The 5 Best Beard Trimmer UK in 2021 Reviews

Just like different types of beards, there are various sizes, styles, and shapes of electric trimmers for them.

If you like to grow your facial part, you must manage your beard to craft its hair into awe instigating beardedness.

It’s because beard that’s stubble or unkempt certainly destroys your look plus it changes people’s perceiving way about you.

This is why it doesn’t matter you would like to manage a short or long beard; you must have the perfect grooming tool that will provide you the optimum output.

After long time researches and reviews, we found some top-rated beard trimmer that has huge popularity in the UK market. Let’s know the details of this concern.

Top 5 Best Beard Trimmer UK

1. Wahl Men’s Professional Grade Beard Trimmer

This is the first pretender from Wahl to win the title of award of the best beard trimmer in the UK.

The brand is very famous all around the world as the manufacturer of various grooming products and serving for 100 years.

As they’re well-known for reliability and quality, this beard trimmer is also no exception. This multi-purpose model of Wahl is so easy to use that you never tried it you don’t have it.

Apart from being simple holding, the device cuts extremely well without making snagged on your beard. It matters less if you compare it with the fantastically stylish looks.

Besides, some people have issues with their appearance, which will not happen anymore if you’re one of them.

It’s because you’re all set to recover the issue using this trimmer of Wahl that will not disappoint you.

Equipped with a powerful battery, you can use it continuously for about 4 hours in a single charge.

Despite its higher cost, you’ll not mind it when you’ll find the unit is providing everything you need and working for years.

With easy and clean cuts, the model allows you to exact finishing of the beard in the way you prefer along with its useful accessories.

Besides, the trimmer has 3 heads that provide your higher flexibility when you trim your beard.

Regardless of using combs or not, you can get cutting lengths between 0.5mm to 24mm. So, this model is highly recommended to buy.


  • Smoother, even cut
  • Different types of cuts
  • Long battery life
  • Fast charging battery


  • Expensive

2. Philips Series 9000 Beard Trimmer With Laser Guide

If you’re looking for a simple way to wonderful your beard, the Series 9000 of Philips is the right tool to work with.

Also, you won’t be a pro to get your expected shape of the beard as its laser guides you with a red light to follow for an asymmetrically trimmed and sharp look.

The device is equipped with double-sharpened and extra strong blades that are made of stainless steel.

For the same reason, the trimmer will last for years and all set to cut through the thicker beard.

When you use it for trimming, it sharpens automatically by slightly combing against one another. This is how you’ll get perfect and evenly cut for every time you use the trimmer.

Also, the machine allows you to choose a cutting length less than 0.2mm to style the beard with great, ultimate accuracy.

You’ll find its zoom wheel option that helps you to choose and set the cutting length from 0.4mm to 7mm.

So, it’s not just an extremely useful device, it helps you to make your trimming tasks quicker and easier with great confidence.

As you already know it comes with laser-guided technology, it’ll pleasantly surprise with its efficacy.

It’s also safe for your eyes, as the laser comes from a higher class that’s IEC60825-1 complied.

The type of battery of the unit is Li-Ion that becomes charged within 1 hour and provides up to 70 minutes of runtime for its cordless use.


  • Quality construction
  • Laser guide
  • Cordless
  • Easy adjustments


  • Not included any storage case

3. BaByliss Super Stubble XTP Men’s Beard Trimmer

It’s a light trimmer with a comfortable grip that extends to its cutting lengths as well. The manufacturer has used the technology of the floating head that ensures the smoother tracking of your facial shape.

Indeed, this trimmer is a great pleasure and easy to use without any painful snagging. It has a length controller that makes things simpler to avail of the precise cutting length that you always in search of.

As a result, it’s faster trimming for a well-clipped beard can speed up your morning routine. Coming with XTP technology, the unit gets charged faster that lasts about 14 days (5 minutes for every day) for long-lasting, convenient, and cordless use.

Its precision blades and comb are extremely skin-friendly, which is why you can use the device even if you’re getting a shower.

Apart from being extra powerful and long-lasting in a single charge, this trimmer offers higher performance with evenly cut off the beard.

As its head tracks the curves of your face, you’ll get comfortable and accurate trimming experience.

Also, it assures an exact cutting length between 0.4mm to 5mm with waterproof and dry or wet use along with great flexibility.

This is a simple cleaning unit that requires just a single tap with a flip back combo guide for styling and shaping your beard line to finish the trimming with a final touch.

So, if you don’t like to grow your beard long, you should consider this trimmer.


  • LED screen
  • Floating head
  • Simple cleaning
  • Waterproof & cordless


  • Not included accessories

4. Remington Barba Men’s Beard Trimmer With Ceramic Blades

The Barba Men’s Beard Trimmer of Remington brand is extremely light in weight and hold at ease.

You’ll feel it as an authentic, high-quality product that’s well balanced and allows you to accurate and even cut.

