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Best Deep Fat Fryer UK 2020

When you want to buy the top-rated deep fat fryer from the UK marketplace, you can’t do it with ease until you know some factors and best products. But, you’ll be all set if you go through the entire content.

That’s because we have reviewed some high-quality fat fryer along with a buying guide. Here are all the best and latest items that will give you a complete mental satisfaction wit their performances.

Most importantly, you’re going to get the solution to the issue of the tricky buying process of the items you’re seeking.

So, let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Deep Fat Fryer UK

1.Russell Hobbs 24580 Deep Fryer Digital

Eating delicious fish chips at the shop is excellent to get the yummy taste. But, it’s pricey to go out to taste regularly.

So, why don’t you make some deep fry of your favorite items your own at home? It’ll help you turn your into nighttime a special fry-day appetizing night.

With a 3-liter of oil and 1.2-kg of food capacity, this product of the famous Russell Hobbs brand is suitable for a small family.

That means if you have this device, you always ready to make some fry to fill your hunger with the tasty treats.

The fryer comes with a fully digitalized timer to avoid overcook things you put in it.

You can set the timer every time you cook anything that helps you keep those things tasty and delicious with perfect cooking.

The model has a basket with specially designed that allows you to access the cooked food with safety and ease.

As a result, you can avoid any possible fuss. Because of its convenient observation window that’s large enough, you can monitor the food while you’re frying them.

It’ll not require you to open its lid to check how well the food has cooked.

The fryer has equipped with the controller of variable temperature so that you can cook the food as per its required temperature.

That’s why you’ll be able to cook any type of food according to your taste.

The package includes many things, including a deep fryer, removable bowl (nonstick), two filters, fall and rise basket, and recipes.


  • Compact size
  • Oil heats up faster
  • Large oil container
  • Observation window


  • A bit tricky to clean

2.Tefal Easy Pro FR333040 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

The Easy Pro FR333040 by Tefal is stainless steel made semi-professional deep fryer for fat.

With the features and functionality, the model has achieved the top position in the current market of the UK over many other products.

From the compact design of the deep fryer to larger capacity, everything is worth investing in this device.

Apart from a large food capacity, you can clean the fryer with ease. Its dip component of heating allows it correctly fries food thoroughly within a short time.

You can adjust the temperature of the fryer in the range between 150-degree to 190-degree Celsius.

Thanks to its cool zone and faster heating technology, the device is the right choice for beginner to semi-professionals.

The model comes from the famous Tefal brand and suitable for a small family with a 3-liter of oil and 1.2-kg of food capacity.

With its removable enamel bowl, prepare your favorite, delicious fries like a fast-food shop or restaurant.

The user-friendly deep fryer is effortless to clean because of its safe dishwasher elements without its heating block.

Like the previous one of this list, it also has a window to view the cooking item without opening the lid.

The terms ‘semi-pro’ defines as the fryer’s heating element remains immersed and gets direct touch with provided oil.

The temperature of the device is very lower under its heat element, which is known as the cool-zone. That’s why you get the optimum result without burning food while cooking.


  • Prepares restaurant quality food
  • Abundant food & oil capacity
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Effortless to clean


  • Smaller in size

3.Quest 35150 Non-Stick Deep Fat Fryer

In the kitchen appliance suppliers, Quest is one of the leading brands.

The brand includes its Quest 35150 as a compact deep fat fryer is suitable for preparing your favorite fries, fish cakes, chicken strips, and other delicious fries.

As the fryer has a nonstick bowl, it allows you to dispose of additional oils from the food. Also, the bowl is straightforward to clean because of its removable feature.

Its feet are non-slip, so the fryer performs better while using, which is why it’ll provide you complete satisfaction and best returns of your money.

With a fresh white finish, the fryer compact and dynamic that’s perfect for small families, individuals, and couples.

The coated nonstick bowl helps you to discard oil after preparing food with ease. Likewise, the fryer is simple to clean because of its detachable parts.

The basket of the fryer is also removable; that’s just right to fit everything from chips to fish and chicken.

You get the dial for better value of the required cooking temperature for particular food items.

Two indicating bright lights are out there to make you known when it goes in action for deep fat frying.

Above all, Quest is a trusted name for lots of cooking appliances that are good to help you in kitchen tasks.

Also, the fryer’s temperature is adjustable, and you can choose the temperature between 150-degree to 190-degree Celsius.

Overall, it’s excellent for beginners and people with a lower budge to seek high-quality products.


  • Variable thermostat
  • Nonstick bowl
  • Slip-proof feet
  • Affordable in price


  • Very small in size

4.VonShef Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer

VonShef presents a compact, designed, deep fat fryer for those seeking a fryer that doesn’t take lots of space in the kitchen.

With an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the fryer’s temperature, it comes with a window to view the food.

So, you can see them and adjust their temperature if it needs it. While having this fryer of VonShef, you’ll forget to go chip and fish shops.

That’s because you can make everything at home right away.

