Best Nespresso Machine UK 2021

Best Nespresso Machine UK 2020

From small pack to pricey featured, Nespresso machines come in loads of models.

But, you should consider the type of your preferred coffee before you finalize purchasing a top-rated Nespresso maker.

That’s because it affects what you choose. Some of the machines are featured with the accessories of milk frothing that allows you to make delicious cappuccinos.

However, some others are just short espresso within a short time so that these things may mess you with confused.

Don’t fret; we’re going to share some high-quality Nespresso machines that have been extracted after extensive research.

So, let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Nespresso Machine UK

1. Nespresso Citiz Magimix Coffee Machine, Black

The Magimix is the machine that’s ready to impress Nespresso and coffee lovers.

This Nespresso maker allows you to create a wide variety of coffees because of its built-in milk frothing feature that’s not available at most pod coffee machines.

The machine is the right fit for you if you’re stepping into the Nespresso maker’s world and seek something more than the ordinary models.

With a detachable drip tray, it has two buttons to deliver automatic espresso as well as lungo coffee.

For particular tastes, it comes with a controlled program that offers the whole thing just at a single touch on its button.

Its modern retro design has a combination of style as well as performance. The machine is quick enough to heat up that takes just 25 seconds and gets auto shutoff after 9 minutes of idle sitting.

As a result, this smart Nespresso machine will save you time and energy. Because of its compact design, the device fits stylishly in most types of kitchens.

It has an adjustable cup size with support of sliding cup ideal for different types and sizes of cups, latte glasses, and mugs.

You’ll get a complimentary pack of 16-capsule of Nespresso that offers to explore the real taste of the coffee.

Its removable, 1-liter large water tank prepares your favorite coffees with thermoblock heating technology along with 19bar pressure.

This bar pressure is perfect to deliver barista-like coffee whenever you crave to drink a tasty cup of coffee.

Overall, it’s a well-defined, and high-performing coffee machine that is worth investing for the best results.


  • Urban smart
  • Energy saving
  • Great coffee quality
  • Complimentary nespresso capsules


  • Not suitable for other coffee pods

2. Nespresso VertuoPlus Magimix 11387 Coffee Machine, Black Finish

Indeed this one is comparatively a new arrival to the Nespresso line.

But, the machine is ready to deliver with its inner barista to create your coffee more delicious, just what you like to drink every time.

It’s incredibly user-friendly, and you just need to put the capsule of the favorite coffee and close its lever that will make it activated automatically.

The inside of the machine will start rotating about 7000RPM that will blend the coffee with warm water.

Thus, it’ll produce perfect crema to provide your favorite espresso or coffee. Also, it ensures you to provide with each drop with flavorful coffee from every Nespresso coffee.

The machine has the consistency of making every cup of tasty coffee with the latest technology of automatic blending.

That means it recognizes the capsule automatically and makes an excellent extraction of all impressive cru. It’s a single, convenient machine that can prepare five different sizes of coffee.

These include Coffee, Alto Coffee, Gran Lungo, Double Espresso, and Espresso.

The unique range of the machine with Centrifusion technology allows a dedicated variety of capsules to make these different sizes of coffee.

Also, it uses barcode technology to make the system smarter to capsule recognize to adjust the brewing parameters.

Moreover, it’s designed to create unmatched espresso or freshly brewed coffee at a single press of a button.

The machine comes with an adjustable cup stand to four different positions so that you can use different sizes of cups and recipes.

Overall, this deluxe version is suitable to make a small family party with espresso or other types of coffees.


  • Simple single touch brewing
  • Automatic blend identification
  • Complimentary coffee capsules
  • Excellent quality coffee


  • Not enough durable

3. Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine

The Inissia is the right choice for the people who desire to see the excitement of the coffee machine without spending a moment.

To bring things back to its basics, this coffee machine is extremely affordable.

It starts with taking incredibly small space on your kitchen, so it is ideal for the most types of kitchen.

But, it doesn’t mean you just limited to use the machine in the kitchen. Instead, it’s light in weight and comes with a handle that allows you to bring it on an outdoor event.

Also, it’s easy to store at your convenient spot when you’re not using it.

You can insert coffee capsules with ease and simple to empty when you collect them in a holder that’s as fast to remove as easy cleaning. Indeed, the entire machine is effortless to clean.

So, it’s hassle-free to keep it in the best condition. Unlike some other ordinary models, producing coffee with real taste using this machine gets easier.

It’s simple to control the water quantity when you make espressos or lungos using an easy press of the button.

With a compact, tiny footprint, and ergonomic handle, the Inissia is suitable to fit into the most types of interiors.

Moreover, it has a full colors palette to assure all tastes. Its user-friendly performance delivers a flawless barista-like coffee whenever you want.

Because of its secure operating and extraction system, it provides 19bar pressure for the best results. Most importantly, it’s energy-saving and gets off after of 9-minute idle seating.


  • Compact design
  • User-friendly
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Auto quantity control


  • Durability issue

4. Nespresso BNE800 Creatista by Sage, Stainless Steel

If you’re a pod machine user, you know it’s convenient but doesn’t deliver you the complete barista experience with adaptability.

