Best Electric Shaver UK 2021

Best Electric Shaver UK

Plenty of various models and brands of electric powered shavers are out there. All of them are all set to meet your needs regardless of a rock or smooth saves.

And you’re merely in incomplete look with your hair because of lack of the perfect electric shaver.

Besides, it’s like minefield while picking your desired electric shaver from the crowd. From their prices to performance and practical features, many more things need to consider before making a purchase.

But, you don’t need to do anything like this as we have done everything for you I this concern. So, just follow what comes in the next topics.

Top 5 Best Electric Shaver UK

1. Philips S9211/26 Series 9000 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver For Men

This electric shaver of the famous Philips brand is very close to striking the sweet spots between shaving ability and value.

We used the terms “very close” because the models like S9000 is the perfect and winner of the title with its wireless charging along with NanoTech blades.

But, it’s not an issue with this regular blade model as it’s certainly an extremely great electric shaver.

This model is especially suitable for you if you’re fond of or in need of daily shaving. Thanks to its 8 different directional heads, it appropriately complements the rotary head.

As a result, it allows you to swivel around your face effortlessly. It’s because the unit tries to fix the thing in place into some difficult positions, which is the unique charm that the brand offers.

Also, you’ll get a sharp, clean shave in ease without issues like cuts or burns of your skin.Indeed, the plastic build of this shaver is not very luxe, this is enough stylish with a great grip.

Among other welcome features, the full shaving ability within a few minutes and the waterproofing are the major ones.

This is why if you’re in a rush and need to groom yourself; this shaver is your best friend.

This series 9000 shavers comes with the Pro Precision V-Track blades that cut up to 30% closer.

Coming with ContourDetect heads, the unit helps you each contour of the neck and face giving a comfortable shave leaving with a great skin condition.


  • Feature-packed
  • Great value
  • Comfortable shaving
  • Flexible heads


  • Not included some features of the prestigious model

2. Braun 9340s Series 9 Electric Shaver With Charging Stand

The Series 9 welcomes you to its ‘business class’ electric shaver of the renown brand Braun.

You’ll get the right product that you pay for along with some extras that help you avail of the excessive outlay.

Just it comes in a boxed model with a stylish leather-like casing and cleaner instead of small crisp packets and prosecco supply.

Indeed, you exactly don’t need some other stuff, but it makes all emphasize the way the Series 9 built to goes for years.

Since the manufacturer promised to offer the product that stands alone, they have followed their words.

As a result, the Series 9 of the Braun is not just a shaver with a luxe, it’s also tough in build and common shaving chops.

This world’s most effective electric shaver among many others and models have five shaving elements.

So, it can capture a large amount of hair in a single stroke and provides you a painless shave every time. As a foil shaver, it offers you a gentle and close shave with no compromise.

Thanks to its easy gliding over your skin, this electric shaver works great regardless of dry or wet shaving.

The unit runs up to one hour in a single charge, which is 20% more than its previous model.

Another great feature of the shaver is its Pro display that comes with the dashboard of its performance.

This German-made shaver is equipped with some other useful features and premium craftsmanship.


  • Faster, closer shave
  • Multidirectional head
  • Classy design
  • Long battery life


  • Comparatively expensive

3. Braun 3040s Series 3 Cordless Electric Shaver For Men

Despite its affordable price, you’ll get something more than that you think about the Braun 3040s Series 3.

When you’re thinking to get a pricier model for your daily shaving companion, this one is worth trying.Most importantly, the model is pocket-friendly but doesn’t feel like some cheaper products.

This waterproof unit charges itself as quickly as just in five minutes with some other practical features incorporated with its affordable standing.

It means rubberized and textured sides are simple to hold and the weight provides you great control.

Although you might not be expecting lots from this device, it’ll impress you with its different features all the way.

While you play with the strength of the shaver, you’ll certainly feel it in the same way.

Also, it’ll end up using several times the shaver for bumpy patches around the chin edges and the neck regardless of how constantly you try to rub them off.

Likewise, you’ll get it for passing muster for each thing without the close inspection. So, when you have a special event and you need to shave for, we recommend escaping your razor again.

No matter even if you have 3-day old beards, you’re all set to trim them using this shaver efficiently.

This electric-powered foil shaver provides you with great results from the beginning to the end. It’s because the shaver comes with an inbuilt precision trimmer that’s ideal for achieving sideburns and mustaches.


  • Robust design
  • Waterproof
  • Decent shave
  • Durable


  • Not particularly refined

4. Philips Series 7000 Exfoliation Brush App Connected Shaver

The Series 7000 of the famous Philips brand promises to provide you with the better shaving experience even if you have 3-day untrimmed beards.

We’re indeed a bit skeptical, but we know there is no alternative to the right techniques to reduce irritation and closeness.