If you want to open a fantastic world of cooking potential, you must go after this unit like hundreds of users worldwide.

The culinary items you can prepare include spring rolls, popcorn chicken, chocolate bars, fritters, fried doughnuts, and lots more.

No matter you want to make safe fish or get a taste of some other recipes, this fryer is all set to fill your hungry mouth with desired fried dishes.

Apart from thermostatically controlled between 130-degree to 190-degree to prepare the food with a great crisp, this fryer is exceptionally user-friendly.

The user manual has described the recommended times as well as required temperatures for different types of fried foods to make it much more comfortable.

Because of its two lights, one indicates it’s powered on while another point out it’s cooked up.

The fryer basket is high-quality stainless steel made with a detachable handle that’s easy to work with.

Its nonstick pan has a beautiful enamel touch that allows you easy using and cleaning with simple effort.


  • Generous capacity
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Easy to Use
  • Premium stainless steel casing


  • Durability issue

5.Lloytron Kitchen Perfected E6010WI Compact Deep Fryer

The Kitchen Perfected is honestly the kind of deep fat fryer that your perfect choice for its compact, mighty, and small design.

Its one-liter capacity is enough for one person with a tight budget.

Along with the compact design, it’s curved as well that fits comfortably into your countertop.

That’s because it’s also easy to store at your convenient spot. Although the fryer is reasonable in price, it comes with some practical features.

For example, it has a window to see the progress of the fry for the best results. Also, the device has an adjustable dial thermostat that allows you to set the fryer to the expected temperature.

Its removable handle is exceptionally convenient to take out and put in the food for frying.

These features make the use of the fryer for the complete cooking method. Moreover, it has designed with proper guides for using the fryer to prepare some particular ingredients.

Because of its safe dishwasher elements, this fryer is extraordinarily user-friendly and effortless to clean.

The dynamic and compact fryer is perfect for a single person with a fresh white finish. Besides, its coated nonstick bowl is easy enough to discard oil after completing food.

Regardless of you’re being avid of a French fry or fish fry or something else; this fryer will do the job right away to meet your hunger with desired fried dishes.

The fryer is superbly user-friendly, with thermostatically controlled between 130-degree to 190-degree Celsius to make the fries.


  • Compact design
  • Controllable dial thermostat
  • Viewing window
  • Affordable in price


  • Difficult to clean

Buying Guide For Best Deep Fat Fryer

All deep fat fryers are not made equally. Some essential and noticeable aspects are out there to seek while buying a fryer.

Let’s know what the points or factors are; you should keep attention.
Temperature Settings

As you want your deep fat fry proper way, it requires the changeable temperature settings.

That’s because the deep frying temperature for French fries and fish fry is not the same. So, if you cook any of them at the wrong temperature, you’ll find them undercooked or overcooked.

For example, deep fish frying needs 160-degree to 170-degree Celsius of temperatures. But, French fries need a higher temperature like 180-degree Celsius.

It’s not something like one temperature fits for all frying items. That means an adjustable setting for heat is a must to prepare your desired frying items.

Frying Capacity

You have to choose the fryer as per your need. If you’re a single person, a smaller one is good enough to fry different food items.

But, when you want to buy a fryer for your entire family, it needs to be larger in capacity.

For example, the one-liter ability is okay for one person while it’ll not work for a couple or family.

So, you should choose that one comes with a higher position like three or more liters. That means it depends on you and your family members.

Ease Of Cleaning

If you ever cooked food using fat, you know it’s quite tough to clean the pan or pot. Regardless it’s not essential to clean the fryer after each time of use; you need to do it a regular basis.

Although most models of deep fat fryers are easy to clean, you should ensure whether they are dishwasher safe or not.

Cooking Basket

The cooking basket should be made of metal-wire and removable for the best results. Also, you need to ensure getting a handy handle of the basket to keep away your hand from touching the oil. Likewise, a cooking basket is very vital to soak oil after completion of cooking.

FAQs & Answers Section

What Can I Cook In My Deep Fat Fryer?

Lots of food you can cook using a deep fat fryer including chips, chicken fry, winds, nuggets, seafood, meat, potatoes, etc.

Can I Use My Deep Fryer To Cook Frozen Foods?

Yes, but don’t forget to take out additional ice before cooking frozen foods.

Can I Use Again The Oil From The Previous Deep Fat Fryer?

Yes, indeed, you can do it. But, you have to keep it for some time to be cold before another use.

And the limit of using the same oil is 8 to 10 times.

Why Expert Chefs Recommend Using Of Corn Oil For Frying?

Oils other than corn may smell and make foam at higher heat. Also, you can reuse corn oil up to 10 times while another one is reusable just for 3/4 times.


A perfect deep fat fryer is one of the popular kitchenware for most homeowners. That’s because it allows them to cook different types of frying food items comfortably.

Also, it’s easy to store at the most convenient spot in the kitchen. In any case, you can choose from the above review list as we have selected top-rated and trendy models for our readers.

So, it’s time to shop for your one!

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