Best Knife Sharpener UK 2021

In any kitchen, knives are most certainly the highest used utensils, especially if you’re a cooking enthusiast. You probably have different types of knives that you use for various tasks. And it’s frustrating when one of them stops working at once.

The best knife sharpener is useful in this case. If you use a high-quality knife sharpener, you don’t need to throw away your blunt knife. While having a sharpening tool, you can get back work soon rather than buying a new one.

When we’re talking about the available types of knife sharpener, most of them are manual. However, you’ll also find some electric knife sharpeners out there. To make your searching jobs simpler, we’re going to share some top-level knife sharpeners in the UK.

Also, you’ll get a buying guide and some FAQs with this review. Well, let’s get it done by shopping one of the below items:

Top 5 Best Knife Sharpeners in UK

1. AnySharp Knife Sharpener

This product is highly preferred among the other knife sharpeners that have on our list and out in the market. Because while using the sharpener, you’ll find it’s exactly made for sharpening your knives. As it’s not very expensive, you don’t need to break your bank to buy this item.

That means if you’re in search of a sharpener that has made just for sharpening purpose; AnySharp is the greatest knife sharpener for you. Also, the sharpener has many useful features and the first one is its versatility.

Because of this feature, you can use this sharpener for any brand and model of knives are available in most kitchens. As a result, you can easily sharpen knives like regular kitchen knives, sushi knives, and serrated knives.

Since the sharpener has featured with the latest technology of the tungsten carbide, it’ll help to extend to enlarge your knives’ life. You don’t need to be an expert to use this sharpener because it needs to go through the simple way of sharpening.

So, it’s effortless to improve your knives’ workability and durability. Coming to the safety of the sharpener, the AnySharp is the safest knife sharpener with the safety feature of hands-free.

It has equipped with the cup base PowerGriip section that’s easy to attach to all smooth surfaces. This is why you’re free of getting stressed about being slip or skid while sharpening a knife.

Another good thing about this sharpener is that it has built with the ideal 20-degree pre-set angle, which is the standard of any knife sharpener.


  • Affordable in price
  • Simple to store
  • Sits firmly on all surfaces
  • Easy to control


  • Takes more time to sharpen a knife

2. Robert Welch Signature Knife Sharpener

This sharpener comes as a handheld model and has achieved several awards that best describe its superiority. It’s a ceramic wheel enabled sharpener that has set off at its right angle for the best honing. As a result, it’s as easy as quick to sharpen the most types of knives you use in the kitchen.

Especially, the sharpener has designed to home all kitchen knives that have a plain edge. Apart from being equipped with high-quality ceramic, the sharpener has made with a sturdy plastic handle.

Also, it has a slip-proof base with a transparent plastic guard that makes the sharpening tasks safe and stable. While using this sharpener regularly, it’ll ensure you keep the ideal shape of your knives’ blade with perfect hone.

The item has the perfect angle with 15-degree of the Japanese-form blade edge for the wider range of knives of your kitchen. No matter the knives particularly have designed for use with their Signature knives, you also can sharpen your most other types of kitchen knives.

However, you should keep in mind that you have to avoid using the sharpener for the saw-like edge blades. Also, always keep the sharpener on the flat surface while sharpening. It needs just some strokes with this machine to accomplish your job.

And if you do it regularly, your knives will not be blunt anytime. This sharpener is quite suitable for beginners because it’s as easy to use as works nicely. So, we recommend the product for those who like to use a knife sharpener that works with simple effort with comfort.


  • Ceramic wheel
  • Increases product’s life
  • Works quickly
  • Easy to hold


  • Durability issue with the wheel

3. Joseph Joseph Rota Folding Knife Sharpener & Honer

Joseph Joseph is another famous brand for the kitchenware and popular for their modern designs that saves space. This common sharpener comes with a folding feature and you can make it a smaller device that fits right in your hand’s palm.

This is why you can cover up the sharpener’s wheels while not using it. As a result, you can avoid getting dust or dirt on your device and from the cooking items. Also, you’ll get a strong and ergonomic handle to grip tightly when you make it folded out during sharpening away.

Coming with slip-proof base feet, it keeps the item stable when you use it. It means that you don’t need to hurt to maintain it flawlessly. You’ll get two sharpening wheels: one of them is fine and another one is coarse.

So, it doesn’t matter how your knife blunt is, you’re all set to get it in its life back. However, don’t think that all efforts have kept into its design because it can do its primary task too. It helps you to make your knives sharp in the perfect way.

And you can use it as per your need without getting any bad effect because of its ceramic wheels. Like other famous products of Joseph Joseph, this sharpener is also compact and lightweight in design.

Thus, it’s simpler to sharpen your knife than any other models of a similar price range. All features of the product are handy and use easily, so we recommend it as worth buying.


  • Fold-down easily
  • Extremely safe and sound to use
  • Affordable price
  • Space-saving design


  • Can’t sharpen serrated knives

4. VonShef Electric 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

As most of the knife sharpeners have the manual design, you’ll not find many of them with electric models. However, many people don’t like to manual ones. If you’re one of them who likes to use an electric-powered knife sharpener, then this is the right fit for you.

The unit not just works to sharpen your knives; it also sharpens your scissor groove and screwdriver. And by being a bit familiar with DIYs, you have to do many things. It has said in the name that it’s a 2-stage sharpener.