This shaver uses the latest technology of Smart Sensor that provides you live feedback while communicating through the Bluetooth incorporated with an app.

It includes expert advice that will help you to get the correct methods and the ways of managing your major issues.

Depending on the input, the app will select the preferred speed setting to maintain the spin of the blades at the modified round per minute to reduce irritation.

So, you’ll get a confident shaving every time you use the Series 7000 without any issue on your skin.

Also, this shaver helps you to make an individual plan that will work for your skin. As it’s smart and personal, more than 89 percent of men in 3 weeks get fantastic results to reduce the irritation of their skin.

Coming with Comfort Rings that has a great coating of anti-friction, it allows making a low, soft resistance surface.

This is why the shaver glides with ease across your chin to the neck without making them issues like redness plus razor burn.

Equipped with V-shaped blades, it guides your skin to keep away from the touch of blades. Another good feature of the shaver is its batter that lasts for 50 minutes in a single charge.


  • Unfussy design
  • Useful app
  • Straightforward performance
  • Long-lasting battery


  • The issue with its patches

5. Remington Style R4 R4001 Cordless Electric Shaver & Trimmer

Usually, Remington products are affordable in price, but they’re agreeable to use. So, if you choose any one of their products, you’ll get the right returns of your investment.

Likewise, the Style R4 of this manufacturer also is worth buying for many useful features.

Although this rotary shaver is a bit rough to use in the edges, it’s good enough for first-time users.

Indeed, Style R4 is the perfect model for the people who don’t have lots to spend on purchasing a shaver or blessed with plenty of facial hair.

When you need to cover the uncomfortable spots like your chin back or under your nose, you should get continuing shaving that can provide you a long time free of stress are suitable.

Since Style R4 is a helpful product, it can accomplish your shaving tasks effectively without any issue.

Apart from its foil design, another major difference with the Series 3 of Braun is in its build quality.

It means this model of Remington is entirely made of plastic. But, it’s great to use and get the optimum results. Double track blades with flexing cutters, the unit work and capture all hair.

Also, the device ends up your struggle to get a clean and sharp appearance around your chin, jawline, and cheeks.

It’s because the shaver comes with an enhanced pivoting neck that allows your shaving unit to reach the toughest areas of hair.


  • Extremely useful
  • Affordable in price
  • Non-fussy designed
  • Enhanced Pop-up Trimmer


  • No grip and plasticky build

Buying Guide Of The Best Electric Shaver

No matter you have long or short beards, it’s always vital to keep up their better look. This is why you must have a high-quality electric- powered shaver.

However, because of higher availability, it becomes a bit trickier to buy then you’re thinking about it.

But, this is not a big issue if you know some factors about how to buy an electric shaver. Well, let’s know what you should know regarding this issue.

Power Source

It’s a very vital factor to keep in mind that you should come across the battery, main, and rechargeable unit of the electric shaver.

These days, most models of electric shavers are cordless and rechargeable. As a result, you’re all set to use them at home and outdoor while moving.

Also, some of them are cordless while some others are from the mains that allow you to use if it lost the charge.

So, it widely depends on you how you’ll be using the shaver whether it’s at home or outdoor most time.


You may enjoy shaving while some others might do it rarely. In any case, you must have an electric shaver to complete the shaving tasks.

So, you should choose the model that’s easy to hold on your hand and meet your preference.

Also, it should be as straightforward as hassle-free at any rate with enough functionality and features.

So, it’s best to choose the versatile models of trimmer because they come with different settings.

Build Quality

Some metrics help you to measure the quality of an electric-powered shaver. These include assembly, durability, material, reliability, and performance.

So, the model you choose it should be easy to assemble, made of high-quality materials, and long-lasting. Also, it needs to come with great reliability as well as better performance.


You have to buy a shaver depending on some factors. These include the thickness of your beard and the frequency of your shaving.

For example, if you need to shave your thick beard, you need to buy a shaver with a rotary blade.

FAQs & Answers Section

Does An Electric Shaver Work Close To The Manual Shaver?

‘Almost’ or ‘very close’ is the perfect term in this case because manual razors are more efficient to cut most closely.

Does Electric Shaver Make Less Irritation On My Skin?

Yes, it certainly can, your electric shaver as it’s engineered at the way to prevent your skin.

Can An Electric Shaver Exfoliate My Skin?

It can exfoliate to an extremely smaller degree that’s not comparable with a manual one.

Can I Use A Beard Trimmer To Shave My Head?

Yes, certainly you can use your beard trimmer to shave your head in some short lengths.


It’s time to summarize the entire review deciding with the top model from the list. The title goes to the “Braun 9340s Series 9 Electric Shaver” that remains in the number two on the list.

We suggest most this model for many reasons while the major one is its long battery power and the features of dry and wet shaving.

It doesn’t mean you may be wrong to buy the other products on the list. All of them are chosen due to their superior features and quality.

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