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When it’s time to choose a preferable coffee grinder, you’ll get lots of choices are out there in the UK market.

That’s why getting the best one a tricky task like finding out a needle when it loses in a pile of hay.

Many of the models are not perfect because of their terrible quality and unable to return your investment.

But, some of them are likely to meet your requirements and perform well enough what you look for.

We researched hundreds of coffee grinding devices from manual to electric models to make your buying task easier.

As a result, we found and enlisted top five, high-quality coffee grinders that will be very helpful to you.

So, let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Coffee Grinder the UK

1.Krups Coffee Mill Electric Coffee Grinder

Consider this coffee grinder of the Krups brand while seeking for a powerful and functional one. Its 180-watt of the powerful motor is made of best quality stainless steel twin blades.

As a result, it’s all set to grind your coffee beans as quickly as thoroughly without leaving their natural flavor.

Because of its single-button design, the device is extremely user-friendly. That’s why you just need to keep enough beans on its container and simply push the start button.

Then it’ll start grinding the beans, and the motor just starts working when you push the button.

The perfect fineness of the coffee comes by altering the grinding time, and it’s easy to do pressing a bit long time on its button.

Apart from grinding coffee beans, it’s also good to grind spice to help you to prepare a delicious and fragrant coffee.

It can process about 75-gram of coffee with ease at the same time because of its sizeable grinding chamber.

So, you can prepare about 12 cups of favorite coffee for your family and friends.

Along with a stylish black housing, this coffee grinder comes with an oval shape, compact design.

The machine doesn’t get more space when you need to store it due to its smaller footprint feature.

Its transparent lid views the inside stuff, whether they have ground well or need a bit more fineness.

As we already said, it can grind other spices; you can use it for grinding nuts, herbs, and parsley.


  • Powerful motor
  • High-performing
  • User-friendly
  • Easy storing


  • Shorter power cord

2.De’Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder

De’Longhi is a leading burr grinder among many other brands out there. The KG79 of this brand is a professional grade burr grinder that’s a prominent device for coffee enthusiasts.

With a higher 120-gram of capacity, it can produce about 12 cups of coffee as per your preferred grind settings.

And you can adjust an environment using a touch button. Its see-through bean container with detachable powder container makes it easy to see and remove powder when it’s ready to use.

The cord storage is built-in; that’s why you can store it neatly at your convenient place to find it next time.

The grinder has two wheels that provide the précised grinds of coffee beans. It also helps the machine to avoid overheating as well as preserving the natural smell of the coffee.

You can remove its upper wheel that makes the cleaning tasks easier after completing the coffee beans grinding.

The options are available out there to choose your desired settings from coarse to medium and fine coffee powder.

Due to its automatic safety feature, it shuts off when there is no bean container or no coffee beans in it.

Apart from being affordable in price, its large design looks excellent. No matter this grinder is made of all-plastic, it assures its robustness.

The professional burr grinding machine has a cup selector along with separate dials for grind selector.

Overall, the model is perfect for you if you’re seeking for high-quality, durable, and reasonably priced burr grinder to entertain your entire family and friends.


  • Slick design
  • Exceptional value
  • High-quality
  • Durable


  • Sometimes inconsistent grinding

3.Hand-Held Manual Coffee Bean Grinder By M&W

It’s a great small coffee grinder suitable for you if you just need to grind them occasionally.

Despite its smaller size, it’s powerful enough to produce coffee powder for some cups of coffee in a single go.

The machine works like a pepper grind that pops in the provided beans by operating the handheld device will give you some fresh coffee powder for brewing.

Because of its included jar, it allows you to keep the whole beans of coffee in it.

The grinder is a must-buy item to add to the coffee collection and, above all, a good return of your investment.

Among other useful features, the major one is its adjustable mechanism allows you the lowering and raising of the grinder with the locking nut.

That means you can set it in your preferred way as per your brewing methods.

You can make a medium, coarse, and exceptional coffee powder using this machine according to your need. That’s because it has a completely flexible design of grinding coffee beans.

As a result, it makes perfect coffee powder without taking more space in the kitchen. Also, it’s ideal to use in offices and even while traveling.

After preparing the coffee powder, you can clean it easily because of its merely dismantling parts.

For peace of mind, it comes with a 2-year extended manufacturer warranty. That’ why you’re free of getting stress for two years of buying another one.

Overall, this quiet, fast, adjustable, easy cleaning and consistent grinder are 100% recommended.


  • Adjustable mechanism
  • Easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty


  • Durability issue

4.Porlex Tall Manual Coffee Grinder

The latest Porlex version is this coffee grinder has equipped with a restructured handle.

Its grip is handy oval-shaped, which is why it’s a lot more stable. Moreover, this handle doesn’t wear out after frequent use.

Also, its package is at the same level as the best quality mill. As a result, the quality of the grinder is visible in all aspects of this famous brand.

It’s a Japan made, a top-rated coffee grinder that’s visible from its outside and insides as well.

