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10 Best Extractor Fan for Bathroom 2020


It’s not a problem when it comes to looking for the best extractor fan for the bathroom. These models are designed for extracting the moist air from bathrooms. They are available in a lot of choices. Depending on your budget, your bathroom’s size, and your requirement, you can determine the best one to install it in.

In this article, we will give you reviews of all the best models on the market today. For those who are in a rush, we recommend you to consider the most popular ones at the top. Further down the page, you will get reviews of each bathroom extractor fan in detail.

Benefits of Having an Extractor Fan for Bathroom

There are several benefits to a bathroom extractor. It can help to reduce as well as eliminate the chances of mold in there. It can also help to extract the excess damp air. Furthermore, it has the purpose of eliminating the bad odor from your bathroom. So, it can enhance your comfort of bathing.

Things to Consider when Buying an Extractor Fan for Bathroom

Size bathroom, extraction power and noise levels

It’s important to consider several things when choosing an extractor fan for bathrooms. You need to consider the size of your bathroom. Depending on your bathroom size, you can know the extraction power and noise levels.

If you own a small bathroom, it’s best to choose a fan with average extraction power. On the other hand, if you have a large-sized bathroom, it’s important to look for ones with a lot of extraction power because of its large volume of air.

Quality of the extractor fan

Besides, you also need to consider the quality of the extractor fan. It’s better to purchase a high-quality extraction fan in place of the low-quality ones.


Also, don’t forget to consider the cost of the extraction fan you want to buy. Don’t purchase a too cheap product. At the same time, avoid choosing ones that are too expensive if you are concerned about your budget. Instead, take a look at a reasonably priced unit.

Humidistats and timers.

Some customers also want to consider humidistats and timers. However, some others don’t need these features.

Safety Precautions

You know, the source of power for the bathroom extractor fan is electricity. So, it’s important to be careful during the installation process. Always keep in mind it’s vital to switch off the connection from the mains to the bathroom. Make sure you switch the power back only when finishing the installation process.

Is it Safe to Install Bathroom Extractor Fan over the Shower?

Most of the bathroom extractor fans are designed safely. They can be installed in a lot of spaces with the most suitable position. The reason is that the extractor fan can be able to work best from this position because hot air rises.

Is it Connected to The Light Switch Controlling the Bathroom Lamp?

This is based on the brand you are purchasing. But, most of the models are linked to the light switch during the installation process. Only when the bathroom is being used, it is turned on. The timer feature allows you to set the extended period for what you expect after turning off the lights.

Top 10 Extractor Fans for Bathrooms 2020

Vent Axia 188110 Luminaire L Combined Extractor Fan and Lights

This is a great combination of a light source and a bathroom extractor fan. It’s a small unit. So, it’s perfect for small bathroom spaces as well as wet areas. It weighs about 1.7kg.

Moreover, it offers the Safety Extra Low Voltage feature. That’s why this option is not only safe but also economical because of a small amount of electricity.

It’s easy to install this extractor fan thanks to the instruction manual in the package. Especially, this model is a silent bathroom extractor when compared to other models.

Cata Bathroom Glass Extractor Fan Humidistat Temperature Display

This model comes with a glass cover as well as a resilient plastic. That’s why it has become one of the most aesthetic in the market these days. Besides, it offers digital humidity and temperature display as well. It’s easy to clean

Though this product is not silent, it is still both durable and economical. It is available at sound levels of 31dB. It weighs 1kg. It’s easy to install.

Plus, there are some outstanding features such as the 2-speed motor, the adjustable humidity, adjustable electronic timer, and the indicator. Thanks to its electronic timer, you can adjust between 0-15 minutes.

Furthermore, there is a single tool in the package. So, it’s not difficult to remove the glass top. But, this option is not pocket-friendly. Moreover, it is known for its higher noise levels than other bathroom fans.

Manrose 100mm LED Shower Light Extraction Fan

If you are looking for a light and compact bathroom extractor fan, you can try out the Manrose 100mm Led Shower Light Extractor Fan. It’s right for you. It just weighs 1.3kg. Despite its small size, its flow rate is still 24 liters each minute.

This unit has a low noise level. Indeed, it’s only 37dB. It has a 3W light source. It means that the unit has the consumption of only 10% of the energy. It’s easy to install over the shower.

There are many things you can get from the box. They include the LED driver, fixing screws, the shower light unit, an external wall grill. 1 length of PVC flexible ducting, straps, as well as the grille.

