The 5 Best Retractable Washing Lines UK [2021]

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Washing lines suggest just the simple and alternative ways of the cloth dryers. These are not anything like the latest technology and they’re being practiced many years ago. Even you also might have used one of these ways.

They’re indeed a type of cord or rope that’s fixed in two different points. You can use them outside of your house and even inside with a simple way to attach them to a wall or pole according to your needs.

We’re here with some best retractable washing lines in the UK to make your task easier to find suitable ones. Well, let’s know more about them with a buying guide and a FAQs section.

Top 5 Best Retractable Washing Lines

Brabantia Wallfix Airer, 4 arms, Silver

The Brabantia offers the top-rated washing line has validated its quality eventually by its lots of happy users. Their positive reviews have made the product highly acceptable by plenty of users in the UK.

Also, this is our top item to review because this washing line has made of durable materials. It has protected in a box that helps to avoid it from getting damage anyway.

This item is indeed a bit pricey, but it truly worth a bit higher price. The best thing about the washing line: it has multiple lines to dry your clothes.

As a result, it allows you to get the benefits from the flexible item to work with. You’ll get a case with the product that protects UV and it ensures the durability of the item.

Moreover, its PVC coating makes the washing line the satisfying thing that’s guaranteed with the best outcomes. Among other features, the major ones are the reliability, versatility, and assurance of long-lasting.

These all features have made it a prominent item to choose from as your drying assistant. This is why the product has gained a higher success rate with an increased sale than many other items in the UK market.

Another good thing about this item is that it’s very simple to unfold because of its versatile grip. It means that you can set it wherever you prefer at your desired height while fixing.

And you can choose from its 3 available positions to get the best use of it.


  • Excellent design
  • Simple to install
  • High-quality material
  • Ideal length


  • Not coming with any specific warranty

Minky Retractable Laundry Drying Space

Minky presents another best quality retractable drying space. It’s a type of washing like with the feature of wall fix. This is a dryer for garden clotted, which is well trusted to lots of gardeners and homeowners.

It’s because the item has made of specially selected materials and it’s highly reliable then again. Although this washing line is a bit higher in price, it’s worth buying while considering its useful features.

The product comes with independent lines, so you can use it separately and combined. If you choose this item then you’ll not find it wrong anyway because of its hooks and clip to lock your clothes.

This wonderful washing line with reel has a complete warranty plan that comes with the purchase. If you truly would like to get the best outcome easily then it’s the product that you can go with no issue.

As it’s a type of windup clothing line, it has made of the best quality material. The item has the feature of automatic retraction, which is a great thing that’s just available with the high-end products.

So, while you’re wondered due to lots of brands and models, you’re all set to go with this one. Apart from its all useful features, the item comes with well-designed to make you understand easily.


  • Extremely good coating
  • Easy installation
  • Durable with a large load
  • Top-quality materials


  • A bit expensive

Brabantia Retractable Washing Line For Indoor, White

This is another product in the list from the Brabantia’s production line. It’s because the brand is very reliable and their product has made with the higher standard as well.

As an outdoor washing line, it has equipped with the whole thing that needs the different types of attachments to fix it somewhere. You can find many users of this item who are using it in the outside of their house that will make you glad to make a verified purchaser.

The best thing we found about the item is that this independent washing line comes to meet the need for various purposes. Also, it has adjustable tension that you’ll love because it’s helpful for you to prevent drooping.

You’ll get essential clips along with the package as well. The wide-ranging of the indoor clothing line is outstanding and unique.

Because of being an indoor clothing line, you’ll find all attachments and they’re easy to mount on the wall. Another great reason for the huge popularity of the product is its affordability than many other models of similar features.

Making the item the very useful and talked-about clothing line, it regards consistency with the special UV protection that provides it stand out in the UK market.

Besides, you’ll get durability and resistance from the possible damages with its coating. As a result, it’s safe from the harm from the rain, sun, or any other issue.


  • Special UV protection
  • Best for outdoor use
  • Long-lasting
  • All attachments are included


  • It’s difficult to maintain

Retractable Clothing Line by Metaltex

While buying this product, you’ll get a 30-meter long clothing line with a tough mounting box. Metaltex is one of the oldest clothing line manufacturers that has established in 1945.

They’re still running with the products successfully and popularity. Likewise, this item also has made of high-quality material that ensures the durability of the product.

Since the manufacturer just sells its factory-made items with the best welfare level with standard quality and safe for the environment, they follow the overall global basis.

Because of being a double retracting clothing line with the reel model, it allows you to do something more while fixing on the wall. You’ll be able to do more things than many other clothing lines are available in the UK market.

