Best At-Home Laser And IPL Hair Removal UK 2021

Best At-Home Laser And IPL Hair Removal UK 2020

The days are no more exist when the permanent hair removal devices were luxurious, expensive, and just for Jenifer Lopez and Kardashian Clan.

The technology has advanced tenfold in the arena of hair removal products in the last decade.

That not only means the salon based treatment has become more affordable but also means you can get the benefits of using IPL (that means “Intense Pulsed Light”) painlessly and safely from your home.

Easy accessibility of at-home laser & IPL hair removal option shuts the door of your favorite salons tightly.

Before you spend lots of time to find out the best one, take a look at below and get advantages of what we have found from our extensive research throughout the web.

Top 5 Best At-Home Laser And IPL Hair Removal UK

1.Philips Lumea Advanced At-Home IPL Hair Removal

The Lumea Advanced is worth investment as an at-home IPL hair removing the device.

Very few or no other IPL devices are out there to provide you many practical and premium features in a single package.

That’s why it’s a robust collection that you can’t ignore. Well, let’s know why you can’t do it.

It’s not to mention that Philips is a world’s famous electronics manufacturer.

In this succession, the Lumea Advanced of this producer is as good looking as solid and sturdy build.

No matter it’s a bit large in size and weighty; its gun-shape ergonomic design is simple to maneuver.

Besides, it’s easy to hold and effortless to the position. The device is as much durable as it lasts more than 15 years of full body hair removing sessions for every month.

That’s why it’s not just an extremely long-term investment; it’s just ideal to stay smooth in the way you prefer.

This hair remover works well on different types of hairs and skins from dark blonde to black colored hairs. Also, it’s suitable for dark brown to very while types of hairs.

And studies report that it reduces hair about 85% at just three treatments, while the first four treatments need to perform every two weeks.

With the feature of a skin tone measuring sensor, it provides an additional level of safety at every initial session.

If the device detects very dark skin for this model, it’ll stop producing pulses automatically. And you’ll get yourself how you prefer just within 20 minutes with its faster hair removing effort.


  • Comfortable gun-shaped design
  • Corded & cordless operation
  • Safe, powerful & faster
  • Solid & sturdy build


  • Expensive & heavier

2.Braun IPL Silk PL5117 Expert Pro 5 Laser Hair Removal

The Expert Pro5 by Braun is a powerful and latest IPL for permanent hair remover.

You get all the features of previous models are out there with some significant improvements that have made it easy to use.

With an affordable price tag, it offers full RRP like premium models.

The elegant design of the Pro5 is robust and high-quality in feel. It’s as small as light in weight that fits rightly on the one hand, so this is you can maneuver it with ease.

When you use it for zapping away, you’ll not feel strains. Because of its bendy and long power cord, it gives you enough slack without tangling.

Its flashes are incredibly durable that goes for more than 15 years when you use it for the whole body sessions for every month.

That’s how you can remain smooth than ever before with the powerful intensities that range from 3 J/cm2 to 6 J/cm2. So, it’s safe to use with this much intensity.

As a result, it’ll provide you long-lasting and high-performance hair reduction output than other ordinary models.

Apart from super-safe, the device is foolproof due to its smart sensor for skin tone. It’s always ready to do all the tight works for you all over your body.

You’ll love its flashing feature that will not become active when it finds very dark. But, it works powerfully when it gets safe areas, and it does this before each flash.

The device doesn’t need to check, faff, or stop; it just requires plugging in and out you go.


  • Super-safe & foolproof
  • Plug-n-go operation
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Elegant & robust


  • Gets leg bumps

3.Tria Beauty Laser 4x Hair Removal

The trusted brand is worth choosing because of its powerful performance and domestic usability. It’s a laser-powered hair remover that’s safe for your light type of skins.

With the unique design, the model comes with a pulse counter and an LED screen that has beeps to maintain the right track.The unit is very special to domestic IPL devices.

That’s because its laser light focuses on the skin rather than bright light flashes that IPL models do. Along with a simple one-button operation, the LED screen remains on the top of the head that’s pear-shaped.

The cordless model is very user-friendly that has a distinctive design with a weight of 600g. No matter it’s a bit heavier, but it keeps balanced well enough and remains at the exact position.

Its battery power allows you to use it for 30 minutes or about 600 zaps.

Many users like to get this model because of its powerful machine for home-use. Indeed, it’s three times more potent than IPL models with 22 J/cm².

As the higher strengths are instrumental in removing hair, it delivers you long-lasting results on hair reduction.

Thanks to its skin tone detecting sensor, it activates when it finds the light type of skin tones that protects your dark skin tones from getting damaged.

As per the manufacturer, you have to use it every two weeks with eight treatments for the optimal results.

That way, it takes just three months to get rid of hair completely. As a result, your underarms will remain glorious permanently.


  • Clinically-proven
  • Home-use, powerful device
  • Longest lasting
  • No annoying bright flashes


  • It’s a bit heavier

4.SmoothSkin Muse In-Home Intelligent IPL Hair Remover

The SmoothSkin is not just a handsome IPL hair remover; it’s also strong enough to be the tremendous powered home IPL.

