Best Hot Air Brush UK 2021: Our 5 Picks

We all know that it is important to take care of one’s hair as it is also known as the “crowning glory” and can either complete or destroy a person’s style. With every hair tool that is available in the market, we should always make it a point to be in the know of what is best to use for our hair.

Today, we are not limited to using hairdryers and brushes to make our hairs gorgeous because hot air brush is in and it combines the power of a hairdryer and a brush, making it easier for you to get ready in the morning.

We are now in an era where technological advancements are making everything convenient for us and it is indeed the time to try it out.

Top 5 Best Hair Brushes in the UK

#1 Aokebeey Hot Air Brush Dryer and Volumizer

The Aokebeey air brush incorporates hairdryer and styling capabilities to help you straighten and dry your hair simultaneously. It can create different hairstyles whether your hair is long, short, thick or coloured. The 360-degree pivoting cord allows free movement without tangling and damaging it.

The brush is designed with tufted bristles and nylon needles which, when sealing the cuticle, gives the hair a silky and natural appearance. This volumizer may be placed closer to the scalp to boost hair volume, unlike typical hair dryers. Its quick heat-up feature will give you salon-like results at home.

This hot air brush will slip perfectly in your purse, gym bag, and even your luggage. It also has 1000 watts of power, which will dry your hair in a short amount of time.


  • Has Ceramic Coating for Hair Protection
  • Multiple Heat Setting
  • Tangle-Free Bristles
  • Ergonomic Design with Swivel Cord


  • The Brush is A Bit Big
  • Noisy

#2 EKUPUZ Multifunctional Hot Air Brush

This single step brush is built to straighten, dry, curl and easily style your lovely hair. This product can also release negative ion for faster drying by saturating the airflow. The negative ion also reduces the friction, making your hair cleaner and sleeker as you style the hair.

Additionally, its different modes will allow you to create different styles that will enable you to change your look as you please. It also has a scalp massaging feature which most air drying brushes do not have.


  • Adjustable Modes for Different Hairstyles
  • Negative Ion Technology for Frizz-Free Hair
  • 360-degree Swivel Cord
  • 5-in-1 Styler: Dries, Curls, Straightens, Combs, and Massages the Scalp


  • Has Bulky Brush Head
  • Takes Longer To Dry Hair If Thick

#3 Winload 4-in-1 Styling Brush

This styling dryer is a perfect mix of a hair straightener, dryer, and comb. It can be brought closer to the scalp and can keep your hair soft and silky with regular use. Also, it is compatible with all types of hair and has three heat settings to cater to various hair conditions.

Another feature to note is the 360-degree swivel cord, which provides flexibility so users can do their hairstyles without worrying about twisted or tangled cords. This added feature makes it easier to be packed during holiday trips or if you simply travel regularly.

Add to that, Its airflow is filled with negative ions for quicker hair drying. It helps to achieve frizz-free, smoother, and free from damage hair. This hot air brush has a special oval shape and has been built with tufted bristles which makes it resistant to high-temperature heat.


  • 1000 Watt Power for Quicker Hair Drying
  • Retains The Hair’s Moisture for Shinier Look
  • Reduces Hair Damage


  • A Bit Bigger Than A Regular Brush
  • Not An Effective Detangler For Thicker Hair

#4 Electribite Volumizer Drying Brush

This incorporates the hair straightening and curling feature as well as drying and combing for your hair. Used extensively for various hair designs, including straightening, drying, and volumizing. You can easily create hairstyles at home in an efficient and time-saving manner.

It is much more comfortable to hold ergonomic handles to style hair effectively. The rotary cord allows a very flexible movement without damaging the cord, which makes it perfectly suited for travelling and home use.


  • Nylon Needles with Massage Points
  • Even-Heat Distribution for Fast Styling
  • Airflow Vents to Reduce Damage
  • Only Takes a Few Minutes To Dry Hair


  • Leaves Hair Shaft Frizzy
  • Some Customers Complain That It Is Made With Cheap Materials

#5 Bauer Professional Wet and Dry Styler Hot Air Brush

The Bauer Hot Air Brush Professional incorporates the capability of an electric hairdryer and a regular brush. This allows customers to use it on both wet and dry hair. It uses the latest technology to protect hair when it is dried and also has the mineral tourmaline, which only generates negative ions when it is heated.

This maximizes the negative ion yield and closes the layer of the cuticle to make your hair smooth and silky. Ceramic tourmaline coated plates are also used to protect the hair against damage to styling. This is a 2-in-1 hairstyler that has a detachable brush head for easy cleaning and storage.

Designed for any type of hair, the Bauer Hot Air Brush allows you complete control of your locks. The versatility of the hot air brush adds two different settings, and the 360-degree pivot cord provides you with complete motion without worrying about knots and tangled cord.


