Best Pizza Oven UK 2021

When you imagine a pizza oven, you get bulkier brick-built stuff that takes lots of space in your outdoor or garden.

But, the scenery has changed entirely with the blessing of technological advancement. These days you have options to choose from freestanding to transportable pizza ovens.

Moreover, some of them are available in the current UK market, similar to your barbecue appliance.

Also, they add beauty to your outdoor spaces, but it’s a bit tricky to discover the best and suitable one as per your preferences.

Don’t fret; we have done all the necessary researches for you to avail the best one.

So, just continue reading till to end of the article that will make you know every about the right pizza ovens in the recent UK market.

Top 5 Best Pizza Oven UK

1. KettlePizza KPB-22 Basic Pizza Oven Made in the USA

The KettlePizza KPB-22 offers you to convert your kettle grill like Weber or others into the right type of pizza oven.

That’s because this pizza oven is convertible to 22.5 inches charcoal pizza maker. You can install the item on a kettle of 22.5 inches to convert it into wood or charcoal-burning oven to make pizza.

With the unique design, the oven makes hot airflow over the pizza. As a result, it ensures evenly cook of the pizza on its top and base without burning.

The grills are most popular that a large number of people like to make their pizza on them.

But, they’re not good enough to make pizza because pizza requires a higher degree of temperature consistently to cook it perfectly.

It’s almost impossible to get in ordinary grills as they have a considerable variation on opening and closing temperature while making pizza.

You’ll not suffer from these issues while using the KPB-22 because of its stainless steel made sleeve fits rightly between top and bottom to make the appropriate cooking chamber.

Thanks to its front opening, it allows you to access its chamber with ease.

The hot airflow comes from its flipside that makes a regular heat loss flows over the pizza top and ensures cooking its top correctly.

Despite having no door, the oven can maintain about 400°C of temperature with hardwood and charcoal base.

With this USA made pizza oven, you also get kettles, thermometer, pizza pan, etc.


  • Stable heat
  • The USA made pizza oven
  • Kit included
  • Works with hardwood & charcoal


  • Quality issue

2. MAXIMUS Escape Indoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

The MAXIMUS Escape is the best friend for you when you look for something more with the classic pizza oven.

This Portuguese made beautiful pizza oven not just makes authentic pizza with stone-baked; it also can bake lots of different food ideally including fish, meat, and bread.

With 60cm by 60cm of inner cooking space, you can use firewood for cooking pizza and the most types of other foods.

The fire brick made cooking floor under a blanket of ceramic to delivers heat insulation or retention.

A black/red aluminum skin is wrapped the oven that has made it a unique design with a baffle of stainless steel.

As a result, its internal hot smoke goes back to the oven’s front inside accordingly taking out more heat. The oven uses the latest EPA heating stove for wood burning.

The most traditional ovens weight up to 500kg while the MAXIMUS Escape comes at just 55kg, which is why it’s not difficult to set up.

Its outer part is made of top graded refractory cement while the inside is stainless steel made, and all these things protect the aluminum made external skin.

With 140mm of the flue, the oven heats up quickly that takes, but other ordinary ovens take up to one and a half hours.

Indeed, it reaches up to 350°C in half an hour. The oven just needs to make you light a fire to run it and pop the pizza or other food when it gets the optimum temperature.

That means the product is exceptionally user-friendly.


  • Heat up faster
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Cooks many types of foods
  • Comes with essential accessories


  • Expensive

3. Royal Catering’s Electric Pizza Oven

This electric-powered pizza oven is the creation of the Royal Catering.

With two pizza baking chambers, you can prepare about 40cm of pizzas, which is as suitable for home use as professional purposes.

Its two flooring system with fireclay allows you to get the unmistakable flavor with the reddish-brown crust.

As a result, you get pizzas with the “Bella Italia” hint with the dimensions of 400X400X15-mm.

The oven is made of the stone flooring system that ensures the best heat distribution evenly over the pizza. It’s essential to get thoroughly and adequately heat to get unique crunchiness.

Also, it has easy and quick pizza-making feature to end up your guests’ quick hunger.

Thanks to the powerful 3000W machine, it can generate up to 350°C with adjustable three revolving knobs to get your optimum temperature.

So, you can use it to prepare the delicious pizzas as per your desire and requirement. Indeed, you can set its temperature separately from bottom, middle, and top.

Along with temperature control, it also comes with a timer knob with two switches to turn heating on of this oven.

The timer allows you to switch the pizza oven on that switch off automatically after the time is elapsed.

That’s why you’ll be able to set control the time of pizza baking while things are busy. It has 0 to a 120-minute range of timer to arrange for the best type of pizza right the way you want.

When you need to use it for a long time, you can use its rocker switch.


  • Two larger baking chambers
  • Separately flexible heat settings
  • Powerful 3000W machine
  • Adjustable three revolving knobs


  • Not much affordable

4. Goplus Electric Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

Goplus presents a fantastic stainless steel pizza oven that’s all set to deliver you the top quality pizza, pretzels, cheese bread, and many more things.

