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These days, people lead stressful lives, and most of us don’t get enough spare time to spend to deal with physical and mental pressure.

When you want to get rid of stress and get relaxation as your crucial preference, the right model of massage chair could be a game-changer.

That means you’re all set to revitalize yourself using a high-quality massage chair. It’s a straightforward way to keep your body healthy and limber using a suitable massage chair.

Also, it helps you to prevent many more health issues, including injuries, painful body parts, low blood pressure, and stress.

So, let’s know about some of the best massage chairs that are popular and available in the UK market.

Top 5 Best Massage Chair UK

1.More4Homes CAESAR Winged Recliner Electric Massage Chair

When you learn the term ‘massage chairs,’ they’re nothing but an ordinary chair with some internal exceptionality.

Indeed, they’re around us for an extended period now in different shapes or forms.

However, technological developments have got them enhanced in many aspects that many people didn’t realize so far.

All changes have accompanied by the More4Homes CAESAR along with premium leather upholstery plus an improved heating feature.

As a result, it’ll be an excellent collection for the best resting spot at your home. The manufacturer has taken all of the latest technologies in mind while making this chair.

That’s why you’ll get the highest gratification from the beginning of the message using this chair.

It gives you a soothing experience that’s not available from most of the ordinary massage chairs.

With this model of the massage chair, you’ll get an excellent massaging option with a warming system.

Also, its ergonomic design is equipped with the nominal detail along with the superb recliner mechanism that gets activated with just one keypress.

Moreover, it has two mug/ cup holders and three pockets that make the chair feel tremendously comfortable.

Its backrest comes with heat function with/without the massage feature, so that it helps you to keep you warm when you use it in the chilly winter months.

While talking about its massage function, it offers the backrest and also works through the footrest.

So, it gives you a practical and healthy massage in the lower and upper back along with thighs and calves.

Overall, the model is an extremely luxury recliner massage chair that will ensure it become your most wanted resting spot right away.


  • High quality
  • Myriad comfort features
  • Eight different massage points
  • Drink holders & storage pockets


  • Difficult to assemble

2.WestWood Bonded Leather Massage Cinema Recliner Sofa Chair Armchair

Many people complain massage chairs are likely to be not as comfortable as they desire when they’re used for a long time.

It might be the truth for many other models except the Westwood’s Bonded Leather Massage chair.

This is a genuinely handy massage chair with excellent massage function while maintaining the highest comfort for its user.

Since the armrests and back of this chair are made of extra flexible filler, it’ll help you rest and relax appropriately without adjusting its massage function.

Also, it allows its user to enjoy the real reclining feature for a long time of use. Indeed, this model of massage chair will never be downgraded to its corner when you use it just to massage.

The underfloor heating and extendable footrest features of this chair is undoubtedly the desired furniture in all homes.

Because of its inbuilt power lift, the chair is helpful to stand on the feet with ease. As a result, it becomes effortless for you to stand up from it that’s a common feature of the most recliner chairs.

Apart from that feature, this model has a 360° recline that helps you to make your nap better with removing mental stress. That’s because you’ll get about an entirely flat tilted back surface.

If you’re also like some people who fall asleep in chairs, you’ll love this feature, and it’s appropriate for you.

When you need to go through this chair’s massage functions, they’re not in lack of that despite its extra padding of the chair.


  • Luxury bonded leather
  • Stunning design
  • Durable padding
  • Extremely effective


  • Quite heavy & awkward to install

3.HOMCOM Faux Leather Recliner Massage Chair with Foot Stool

The HOMCOM offers two chairs set with this model, and both of them have the circular bottom of their footstool.

As a result, they look great and lovely and good to put in any room to boast its beauty. With home or office use design, the chair is perfect to work behind your desk.

It has a six-point massage function for soothing, which is exceptionally useful at aiming at different points of the spine and back.

Also, you’ll get a helpful cushion around its upper part of the end that’s adjustable as per your needs.

As this chair is placed on casters, it’s movable around your home or office space without any issue.

The cream-colored massage chair comes with deluxe-looking addition and just the right choice to match with the most types of home and office interiors.

Its calming looks with easy matching with your furniture where brown and black models provide a scrupulous experience to the modern vibe.

Regardless of its robust design, the chair has six different massage points with a backrest heater.

Moreover, it comes with two points of massage in its cushion and two footrest points of massage.

Most importantly, it’s flexible enough to make your preferred settings to get the expected massage pressure and temperature mode.

Besides, despite the simple construction and look of the chair, its backrest recliner is adjustable as well.

With a compact design, it has a separate footrest and weights just 26kg that’s why it’s effortless to move in your home and office.