Envirovent Silent 100 HT Bathroom Extractor Fan Humidistat & Timer

This unit is a great option for bathrooms and other utility rooms. It offers a humidistat and a timer. With this fan, you can easily adjust the humidistat between 60% and 90%.

This bathroom extractor fan is very light and compact. It just weighs 599 grams. That’s why it’s not difficult to install it. Also, it comes with low noise levels when running because of its motor positioned on silent elastic blocks.

This model is specially made for small utility rooms. Coming to this product, you will get a 5-year warranty if it’s bought directly from the manufacturers. Furthermore, this unit is pocket-friendly.

Airflow Icon Eco 15 240v 100mm Extractor Fan Outlet

This bathroom extractor fan is made of plastic. So, it’s very lightweight. It only weighs 1000grams. It has a sleek, circular, and stylish design. It’s a good choice for small space installations.

Also, it comes with an iris shutter feature. It has the purpose of reducing external noise ingress when you switch it on or off. It comes at a noise level of 35dB.

Thanks to the cantilever fixing lugs, it is easy to install this unit on uneven surfaces. This unit is considered to be one of the most powerful ventilation kits on the market. It’s known for a flow rate of 68mhr.

This unit requires additional modules so that it can fix a timer or a humidistat. Moreover, the sound levels seem to be higher compared to most of the ventilation kits out there.

High Power Inline Loft Mounted Bathroom

If you want to buy an inline extractor fan for enclosed space, you can try out this model. It’s great for spaces without windows such as ensuites, kitchens, shower rooms, utilities, as well as bathrooms.

It has a power rating of 30W and 24W. So, you can use it for not only high-speed settings but also low-speed settings. Because of the low noise levels of 30dB, it’s easy to install in lofts and cupboards.

This bathroom fan is less noisy compared to others in its category. It is a durable model to choose from. Moreover, it is at a pocket-friendly price. So, you can get the value for the money.

If you want to reduce the audible airflow, you will have to put a dampening material. Also, it helps to reduce the noise of the ventilation unit when running.

Silent Extractor Bathroom Fan with Timer, Low Noise, Low Energy

This product is a great option from Silent. It is known for its amazing features for convenience. It’s designed with the timer. So, you can easily set the post-shutoff runtime between 2 and 30 minutes.

It’s easy to install this extraction fan. It’s determined by a low energy consumption rate. Also, it has a high extraction rate. That makes it highly efficient.

When compared to other extractor fans in its category, this model is faster. Furthermore, you will get a 5-year warranty.

Manrose 100mm Standard Mixed Flow Fan

This is a standard ventilation kit. It’s great for high-pressure applications. It weighs 2kg. You can fix it in a matter of minutes despite the huge dimensions as well as its weight.

This bathroom extractor fan is designed with a flexible ducting. Its noise levels are not over 24dB when running. Because it comes with a special design, it’s not difficult to install and maintain.

We recommend you to choose this unit for areas lacking natural ventilation. Besides, this unit comes with high-quality ball bearings. The addition is a long-life motor. It ensures to last for 3 years under warranty.

Vent-Axia Silent Timer Extractor Fan VASF100T 100mm 14dBA

The VASF100T is a lightweight extractor fan. It only weighs 739 grams. Despite its small size, it can be able to extract air at a rate of 1.26 cubic meters each minute.

It’s very silent. Moreover, this is also a good choice for your budget because it’s affordable. It has the IP44 splash-proof feature that is beneficial. For example, it allows you to install in any location. And, it’s not essential to worry about water splashes.

This option is durable. Coming to this model, you will get a long warranty. But, it has only a disadvantage. It lacks a humidistat.

Greenwood Arivaca S90T Centrifugal Extractor Fan with Timer

This product works well in kitchens, bathrooms, as well as other poorly ventilated spaces. It features an airflow rate of 21 liters each second.

It weighs 1.5kg. Just like others mentioned above, this model is also easy to install. However, you need to be careful with the neutral cables if you want the timer to function correctly.

The extraction rate allows it to get the job done effectively. But, it lacks a humidistat.


If you are shopping for a new bathroom extraction fan, it’s best to look for ones with a high extraction power. There are many important things to consider when choosing the best extractor fan for the bathroom. You have to consider ones with the acceptable quality, the reasonable price, and the suitable noise levels. If you find it difficult to choose the ones, you can consider our reviews above. Choose one model that is suitable for your bathroom’s size. Also, it should suit your budget.

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