It has blades with a coating of ceramic that is easy to glide through your beard without pulling or snagging. As a result, the device offers you a painless cutting experience.

It has large length settings that allow you to make the exact look you want. So, when you select a preferred length, it gets locked and you’ll get the précised length without any accidental movement.

No matter you like to get longer stubble, short shadow, or a just neat beard, this unit is all set to provide you with the best results for all situations.

Coming with 9 different cutting length settings are starting from 1.50mm and ends at 18mm, it helps you to personalize your desired look and style.

With these numbered lengths and an adjustable length wheel on its handle, it’s certainly an easy and quick tool to upkeep your look.

Although it requires a long time to be charged in full, it runs up to 40 minutes in a single charge that’s enough to achieve the look you want with ease.

Even it’s not an issue if the runtime ends anytime because you use its corded option without leaving your trimming tasks incomplete


  • Popup trimmer
  • Lightweight & balanced
  • Great build quality
  • Easy & precise length adjustment


  • Requires long charging time

5. Philips OneBlade Beard Trimmer & Hybrid Shaver

An all-in-one type beard trimmer is coming from the famous brand of Philips. It’s an affordable trimmer that can be the game-changer in terms of men’s grooming.

While you’ll touch it, you’ll feel as it’s a razor with souped-up that has an ergonomic design and clear keep going perspective.

When it turns out, the strength of the trimmer lies in its OneBlade technology.

This is why other models may take over partly the wash bag where the OneBladde dominates over all of your toiletries. It’s because the trimmer maintains the carved before you go for a trip.

Keeping in the shape of a 5 o’clock shadow is the thing that your beard trimmer stands out. While using this trimmer, ensure that its blade gets full contact into your skin when you put it.

You’ll get optimum results if you move it before the grain and press lightly to create long strokes.

The unit is safe to use avoiding possible wounds and cut because it’s designed to save you from all possible cuts except your beard.

Using this device, it’s easy to cut as small as 0.2mm that doesn’t require comb. Also, you can use the combs that will avail you a cut of 1.3mm to 5mm.

No matter you’re using the trimmer wet or dry with foam or gel; you’ll get the effective results you expect.

This 2-pin plug shaver comes with a stress-free Amazon package that includes a storage cup with some other accessories.


  • Portable
  • Well-designed
  • Innovative
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for daily use

Buying Guide For Best Beard Trimmer

It doesn’t matter you have long or stubble beards, keeping up their better look is always vital. In this case, you don’t have any good options instead of using a high-quality beard trimmer.

But, it’s not as easy to buy as you’re thinking about because of loads of availability. No worries, we’re here to help you with sharing some deciding factors that will help you to figure out the right model for you.

Type (Corded/Cordless)

This is the first factor to decide whether you want a corded or without cord that means cordless trimmer. When you go after the cordless models, you’ll get more flexibility than the corded ones.

It’s because you’re all set to use it everywhere, so they’re very suitable for frequent travelers.

Besides, if you want breakless trimming tasks, you should choose the corded ones as they’ll not run out of battery.


You should know the ways you’ll use the trimmer before you buy a trimmer from an online or offline store.

It’s important to know whether the trimmer is just for trimming your beard or you want to use it for removing hair of other parts of your body.

In any case, it’s best to choose the versatile models of trimmer because they come with different settings.

As a result, you’re all set to use them for trimming your beard and head along with other body hairs.

Blades & Attachments

Among the types of blades, you should choose from chromium, titanium, and stainless steel. They’re not just long-lasting; they’re also more comfortable than any other metal made blades.

Besides, attachments are crucial for the precise trimming of your beard because they make things super easy to get your expected styles and lengths.

So, choosing the models that come with essential attachments are preferable.

Battery Life

Trimmers with Lithium-Ion based batteries because they’re as dependable as gets charged faster. Also, they hold charges for an extended time than the other types of rechargeable batteries.

FAQs & Answers Regarding The Best Beard Trimmer

Can I Use A Beard Trimmer To Shave My Head?

Yes, certainly you can use your beard trimmer to shave your head in some short lengths.

Which One Is The Better Among A Trimmer And A Razor?

Most users found a trimmer is handier than a razor when they shave because of its faster and accurate cut without any skin issue.

Can I Use A Beard Trimmer For My Private Part Trimming?

Yes, a beard trimmer helps you to trim your private part of the body with ease.

Is Using A Trimmer Without Guard Safe Or Not?

You can use a trimmer with great care to avoid skin cut if you don’t use a guard. So, it’s better to sue a guard while trimming.


So, we have learned about some top-rated models of trimmers are available on the market of the UK. If you choose any one of the enlisted trimmers, you’ll never go wrong.

It’s because they’re as dependable as durable and perform well enough than other ordinary trimmers.

However, we recommend the Remington Barba and Wahl models of trimmers for the optimum results as they come with great cutting lengths.

Also, they’re pocket-friendly and provide you with expected styles and looks with your beard.


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