The oven is designed with the better fit on your kitchen, recreation room, office, or bar.

Indeed, its restaurant quality and professional type of pizza oven equipped with double backing elements.

As a result, it’ll enable you to bake pizzas within 15 minutes. The body of the oven is made of premium stainless steel that gets support with a detachable crumb tray and baking rack.

So, no matter brunt food or oily dirt gets stuck in it; you can wipe them out with a simple wipe. But, don’t forget to allow them to be cold before you want to clean.

With two, up & down heating components, it helps you to make food with evenly heated.

Likewise, it also allows you to prevent your food from getting burnt, overcooked, or undercooked.

Thanks to its adjustable time, you can set 0 to 30-minute baking timer according to the need of your foods.

Also, you’ll love its auto-shutoff feature that works atomically after ends of the set time. Its cold touch grip prevents the hands from getting scaled.

And you can use the baking holder nicely because of its folding design.

The oven allows you to prepare about 12 inches of pizzas within a short time without requiring preheats.

Besides, it has quick heat dissipation that helps the oven to last longer and more stable with its non-gliding feet.


  • Detachable crumb tray
  • Automatic shutoff timer
  • Heat-resistance handle
  • Simple to clean


  • Not well built

5. Green Mountain Grill’s Wood Fired Pizza Oven

This pizza oven is also known as GMG pizza maker that’s not just a pizza-making element; it also includes some other useful accessories.

For example, it consists of a barbeque grill, which is why you can make pizza and BBQ grill as well just putting it in externally when you want.

Also, you need to get Jim Bowie and Daniel grills to make delicious BBQ grills.

You can use it right after unboxed because it doesn’t require setting or any other installation process.

What you have to do is that just removes some of its elements and fixes it with the GMG grill.

That means it’s straightforward to set up and maintain that’s essential to prepare the pizzas. The oven retains the heat properly when you set its preferred grill temperature.

With a short five-minute of time, it can make a pizza, which is undoubtedly much faster than many other available models.

When you complete cooking pizza, it’s time to clean the oven. But, it’s not something like hard to deal with as it’s effortless cleaning.

Because of its higher temperature production and maintaining ability, it helps you to create the desired wood aromatic pizzas.

And the prepared pizzas become the traditional pieces of wood-fired ones.

Another useful feature is that it doesn’t lose hat like other ovens that ensures you flawlessly cooked pizzas every time you use it.

As you know this is almost impossible to get in ordinary grills because they have a lot of variations on opening and closing temperature while making pizza.

But, it’s not the issue with GMG oven, and you can use it for the best results.


  • Fits with most GMG grills
  • Easy to convert it into a pizza oven
  • Delivers restaurant-like pizza
  • Comes with a pizza stone


  • Just suitable for GMG grills

Buying Guide For The Best Pizza Oven

Like all other appliances, buying guide is handy for the pizza ovens as well. So, let’s know about some crucial factors/ features that will help you to find out the best one.

Heating Time

Before you buy a pizza oven, this is crucial to check its distance that you need to light it.

Knowing about heating time ensures you how long your oven will take to get ready for making pizza.

The warm-up time varies depending on some factors that all need to take on your consideration.

The ease of lighting depends on quality and dryness of the wood you’re going to use.

Also, the internal, as well as the external temperature of the oven, is another affecting factor on the heating time.


When you want to make pizza using wood-fire, the capacity of the oven is not a big issue. Instead, it’s a great benefit of using wood-fire.

When it’s a higher temperature such as 400°C, it takes just 60 to 90 seconds to make a pizza. So, if you get a more upper output oven, you can prepare pizzas in no-time.

Heat Preservation

It’s vital to note down the heat maintaining properties while going to buy pizza ovens. So, you should go after a better-insulated oven that’s more effective to prepare pizza.

But, if you use a worse insulated one, it’ll drop the temperature rapidly.

For example, it may fall down the temperature from 400°C to 140°C soon. This is very effective to make your pizza best to worse.

This may cause your pizza either burnt or undercooked that you never expect. That’s why well-insulated one is always preferable.

Know the Fuels

Usually, pizzas are cooked in the oven that runs on wood-fire to make them smoky flavored. But, some of them run on gas burners and generate more temperature within a short time.

So, producing a large number of pizzas depends on the temperature of your oven. That’s why consider choosing the higher temperature oven according to your need.

FAQs & Answers Section

Can Pizza Ovens Become Too Hot?

Yes, a pizza oven’s temperature might be up to 500°C.

Can I Cook Something Else Than Pizza In A Pizza Oven?

Yes, you have the option to cook many more things to prepare than just pizza, including fish, roasts, pies steaks, etc.

Does My Pizza Oven Want Overhead Extraction?

It widely depends on the models of the oven. Some of them require overhead extraction while some others don’t.


Lots of variations and models of pizza ovens will come in front of you when you go to the market. It can make you confused to identify the right product for you.

But, if you buy any one of our reviewed products, you’ll never get down to compromise with the taste and performance.

That’s because we have selected the items after extensive research of hundreds of models.

So, it’s your time to buy one of the above-said pizza ovens.


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