should be your first choice.


  • Extremely environmentally friendly
  • Aesthetic bamboo handle
  • User-friendly
  • Comfortable


  • Blades get dull after some shaves

Buying Guide For The Best Safety Razor

You should follow the below said features and factors when you buy a safety razor for the optimum output.

Well, let’s know what the points are that you need to keep in mind before you make a purchase.


The handle of the razors is a great feature and you should consider it strongly. There are many aspects to note on a handle that is useful for users who like to use it for wet shaving.

If you’re a starter, the handle of the razor should come with the proper length. It’ll help you to fit the handle on your hand.

As a result, you should not choose a razor that has a too long or too short handle.


Considering getting the right weight of the razor is another great deciding factor. It’s because when you’ll choose an extra-heavy one, it’ll be tempted to be dropped.

Likewise, if you choose one that’s very light in weight, it’ll need to press forcibly to get the précised cut. As a result, it may cause various skin issues like cuts, irritations, and itching.

Balance & Grip

You can’t ignore the right balance as well as the proper grip of your razor. The reason is if you buy a shaver with a great grip, you can hold it tightly to avoid dropping from your hand even if you’re in a wet hand.

That means it helps you to control your razor from doing reverse output that you like to avoid. In the same way, having a razor with the perfect balance plus grip is the most considering factor among others.

Fixed Gap or Adjustable

Many safety razors come with fixed/ set gaps while some others have adjustable gaps between their blades and skin. If you choose the set models, you can’t change the gap anymore.

But, you can set it as per your preference if you buy the adjustable models. In any case, an adjustable one is the best for the expected results.

FAQs & Answers Section

Does Razor Blade Get Dull?

Your razor blade might be dull because it’s also at risk to wear & tear like some other things.

Is There Availability Of A Particular Safety Razor To Shave The Legs?

No, you just need to find the best product for you that can give you the best results.

Which Double-Edge Blades Are Best For My Sensitive Skin?

Some products may fit well for some people’s preference, but not for all. So, you need to choose your preferred one.

Which Safety Razor Is The Perfect For My Bikini Area?

You need to choose from the long handle models if you want to shave your bikini area.


Finally, you got it that you’re in search of. So, it’s time to choose your suitable piece of safety razor from the above-said list.

You’re free of stress to buy from any of them because all are as high-quality as durable and coming from the renowned brands.

Happy Shaving!

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