Best Coffee Pod Machine UK 2021

Best Coffee Pod Machine UK 2020

With four hundred billion cups daily consumption of coffee, it’s the world’s most popular beverage.

No matter it has different names from morning brew to bean juice and rocket fuel, it’s the most favorite drink for most people.

Among the consumers, the UK has more than 95 million. But, it’s a bit tricky to make coffee when you’re busy with job and life, which is why you don’t have any other way than switching to a high-quality coffee maker.

Along with a coffee grinder, a coffee maker works great to make a perfect cup of coffee. We have already discussed some of the coffee bean grinders.

So, it’s time to talk about the coffee machine, and we’re going to discuss some top-rated coffee pod machines that are available in the UK market.

Top 5 Best Coffee Pod Machine UK

1.Nescafé Dolce Gusto Lumio Krups Pod Coffee Machine

When we look at this pod coffee maker, it’s amazingly made with round and circular shapes like an hourglass.

The design is not just eye-catching; it’s also well-balanced with a few crevices and curves. As a result, dirt can’t hide anywhere in the machine.

The Lumio is ready to deliver your favorite coffee with the highest 15-bar pressure of its pump without any mess. Unlike the coffee shop of your locality, it doesn’t make any fuss.

When the beans have been ground and all set to provide you a full flavor and delicious aroma, the pod seals the cautiously chosen and then blended coffee.

That’s because the pod collects the ground coffee, and there is virtually nothing to clean.

This user-friendly machine takes some simple steps to prepare your drink.

The device has a handy feature of volume selector that enables you to choose different coffee sizes to depend on what you prefer.

That means you have options to choose from a large macchiato to a smaller espresso without any issue.

You also can choose from the other great hot and cold coffee options while both functions work just instantly.

A larger water tank with one liter of water capacity that provides up to three full cups of coffee. Besides, it’s straightforward removing and filling of the water tank.

So, this is not a matter of bothering when you need to serve coffee for the entire family or a group of friends or people.

Overall, just fill it with water, select your favorite pod, and enjoy the real taste of espresso, cappuccino, Americano, or flat white.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Simple operation
  • Mid-priced
  • Easy cleaning


  • Undersized water tank

2.Tassimo TAS1002GB Happy Coffee Pod Machine

Continuing the review with another popular model of pod coffee maker is with the Tassimo TAS1002GB. Bosch is the brand of this model that’s a leading manufacturer of home appliances and power tools.

They live up to their name to the same with this entry-level pod machine. The machine is not just well-reviewed; it’s also unfussy and ready to make a favorite coffee.

With an affordable price, this pod coffee maker comes with what you need to prepare cups of great coffee. It just needs to load the water container, check out its pod, and press the button.

The machine takes care of the rest of the process to deliver you tasty cups of coffee.

That means the tool is easy to operate without any tricky selecting modes or other adjustable features. It handles the whole thing automatically.

Like some other models of pod coffee makers, this device also needs to clean and descale periodically that prevents the buildup of minerals.

As we stated it’s comparatively inexpensive, it doesn’t mean the machine is less convincing.

Instead, it’s powerful enough and works quite cleverly. The Tassimo TAS1002GB is a barcoded coffee machine that can scan the codes.

Its adjustable Intellibrew temperature system works automatically to choose the brew time.

And the water settings allow you to prepare perfect cups of cafe-like coffee with ease and instantly.

So, this coffee machine is compatible with T-Disc that heats up faster and easy to clean its detachable cup stand.

Overall, if you’re still struggling with a poor quality pot machine, switch to this model for the optimal results.


  • Affordably in price
  • Unfussy, simple operation
  • Detachable cup stand
  • Available an extensive range of flavors


  • A bit noisier

3.Wacaco Nanopresso Nespresso Coffee Pod Machine

When you have enjoyed the real taste of espresso, there is nothing to fill its place.

So, get this undersized hand-powered model when you travel next time. It’ll help you to avoid enduring boringly crap shop coffee again.

Also, this pod coffee maker is good enough to take even if you’re going camping.

With the help of its Nespresso adapter, it produces aromatic, rich espresso better than many coffee machines available in the market.

It requires hot water that’s available in most hotels to fill its small chamber, put a coffee capsule in its adapter, close the lid, and the machine will do the rest of the coffee-making process.

So, when shop coffee can’t meet your expectations, this unit is for you.

Also, we recommend it for those to look for a portable coffee maker on the move. No battery or electricity requires operating this machine because of its latest designed pumping system.

Just using your hand power, you can get an 18-bar pressure to extract excellent coffee.

So, getting this pod coffee maker delivers something more than some other domestic espresso machines.

The machine provides you optimum results with all types of grounds. In this case, it needs 15% of less power to pump in comparison to the Minipresso.

The ergonomic design with a short length and lighter weight ensures you the best travel companion.

Unlike some ordinary models, it has a higher water capacity and equipped with a detachable cup stand. So, it’s easy to fill and remove to clean when need.


  • Smallest & lightest
  • Truly portable
  • Higher water capacity
  • Great pumping system


  • Requires strong finger pressure

4.Bosch TAS1402GB TASSIMO Vivy 2 Pod Coffee Machine

Ultra-compact Vivy 2 is excellent to look wherever you keep it with the unique system of barcode offers a hot cup of coffee each time.