  • Attractive natural leather
  • Comfortable & breathable fabric
  • Six-point massage function
  • Trouble-free to move


  • Not suitable to work with a computer desk

4.More4Homes Caesar Auto Recliner Electric Massage Heated Chair. Black

Another addition from More4Homes and this is an electric recliner massage chair.

The chair has a single push button that can provide you with excellent massage with luxurious and soothing heat.

Designed with an eight-point massage with vibration, the chair soothes away muscle pain and stress with ease.

The chair is as user-friendly as relaxing and comfortable. That’s because the chair is made of incredibly soft fabric for the best comfort at an affordable price.

Apart from soft fabric, the base of the chair is made of sleek cherry wood that’s offered in two different colors, brown and beige.

Despite soft, its fabric feels tough-wearing that ensures the long-life of this chair. You have the option to adjust the recliner function of the chair by tension.

But, it requires a bit more pushing effort to get this function that doesn’t mean chair will just recline if you need it.

It has an added comfortable bonus with the footstool that looks great because of its matching base made to tribute the core chair.

We found the chair is the perfect choice for taller individuals as per its height because of its higher backrest.

So, people with 6-feet and more height will find it comfortable to use this chair. Also, it’s straightforward to assemble that’s a 45-minute’s simple task for a single individual.

Indeed, this simple recliner massage chair comes with useful swivel action that’s a wise investment for most people who need many practical features with a single chair.


  • Matching footstall
  • Simple set up
  • Just right for a taller individual
  • Eight-point massage


  • Durability issue

5.Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest Racing

There is one age group that spends lots of time, and they experience higher levels of mental stress with physical pain.

You might be thinking about people who work in offices. But, they’re gamers in this issue which plays games for hours in a row.

This makes sense to use the top-quality chair for such people who need to sit for a long-time to their chairs.

So, if you one of them and choose Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair, you’ll never go wrong. That’s because Ficmax presents an ergonomic designed stylish massage chair.

The chair is equipped with the highest adjustment settings to find your comfort zone while gaming, working in an office, watching a movie, or just relaxing.

With a 120kg of utmost load capacity, it’s great for even if you’re a taller person.

That’s why people with all levels of heights will be able to enjoy its relaxation and comfort from this chair.

It includes adjustments that allow you to relax and site in any position such as reclining and lying modes.

Also, it will enable you to get the complete advantages of all typical features of swiveling and rocking chairs.

That’s why you don’t need to compromise with its comfort and functionality. Its lumber pillow comes with a vibrating massager that’s connected to the power source through the USB port.

Moreover, this massage chair also equipped with a neck pillow that’s supportive of the neck when you’re laying and gives the real comfortable experience.

Overall, this chair could be your best investment as a massage and gaming chair at the same time.


  • Backrest & cushion included
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Lots of colors to select from
  • Height adjustable as per your need


  • Fabric may be peeling after time.

Buying Guide For The Massage Chair

Some features and factors are out there that should keep in mind while going to buy a preferable massage chair. Let’s know below what they are:

Main Features

When you look into a suitable massage chair, the main features are the most crucial and considering aspects. You have to know the features and preferences you look for.

You’ll search for different types of massages on your massage chair, but some other considering features are out there as well.

For example, some of them deliver heated therapy while some other offers neck therapy with muscle compression.

Size & Design

The size, as well as the design of any type of massage chairs, matter much. When you buy a chair with back, leg, and neck reclining features, it’s not possible to place it in any corners of your home or against your home wall.

Also, they’re likely to be significant in size. So, choose a chair for massaging purposes with the accommodating size & design that goes to your home with ease.


The fundamental mechanisms of the massage chair are its balls and rollers that form it. Thy moves together and produces pressure on the body.

As a result, it emulates the massage feeling like human hands.

Don’t forget that these balls and rollers have different forms and shapes. And the brands of different chairs create them in different ways.

In any case, having balls and rollers feature is essential for optimum outcomes.

FAQs & Answers Section

How Long Should I Use My Massage Chair?

Usually, it’s not more than 15 minutes, but it might be more or less if you need time to get the optimum result.

Can I Use My Massage Chair At My Pregnancy?

Some experts advise using it whiles some others say to avoid while you’re pregnant. So, the best solution is that get a consultation from your doctor.

Should I Use My Massage Chair When I Use A Pacemaker?

Usually, it doesn’t make the issue of using massage chairs with a pacemaker. But it’s better to get a recommendation from your doctor.

Can My Massage Chair Hurt The Back?

It can if you misuse it. So, if you use it as per the given guidelines, you have nothing to be fret.


Finally, just you’re the right person to decide which type and features are appropriate for you. That’s because each individual has its own choice and preference.

But, if you choose anyone of the above-reviewed products, you’ll get the most advantages that you seek and need to meet requirements.

We have made this list after hours of deep researches on hundreds of products to find out the best one for you.

So, it’s your time to choose which one goes with your budget and inclination.


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