Also, it’s smart because of its feature of choosing the suitable IPL intensity that fits your skin type before each flash.

The producer SmoothSkin has updated their older model of SmoothSkin Gold to this modern and powerful IPL model.

Its outstanding sleek black design and the fantastic gold-dotted wave will make you surprised.

Because of its minimal controls, stylish curves, and clean lines, it’ll provide you a fascinating sophistication.

As a result, it’s great looking, and its package is excellent as well that allows you to store in with ease.

With awesome feels and practical curves, it fits effortlessly in different holds and side strips that offer you a tactile and secure grip.

Due to its comfortable hold, you can maneuver it with a clear view as it has a flash window.

The power cord of the device is two meters long and comes with no tangle that remains distant while it’s working.

With unlimited flashes, this is the first IPL device with a higher power. So, it’ll not get down or run out even after decades of use with silky skin results.

The device comes with a combination of smart sensor and power technology that ensures a safe and straightforward operating system.

Most importantly, the SmoothSkin Muse is your superior choice if you have different types of skin tones of various areas of your body.

Also, it’s faster enough to provide you smoother skin that you always seek.


  • Great for the beginners
  • Adjustable & powerful IPL
  • Works faster
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Difficult to flash when it comes to the upper lip

5.Silk Infinity Permanent Hair Removal System

If you’re seeking an IPL device that is safe for the most types of skin tones, the Silk’n Infinity will do the job correctly.

No matter you have black or dark skin, it’s just perfect for removing hair effectively. Because of its faster affordability, it’s the first choice for people with light to medium skin tones.

The Infinity is durable enough that lasts more than 15 years of full body hair, removing sessions for every month. It’s something more than that you ever need.

That’s why it’s just ideal to stay smooth in the way you prefer and only an incredibly long-term investment.

The model is sharable as it’s safe to use for other members of your family and friends as well.

With decent build with sturdy material, the device has a long power cord that fits comfortably in it.

Its large pebble-like design is as simple as curvy with a comfortable grip that is equipped with a big flash button.

The lightweight device is easy to move around the body with intuitive and simple control. Its minimalist design doesn’t have multiple flash systems or an ergonomic shape.

But, it doesn’t mean you can underestimate it because the smart tech inside is well enough to deliver you the best output.

The device comes with five levels of intensities with 4 J/cm2, which is just right for medium/ light skin tones.

Its smart sensor for different skin tones checks first to activate only with the safer intensity levels.

Overall, the Silk’n Infinity gets a higher recommendation from us because of its decent features.


  • Safe for dark, black and all types of skins
  • Fast & affordable
  • Gentle & painless sessions
  • Clinically-proven


  • Doesn’t have multiple flashes

Buying Guide For Laser & IPL Hair Removal

Let’s know about some features or factors that are crucial to have in your laser And IPL hair remover.


Clinicians classify your skin colors using the famous Fitzpatrick Scale. It categorizes the skin tones at six different levels.

Most hair removal systems are suitable for bright skin. That’s because bright and fair skins come with less melanin to soak up the flash/light energy.

So, if you choose a product that just works well for fair skin, it’ll hurt when you use it for dark skin.

This is why the device should be compatible with your skin type for the best results.
IPL or VPL Tech

Due to the improvement of the IPL technology, Variable Pulse Light or VPL is available out there. It also works like IPL using a broad range of light instead of lasers.

As this tech comes with flexible settings, you can use it for different skin and hair types.

Even it’s good for thin hairs as well. But, as it targets less into your hair follicles, it would need to use more treatments to get optimum results than IPL. So, the choice is yours as per your preferences.

Battery versus Corded

Corded models are competent to work with as they come with long cables that give you the option of effortless movement.

Also, it’s not bad the combination of cordless and battery power. Buy, we avoid getting just the battery-powered one because it needs to recharge several times while using.

Cartridges Or Non-Cartridge

Laser hair removers with replaceable cartridges are the best for most cases. That’s because if you buy non-cartridge models, they become completely useless when they get run out.

So, if you choose the cartridge models, you can change it affordably instead of purchasing a new device.

FAQs & Answers Section

Check the below FAQs with answers that may match with your ones.

Can Everybody Use IPL/Home Laser Hair Removers?

Yes, but you should have the model that supports your skin type.

Can IPL/Home Laser Hair Remover Remove Hair Permanently?

Yes, they can, but the results vary from one person to another, depending on their skin type.

How Many Are IPL/Home Laser Hair Remover Required for Long-Lasting Results?

As the growing cycle of hair is about eight weeks, the IPL/home laser hair remover needs up to two months of regular use for the optimum results.

How Many Hair Removal Treatments Are Essential For Laser Hair Removing System?

Usually, it needs about 3 to 8 treatments for noticeable results.


Hopefully, the review will help you to choose your preferred IPL/home laser hair remover. We have enlisted all of the tested devices that have made us pleased enough to recommend for our readers. So, it’s your time to choose anyone from the above list.

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