  • Hanging Loop Allows Users To Hang It Conveniently When Not In Use
  • Swivel Cord To Avoid Tangles
  • Can Be Used On Any Hair Length
  • Tourmaline Is Better Than Ceramic
  • Heats Up Fast
  • Lightweight and Easy To Carry


  • Not Sturdy Enough To Last A Long Time
  • Not Effective For Curling Hair

Choosing The Right Hot Air Brush

Not every air brush product that you see has the same features. Below are some important things to consider when you are planning to buy your own:

Brush Bristles

Be careful not to choose a product whose bristles heat up and is prone to gradual melting when used regularly, particularly the tips. There are some products available on the market that can’t withstand the heat exposure for a long time, thus, melting its bristles. For this reason, buyers should research more about the product before purchasing.

A wide size, long-bristle curling brush will be good for long hairstyles and thick hair textures. On the other hand, long and thin bristles are ideal with shorter hairstyles.

Size of Barrel

If you want a 2-inch diameter barrel air brush, your hair must be at around shoulder length for effective use. If your hair doesn’t touch your shoulders, stick to a 1 1/2 inch thicker or thinner hot air curling brush. The curling degree will always depend on the barrel or rod’s diameter.

The thinnest hot air brush offers more detailed curls if you are aiming for the easiest way to selecting a correct product for a specific degree of curl. On the other hand, If you are looking for a barrel that produces subtle curls and volumized hair, a stouter one is advisable.

Comfort and Convenience

When you love the curling process, pick a good manual air brush that can be turned and twisted in any direction for a particular curling result. If you want the easiest and the most useful tool to create curls or pretty waves on your long hair, choose a rotating air brush so you can style them in no time.

Adjustable Setting

People with enough experience in hair curling can benefit when it comes to the versatility of a hot air brush with an adjustable setting. The user can explore the various settings to create a noticeably distinctive style, curl, and volume.

Moreover, someone who does not know the procedure and wants a better curl will gain from the safety and convenience that a preset setting has. Length and thermal setting experiments may show interesting results, but also hair and scalp injury.

Our scalp, as well as our hair, are very delicate that is why it is best to follow the traditional and standard settings in well-known hot air brushes to avoid damaging your hair.


Hot air brushes always differ when it comes to price. The main factor influencing its price is the comfort and features that the hot air brush provides. A manual styling brush is always cheaper than a rotating brush variant and the choice of what to purchase is actually up to the hairstylist.

For women who have a lot of time on their hands and patience, a hot air dryer can be used manually, while a woman that is always busy would likely consider picking the rotating brush.

Travel and Portability

The hot air brush size should also be considered when a woman travels regularly. Modern women need tools for styling their hair during business trips and relaxing holidays.

It is going to be a challenge to fit a larger air brush to a carry-on bag or luggage so you have to buy a portable-sized one to carry wherever you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Properly Clean The Brush?

  • Only use a damp cloth to clean it and avoid the usage of alcohol.
  • Remove the hair from the brush regularly.
  • If you are using it with wet hair, be sure to pat it dry after using it.

Can I Use This On Dry Hair?

Definitely. But it is always better to use the product on damp hair to provide more volume and to style your hair much faster.

Does It Blow Dry The Hair?

It does. A hot air brush dries your hair and styles it as well, these features allow customers to save more money.

Are Hot Brushes Bad For Our Hair?

Naturally, if instructions are not correctly followed, any styling tool may damage your hair. Make sure you select the right temperature for your hair type and always use a heat protection agent before styling.

Hot air brushes are seen as better alternatives than curling irons because they just blow air onto the hair instead of putting it between two heated plates. Also, the brush surface is usually made with ceramic coating and not only is this material safe for hair but it also makes it shinier.

It is recommended that you use a moisturizing shampoo to prevent your hair from dryness and use hair oils after styling to improve its appearance.

How Does A Hot Air Brush Work?

Hot air brushes are a good way to style while drying your hair at the same time. The brush head is used to increase volume by building curls and waves. The brush head rotates for better results on some models.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Hot Air Brush?

  • Makes Hair Shinier, Adds Volume, and Styles It.
  • Styles and Dries The Hair At The Same Time, Perfect For People With Hectic Schedule.

How To Use It Properly?

  • To dry your hair efficiently, remove the excess water then use the brush on your damp hair to slowly detangle it using the device.
  • To curl the hair, use the hairbrush from the root, turn the brush, hold the comb for about 6 seconds, then pull it down to hair’s end.
  • Place the hairdryer at the roots of the hair and blow down towards the end to straighten the hair.
  • Place the hot air brush under the hair next to the roots and roll out to the ends to style the hair.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right hairstyler, it is always better to choose something that complements your hair. Every product on the market caters to different hair types so you must first determine what yours is before you decide to buy one for yourself. Also, the brand name is not important as long as it works well and gives you great results with each use.

Furthermore, if you find yourself happy and comfortable when using a product that’s when you know that it is worth buying and is exactly what you need to make yourself gorgeous every day.

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