It means that the machine allows you to do these jobs with perfect sharpness. Along with your regular kitchen knives, you also can sharpen your tougher ones like bread models knives.

Apart from these useful features, it’s comparatively compact and simple to store in a smaller space. No matter you’re keeping it in your kitchen or utility shed, it’s fit at most places because of its great design.

With its two wheels, you’re all set to get sharpened the coarse and fine knives that have made of stainless steel, carbon, and alloy. Indeed, it can manage much more that makes it as wise as work buying.

It helps you to restore your blunt blades with their razor-like sharpness. So, you can complete your cutting, chopping, and slicing tasks without struggling.

If you use this electric-powered sharpener regular basis, you’ll be able to keep your knives in the top condition. Because of its 2-stage sharpening system, you can ensure your knives’ ragged-less edges.


  • Powerful
  • Surprisingly compact
  • Great value
  • Great design


  • A bit louder while using

5. Lantana Smart Sharp Knife Sharpener

This is a type of knife sharpener that’s not a bulky or massive appliance. So, it’ll not take much space on your countertop. That means it’s a very simple tool that works nicely and lets you manage your kitchen knives in the best condition.

Also, it’s affordable in price that will not break your bank to buy it. The handle of the knife sharpener is made of rubberized mold that ensures a tight and comfortable grip. This is why it’s similarly suitable for right- and left-handed users.

Also, the rubber is slip-proof and durable provides a stable and safe sharpening experience. It’ll help you keep the knives in the right place while setting it on the flat surface. As it’s a handheld manual sharpener, you need to use more force to get the best results.

But, it works with a simple effort like some other manual sharpeners. Moreover, it’s a flexible model of the sharpener and works a great way with straight-edged knives, especially or the steel-made kitchen knives.

It doesn’t mean it can’t sharpen large serrated knives or bread knives and tough steel bladed knives as well. With top-graded diamond rod and shockproof house that’s made of sturdy plastic, this sharpener smart enough to sharp your most types of knives available in your kitchen.

The features protect you from dropping or slipping while using the sharpener. Furthermore, the unit comes with tough tungsten made carbide plates that keep the sharpener long-lasting.

And unlike some bulky sharpeners, it’ll not take more space on your countertop. Instead, it’ll fit suitably in your drawer.


  • Affordable price
  • Substantial handle
  • Simple to use
  • Space-saving


  • Not suitable for ceramic or Japanese knives

Buying Guide For The Best Knife Sharpener UK

So, you have a better idea about some top graded products of different models as a knife sharpener. Now, it’s time to know some considering factors that will help you to find the right item as per your need.

Well, below are some factors that may affect your purchasing decision.


If you’re in search of the best knife sharpener, you never should compromise with its quality. It’s because this factor matters much than any others. You’ll get high-quality sharpeners from most manufacturers.

But, you should look at their durability that will enable you to use it for a long time. Along with higher durability, quality also stands for the sturdiness of the product that doesn’t break while falling accidentally.

Grit Levels

Regardless of types of your preferred knife sharpener, they come in various grit levels. As you know stones are always double-sided, they can hone your knives irrespective of the side you’re using.

There are two different settings in electric and manual sharpeners. Grit decides the number of removed metal of your knife while sharpening it. When you sharpen a knife, its blade will be remodeled to make the metal shaved in the process.

If you need to sharpen an old and damaged knife, it requires a thick grit that should be 1000 grit levels. You can use medium grits (from 1000 – 3000) for the knife that’s no damage. While looking for the fine grit, it should be 4000 – 8000 that’s similar to sharpen steel.


Size sometimes matters when it relates to cooking some other place out of your home. But, it doesn’t matter much when you cook just inside your home even if your sharpener looks like a plate. It’ll be an issue when you’ll go to the store in your kitchen or somewhere else.

As it’s a bit hassle to store a large sharpener, a large sharpener is not an ideal choice for people with less space in the kitchen to accommodate it. So, choose one that will not take large space when it needs to store.

Sharpening Time

There are different sharpening times with different knife sharpeners. Some of them take a little amount of time while some others may take more.

Most people like to use the faster one and still some prefer to use the slower ones as they think it needs more time to get the perfect sharpness. So, it widely depends on you which one you’ll choose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About The Best Knife Sharper UK

How Often Should I Sharpen My Kitchen Knives?

Depending on how frequently you use them and it might be 2/3 months or more. If you sharpen them as oversharpening, they could make the blade chip or brittle. And it can reduce your knives’ lifespan.

How Will I Understand My Knives Requires Sharpening?

Perform a simple test to identify whether your knives need to sharpening or not. Take a tomato and slice it in some pieces. Note that if it cuts simply then it’s still good with its sharpness.

If it’s not enough sharp, it’ll not cut effortlessly or will cut with crumbles. Then you should sharpen it.

Why Are A Large Number Of Knife Sharpeners Coming With Manual System?

The largest reason is that manual operating sharpeners are easy to control. Also, they have a fine line to get the right sharpness and they’re inexpensive as well.


Chefs around the world look for the knife sharpeners carefully. It’s because they need it to help them sharpening their knives right way. This is also the same for you if you’re a household cooking fanatic.

And you know almost everything how to find out the best knife sharpener based on your needs. Also, it’s simple to get the perfect one if you choose from our review list because all of them are durable, higher in quality, and great for sharpening your knives.


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