Best Air Fryer For Chips UK 2021

Best Air Fryer For Chips UK 2020

You know how irresistible the fried food items are. After a hectic day job, enjoying some bites on crispy chips, fish fillets, onion rings, and fried chicken is great to revive yourself.

But, it’s not healthy to eat regularly from a fast food shop or restaurant.

The simply easy solution is to make it your own using a good quality air fryer. Preparing fries at home means you’re free of annoying health issues.

Also, it’s an excellent option to make you refresh with fried food items, which is as convenient as quick to prepare.

But, lots of brands and their models are out in the UK markets makes it tough to find your suitable one. No worries go through this entire article and get the clarification of what you’re seeking.

Top 5 Best Air Fryer For Chips UK

1.Power AirFryer XL Digital Chip Fryer With Portable Oven

When you look for a mid-ranged, merely reliable, and clear-cut air fryer, the Power AirFryer XL is the right choice.

The stylish looked, and user-friendly chip fryer comes with a nice chunky handle.

The fryer is hugely suitable for active and quiet operation of preparing fried items using different preset functions.

These functions include French fries, roast, bake, prawns, chicken, fish, and steak.

You get control over its temperature along with cook time for the best results that ensure the proper cooking.

The manufacturer provides a brochure with clear instructions, recommended cooking times, and some other useful information.

Most importantly, it has a recipe book to help you make frying food with ease.

Apart from making chips, you also get an excellent way to prepare sponge pudding, vegetable fries, and chicken fries.

There is a divider in the basket that allows you to cook two dishes at the same time.

With its smaller baking pan, the fryer is all set to prepare fantastic chips as quickly as effortlessly.

Indeed, it’s 70% faster to cook food than those traditional cooking methods.

The fryer uses the latest hit air frying technology that requires less oil or fat to prepare healthier types of favorite foods.

Its digital display with a quick touch and response system helps you cook preferred dishes at the précised temperature.

After the end of the assigned cooking time, it notifies you with its signals that the cooking has completed.

And when it comes to cleaning the fryer, it’s dishwasher safe with easy and fast clean-up.


  • User-friendly
  • Family-sized design
  • Great results
  • Seven different functions


  • Requires shaking while cooking

2.Philips HD9621/91 Viva Collection Airfryer

The air fryer is a great bonus when you look for faster mealtimes. Also, you’ll find it effortless to clean when you complete cleaning if you’re like the people hate cooking stuff after completion of cooking.

Apart from frying chips, another great thing about this model is it can bake.

You need to use some accessories like a pan or muffin cup to bake bread and cakes.

In any case, it’s a beautiful, smaller air fryer, but strong enough to prepare different types of fast food-like items.

As the manufacturer claims, it reduces the use of oil or fat 80% that has tested as well as proven.

So, it’s your best friend while seeking to avoid unhealthy shop food to switch the healthy homemade food items.

That’s because we assure of the excellent quality of fat extraction. Unlike some other models left lots of oil inside the fryer, this model provides the same result keeping moist inside.

Its efficiency and speed are other winning factors that draw the attention of users. Because of its faster cooking ability, it’s a fantastic way to revive you instantly after a day-long work.

The latest technology of Rapid Air circulates a sufficient amount of hot air to cook food evenly with a soft inside and crunchy feel outside.

You can completely trust on this air fryer when you need to prepare yummy frozen chips, delicious vegetables, and meats.

The fryer is ready to serve you restaurant-quality food each time you like to get most types of fries.


  • Compact & attractive
  • Easy cleaning
  • User-friendly
  • Perfect cooking


  • Smaller capacity

3.Tower Air Fryer Low Fat/Oil Free Cooking

While using this air fryer, you get full freedom of enjoying fat or oil-free fried items like chips, fish fries, meats, etc.

Frying and preparing a wide range of favorite food gets more relaxed because of its latest technology that circulates hot air.

With a massive 2.2-liter of capacity, this Tower air fryer requires the slightest amount of oil to cook food.