With a single button operation, it has innovative energy-saving, faster flow heating results.

Making tasty hot drinks becomes more comfortable as the pod requires little effort to make a wide range of coffees.

You just need to insert the T-Disc, and then it’ll start preparing your desired coffee automatically.

That’s how it gets simpler to treat your own and your beloved ones with this descaling program and easy cleaning pod coffee maker.

Its Intellibrew technology is designed to identify the drink selection with adjustable water amount, time of brewing, and its temperature.

That means it’s perfect for making every cup of delicious coffee every time and every day. Apart from the excellent brewing capacity, it’s as stylish as complementing your kitchen.

Thanks to its compact design and smaller size, it’s easy to set in all kitchens without occupying lots of space.

No matter you like to sip on an uplifting Americano or a delicious cappuccino, Vivy 2 is ready to deliver you coffee shop-like cups of coffee with a simple touch.

Along with a detachable cup stand, the machine is the right choice for most types of coffee cups.

The cup stand is also flexible to adjust its height, and you can remove it to refill and clean effortlessly.

Its 0.7-liter of capacity is good enough to prepare a couple of cups of coffee to enjoy with your loved ones.


  • User-friendly
  • Affordable in price
  • Heats up faster
  • Prepares hot chocolate


  • The issue with the quality of coffee

5.Nespresso XN903140 Krups Pod Coffee Machine

The unique technology of Centrifusion is equipped with the Nespresso XN903140. Because of its particular dedicated variety of capsules, affordability allows it to get five cups of coffee.

For the expected freshness, every capsule provides excellent ground coffee with sealed in one serve potion.

Its intelligent system of barcode technology recognizes the capsule. The adjusted brewing parameters deliver every blend exactly at the way it should be to provide the best satisfaction.

That’s why you don’t have to change its settings rather than a single touch of press on its button.

Thanks to its Vertuo machine, the machine is built with a type of manual mechanism that helps it smooth the closing and opening of its head.

No matter you like to drink authentic espresso or fresh coffee, you’re all set to get with ease while going through the Nespresso XN903140.

The machine automatically ejects the used capsules after brewing within a short time. It comes with adjustable cup support to four different positions to contain the different sizes of cups.

Every machine has a complimentary set of Nespresso capsules that have unique and fresh aromatic profiles.

Indeed, this pot coffee maker is perfect for maintaining a luxurious lifestyle that never lets down. That’s because it offers you to get the complete satisfaction of Nespresso style coffees.

You’ll enjoy the real taste of original Nespresso coffee that you always expect with a new system of brewing.

Overall, if you look for the combination of style and taste altogether, the Nespresso XN903140 is your best choice.


  • Various capsule sizes
  • Faster heat-up time
  • Stylish design
  • Adjustable cup support


  • Durability issue

Buying Guide For Coffee Pod Machine

Making coffee using coffee pod makers is simply a convenient and faster way than traditional coffee machines. Likewise, they also have more advantages.

But you have to choose the right tool to get the best results. Some considering factors are out there to keep on your strong concern before you buy any one of them.

Tank Size

All pod machines come with a refillable water tank. So, it’s vital to check its size before of finalize your purchase, whether it fits your need or not.

It requires several times of topping up while choosing a machine with less than one liter of tank size.

Some of them are easy to refill when they’re in the machine inside, while others need to remove from their machines.

That’s why it usually depends on you, and the number of your members is going to enjoy brewing.

Bar Pressure

It indicates the amount of force the coffee maker applies to pump its water throughout the pod.

You should not choose a machine with less than 15-bar pressure if you like to prepare shop-like coffee. Also, it’s better to get the coffee machines that are designed to deal with lots of drinks.

Spout Size

Your pod coffee maker should have enough space for the delicious cup under its spout. Some of them designed with narrow stands, which is why it’s tough to accommodate a giant mug.

If you’re an espresso fan, you have to choose the adjustable or drop-down cup stand that can raise small cups to the spout.

It’ll help you to avoid splashing on its worktop and deliver an unctuous crema.

Drink Size

As some coffee pod makers have an option of various sizes of beverages, it’s perfect for people like to enjoy morning time’s espresso and the weekend’s latte.

Also, the ability to adjust how much water it’ll dispense to fill your taste depends on the feature of drink size. It also allows you to set it to the less dispensing setting as per your need.

FAQs & Answers Section

Can I Recycle My Coffee Maker Pods?

It depends, so you should check whether your pods are recyclable or not. If you choose pods of Nespresso, you can recycle them with ease.

Does A Pod Coffee Machine Use Lots Of Energy?

The thermoblock of a pod coffee machine might be a power guzzler. So, you should choose a model that shuts off automatically after a specific time of use.

What About Descaling Of My Pod Coffee Maker?

You have to buy the models that come with descaling alerts when your residence in an area of hard water. It’s crucial to descale your machine regularly to use it for a long time.

How Should Easy Be My Pod Coffee Machine To Clean?

A pod coffee machine should be straightforward to clean for peace of mind. As you use different types of coffee grounds in it, you need to clean it frequently.


Regardless of your tastes in coffee, there is no right way to buy a high-quality coffee pod machine.

That’s why we have reviewed some top-rated coffee pod machines after researching hundreds of models.

So, it’s your time to choose your affordable and preferable one from the list.

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