In this case, the Nespresso BNE800 comes in to offer you a stylish statement.

The coffee volume of this machine is from 25ml to 150ml that allows you to make standard coffee impeccably.

And it doesn’t require changing its settings for this output. The device also has the feature of built-in milk frothing that’s something more than simple milk frothing.

That’s because it allows you to choose the suitable temperatures from 56°C to 76°C along with eight different milk frothing settings.

So, it’s all set to provide when you like strong and tepid coffee or milky and hot ones; it’s adaptable everything you want.

A dedicated jug made of stainless steel holds the frothed milk. That’s why the spout allows even if there is a little latte art in the thing.

As you know, it has eight different beverage selecting options; you’ll love it. Moreover, it has three back, four milk froth, and milk-based coffee making options.

Besides, its display guides you to go through its steps for choosing the type of coffee. So, if you like to make a Latte Macchiato as a beginner, you can do it by following the instructions smoothly.

Also, the screen guides you to clean and maintain the machine. As a result, despite its complicated look, the device is as easy using as cleaning.

Overall, this is an all-round performer with features and different styles of coffee making options.


  • User-friendly
  • Barista-type coffee easily
  • Faster heating time
  • Easy cleaning


  • Milk overflows when filled up.

5. Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine

The Nespresso Expert comes with flexible settings and offers four different sizes of cups of coffee.

It includes the Nespresso Americano for the best experience of longer soft coffee with three different temperatures selection.

With an advanced wall shape style that’s inspired by the barista world, the distinct design of the machine has an aluminum finish.

Because of its smart Bluetooth technology, it facilitates you to make the customized coffees.

It elegantly offers you right of entry to the simple Nespresso capsules order along with great machine care with assistance.

The inbuilt Aeroccino3 system gives you the easy effort to make incredible milk froth to taste all types of mouth-watering coffee recipes.

As it comes with the Bluetooth technology with their own mobile app, it allows you to use the machine by multiple users and devices.

As we talked at the beginning that it can make four different sizes of coffee cups. These include Ristretto of 25ml, Espresso of 40ml, Lungo of 110ml, and the Americano of 25ml.

Also, the machine can make hot water about 125ml for a fantastic coffee experience that you’ll love right away.

Thanks to its magnetic tray, it helps you to prepare different glass and cup size for the ideal and tasty coffees.

When you need to select a temperature, you can do it using the mobile app to choose from medium to extra hot options.

And you can do it for each time you brew. We also recommend this model to taste various types of coffees to entertain you and your family plus friends.


  • Mobile app compatibility
  • Americano feature
  • Saves space
  • Stylish design


  • Unreliable Nespresso machine

Buying Guide For The Nespresso Machine

Taking a look at the considering points of this buying guide will help you to find the best quality Nespresso machine in the UK market.


All Nespresso machines have a set of individual features. So, you have to choose the one that comes with your particular needs. For example, some people are avid to drinking espresso while some other cappuccino.

If the same machine doesn’t have these two features, an espresso and cappuccino lover should be disappointed.

The simple solution of the issue is to find out the models that have these features. Also, cup sizes are another crucial feature that needs to keep in mind while buying a Nespresso machine.

Drink Preferences

If you like to drink different sizes of coffees, you should know about the drink preferences of the machine you’re going to buy.

That’s because this is a big issue on which a large number of people give their opinions.

If you’re a new user of a Nespresso machine, you may not be worried about the details. So, choose the device that can deliver different drinks and different sizes.


Know about your kitchen, if it requires a small or large one before you go for buying a Nespresso machine. It’s because a lot of types and sizes of models are out there to choose from.

If you get a large one, it may not be fit in your kitchen. Also, it’ll make an issue when you need to store it. So, it’s vital to get a suitable size of Nespresso machine for your kitchen.


Most people want to avoid complicated Nespresso machines that are not easy to operate. It’s particularly applicable for the people are always very busy with their job and lack of enough time to deal with their machines.

That’s because your preferred model should be comfortable operating with simple user-interface.

FAQs & Answers Section

How Frequently Does My Nespresso Machine Need To Descale?

You should do it regular basis, and it could be after each 300 capsules use or every three months.

How Long Can I Conserve The Nespresso Capsules?

You can conserve the Nespresso capsules about 12 months with hermetically sealed pack.

Does Nespresso Provide Tea/ Hot Chocolate Making Capsules?

Unfortunately, they don’t offer tea/hot chocolate making capsules.

What Is The Amount Of Calories A Nespresso Capsule Contain?

A 100-gram of Nespresso contains about 300Kcal (1260 Kj). So, the amount is much small when you use one capsule as each capsule may provide 7 to 10-gram of coffee.


When you want to choose a high-quality Nespresso machine, it widely depends on your own preferences.

But, if you ask us to recommend just a single device from the above-reviewed list, it’s Nespresso Expert Coffee & Milk Machine that we prefer most.

That’s because it’s the most excellent one among the other models in the list. So, it’s your time to choose this one or anyone else from this list as per your choice.

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