Most importantly, the ceramic design mill is precisely suitable for excellent coffee grinding results.

Apart from being a compact design, the grinder comes with different grind settings. While grinding the coffee beans, it preserves the original taste that will rock you.

Thanks to its high-quality material, the unit is extremely durable and works very quietly while grinding.

It has a spring mechanism that ensures excellent reliability when ground. With a single small wheel, you can use it to cover almost all brewing methods.

These include excellent ground Espresso, French Press, and lots more types of coffee brewing.

Along with durable parts, it has a handy instruction manual that helps you to set up and clean the unit when you need it.

Due to the ceramic made conical burrs, the grinder crushes coffee beans to fineness each time you use it.

Also, you can use it as an excellent gift item and self generous delight for the most types of kitchens. Overall, we recommend it to purchase for the best returns of your investment.


  • Updated handle
  • More stable
  • Compact design
  • Easy cleaning & storing


  • Poor built quality

5.De’Longhi KG521.M Dedica Style Coffee Grinder

Another coffee grinder from the De’Longhi brand that’s never let you down with their home burr grinder.

As making the right cup of coffee comes from the right coffee powder with the unique taste and aroma, there is no way of choosing the right coffee grinder like the De’Longhi KG521.M.

So, this grinder of the famous brand is ready to provide you some great sips of original coffee eliminating the further seeking for any other coffee grinder.

The mill has 18 different fineness settings to choose your preferred one with a larger bean container.

Also, the bean container holds about 300-gram of coffee powder that can make 14 cups of delicious coffee at the same time.

While using this grinder, you’ll get a fresh ground coffee that the device holds promisingly for the whole day long.

You get an intuitive and precise use of its adjustable grinding settings with ease because of its LCD.

It allows you to modify each espresso as you like and get pleasure from superb coffee regularly.

The grinder has a side dial that helps you to determine the number of cups it should crush at a single go.

Also, there is a button to choose from standard, light, and muscular coffee strength with two beans on its control panel.

When you select the strongest one, it’ll deliver the highest amount of coffee. Overall, it’s a great coffee grinder and highly recommended.


  • Three aroma function
  • Completely metal housing
  • Highly durable
  • Flexible grind settings


  • Not good for espresso

Buying Guide For The Best Coffee Grinder

Every manufacturer offers their best. But, all of them are not best for the users as per their preferences.

That’s why buying guide is essential to follow as it indicates what you should get with your coffee grinder.

Some factors affect the function of the grinder that should keep on strong consideration. Thus, below are some of those types of deciding factors you have to seek with your preferred grinder.


All available grinders have a specific capacity of making coffee every time you use it. Some of them are big enough to grind lots of coffee beans, while some others have a comparatively lower ability. It doesn’t matter much what the capacity they have.

But, it matters how many cups of coffee you need to prepare at the same time on a single go. For example, if you don’t have lots of people in your home, it’s not logical to buy the bigger one.

Likewise, you should not choose a smaller capacity grinder when you need to serve lots of people. That means to get something is well fit to help everyone.


High speed sounds a bit like a selling tip while shopping a better coffee grinder. But, this is indeed an indication of a cheap product that will not last long.

When you choose a high-speed coffee grinder, it produces a large amount of heat.

As a result, it has a risk of burning the powder of ground coffee. Also, it can affect the aroma and flavor of the coffee, which is never expected.

So, it’s better to go after the grinder works with lower speed to avoid these issues.


The heat of the grinder is also a tremendous influencing factor that affects how to taste the coffee will be.

When a grinder becomes hot while grinding coffee beans, almost certainly, it’ll burn the coffee powder.

So, the taste of the grounds will change that you don’t like at any cost. The issue usually happens with low-cost coffee grinders as they produce a substantial amount of heat.

So, know well about the heat of the grinder you’re going to buy before you finalize the purchase.

User-friendliness and Cleaning

Coffee grinders have different types and features with easy cleaning and user-friendliness. But, if you use a grinder regularly, it should be easy to clean and apply for the optimum results.

In any case, you can choose from our reviewed products because all of them are as easy to clean as extremely user-friendly.

FAQs & Answers Section

Which Coffee Grinders Work Great With The Espresso Maker?

Most experts say that the burr grinders work great with the espresso maker.

Will My Coffee Grinder Fit In The Kitchen Cabinets?

A blade grinder fits comfortably at the most spots of the storage. But, burr models can make the

issue as they’re a bit large. So, check your kitchen capacity and the model’s dimensions to fit well.

Which One Is Better Among Manual & Electric Coffee Grinders?

In terms of portability, affordability, and simplicity, the manual one is better than its electric counterpart.

Is There Availability Of My Grinder’s Spare Parts?

Yes, you’ll get replacement parts in the repairing shops, and also you can contact the local dealer.


That’s all about the best coffee grinders! We have made the list of high-quality and different types of grinders for your best convenience. Hopefully, you’ll find your preferred one from the above-said list.

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