Also, when it comes to the price of the item, it’s very reasonable that it will not drain in your wallet. Apart from its sturdy box to mount, it also comes with a useful bracket that lets you the natural movement.

Moreover, an automatic mechanism for retraction has equipped with the item that allows you to use it easily and conveniently. Because of its retracting feature, it provides lots of space for its users with a large load of clothes.

And it’s the most important reason why it has lots of users in the UK and more people are purchasing the product these days.


  • More space for clothes
  • Automatic mechanism of retraction
  • Incredibly good build
  • Durable & sturdy


  • Lack of all essential attachments

Vileda Cordomatic Retractable Clothing Line

Vileda is another well-known retractable clothing line producer that comes with some practical features. These features are usually available to just top-rated products.

But, you’ll find all the essential options with this item at an affordable price. This clothing line is not just easy to install, it’s also extremely user-friendly.

This is an indoor clothing line that allows you to hang up the clothes on undersized living space. It comes with a 15-meter long clothing line that’s very simple to use outsides.

The item has made of high-quality material coated, so it’s very durable. As you already know the product is very simple to install and use, you’ll love these features.

Apart from these features, this is easy to mount on the wall and use as it eases to maintain and remove it. As it has equipped with a unique bracket, it simple to mount and use to secure and taut the clothing line to all types of surfaces you need.

With its bracket, the design structure of the product allows you to remove it easily when you’re not using it. So, you’re all set to go with this one when you’re wondered due to lots of brands and models.

Also, there are some other useful features; the major ones are the reliability, versatility, and assurance of long-lasting.


  • Simple to install & use
  • User-friendly item
  • Always taut & secure
  • Effortless to dry clothes


  • Over time, reel gets wear off

Buying Guide Section

Retracting ability is the main feature that makes the retracting clothing line more popular. But, it’s a bit tough to find out a suitable piece for you as there are lots of models of the products.

However, some factors are out there that can make you avail of the one you’re in search of. Well, let’s know below what the factors are.


Also known as casing, the housing of the retracting clothing like is a very vital factor to keep on the consideration. You always should choose the model that’s tough and user-friendly.

Also, look for the item that comes with the feature of weatherproofing as you’ll use it outdoors. It’s because you don’t like to get the one that gets rust soon.

Moreover, its mounting fixtures should be strong enough, so you’ll remain safe while using this item.

Number Of Lines

By extension, the next factor is the number of lines you need. It largely depends on your household. If your household has lots of clothes you need more lines about 2 or 3.

If you have fewer clothes to dry then you can get 1 or 2 lines. The simple thing to understand while having more lines, they’ll avail you more space to dry your clothes.

Included Attachments

Taking into the included accessories is a great and very handy thing that you can’t ignore. If you don’t buy the item with these useful attachments, you’ll have to buy them separately.

But, you’ll find many products that come with all essential accessories need to install them. Many things come in as attachments like clips, hooks, screws, and more.


Many users usually don’t pay much attention to the color tones, by many others do. You’ll find many users’ reviews that have stated most users spend lots of time and attention to select the right color of their clothing line.

Most of them like to get the products that match the exterior of their home to make a style statement.


The very essential factor to consider is to look at the made material of the product. Most of the strongest and durable clothing lines have made of metal preferably steel cables that come with PVC coating.

They last for a longer period rather than the plastic made cables. Also, there are nylon and rope made clothing line.

It means that you can sort them as per the strength this way: metal line, plastic line, nylon line, and rope lines.

FAQs Of Best Retractable Washing Line

Can I Use A Revolving Washing Line For Indoors & Outdoors Use?

You can use rotating clothing lines as they have designed to use for indoors & outdoors.

How Long Will My Washing Lines Last?

It widely depends on the made materials of the product you have bought. It’s because there are many types of items and they have different types of material that are used to make.

In this case, most of the strongest and durable clothing lines have made of metal preferably steel cables that come with PVC coating.

How Can I Ensure I Buy The Best Quality Clothesline?

The first thing you can do is to buy from a well-known manufacturer. Another one is to take a look at the reviews of the items that come in the website of the items.

Should I Fix Issues With My Clothesline My Own If It’s Damaged?

We don’t suggest repairing your damaged clothing line. But, you can do it if you’re a certified professional to do it.


So, we’re sure enough that you’re all set to find out the best retractable washing line that you’re looking for. It’s because the reviews and other topics of the content have included after wide research.

All enlisted brands and models are highly reputed and trusted as well. Now, it’s your time to choose one of the products from the list and let us know how you enjoy them to dry your clothes.

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