As a result, you can enjoy consumer low-calorie food without leaving the original taste. The meals you can prepare include chips, chicken, vegetables, cakes, and many more.

Equipped with removable basket and drawer, it’s simple to clean up with easy hand wash. Also, it’s dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to get annoyed about it cleaning issue.

So, when you like to make every bite of your meal much better, this is the perfect kitchenware for you.

Thanks to its improved airflow technology, the fryer allows you to fry chips and other food with ease.

The scheduling feature of 30-minute for every food ensures thoroughly cooking each time you prefer to get something crispy.

Coming with the adjustable switch of temperature control ranges from 80 to 200degree Celsius, you’re all set to prepare foods from tasty mains like chips and chicken to favorite sweet treats.

You can quickly and easily remove all of the additional messes beyond this air fryer.

That’s why this air fryer is highly recommended to prepare you restaurant-like food whenever you like to get most types of fried food items.


  • Temperature control
  • Healthier cooking & eating
  • Large capacity
  • Removable compartments


  • Difficult to master

4.Ernovo Air Fryer Low Fat & Oil-Free Cooking

The products of Lenovo brand are well-known in the UK. Likewise, their air fryer is also similarly popular out there.

That’s because this air fryer comes with the most useful features it should have. Although it’s a single device, it allows you to use it for two different purposes at the same time.

One of them is to prepare chip fries while another one will enable you to boil. Its family size 5.5-liter of capacity just perfect to make chips, beef, toast, fish, chicken, and lots more.

You’ll also get a recipe book with this fryer with 50+ frying ideas that will inspire you to make more of your favorite dishes.

Apart from a more extensive internal chamber capacity, it has 3.3-liter of basket capacity that’s just right for three to four people.

The air fryer’s bottom has made with holes that help you to more unexpected oil and fat after completing the cooking.

Due to its appropriate preheat button, it enhances the food texture within 5 minutes. That’s because it beats the annoying type of traditional preheating ovens.

The device is extremely user-friendly, and it just needs to select a button or manual cooking time along with the temperature.

That’s all, and you’re all ser to get delicious chips and any other fried items.

Along with automatic shutdown features, it has some more practical functions like overheat protection, memory for power down, and more.

As you need to spend less time on cooking, you can enjoy more time with your family while using this hundred percent dishwasher safe air fryer.


  • Healthier method to prepare least fried food
  • Large capacity for the whole family
  • Easy operating and cooking
  • 3-year long product warranty


  • Shortage of proper instruction to use

5.Tefal Easy Fry EY401840 Digital Air Fryer

While looking for the naturally healthier solution of preparing crispy chips or any other fried foods, The Easy Fry of Tefal is the best choice.

Whenever you desire to get restaurant-like fried food, you can use this fryer for fry, grill, bake, and roast your preferred foods.

The fryer requires a little or no oil to prepare healthy meals right away. Its latest technology like Air Pressure circulates the right amount of hot cyclonic airflow.

The hot air helps you make the crispy food outside and moist inside.

Because of its eight different present menus, you can enjoy a large variety of fried items. The items include chips, cutlet, cake, shrimp, pizza, grill, fish, roast, and much more.

With a compact design, its 4.2-liter larger basket capacity is good enough to serve six people at a time.

Also, it’s stylish with a modern design that has a touchscreen panel with a big digital display.

In any case of preparing fried items, this fryer is worth buying for the best returns of your money with extraordinary quality of foods. But, all of these handy features come at just a nominal price.

The temperature controlling dial offers you to choose from 80d-degree Celsius to 200-degree Celsius requires only a simple touch to start the action.

With auto shut off feature, it notifies with a beep when the fry is complete. Overall, this fryer is what you’re seeking for a long time to fulfill your all requirements.


  • Compact design
  • Larger capacity
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Digital timer


  • Non-removable basket

Buying Guide For The Best Air Fryer For Chips

Some factors are out there to consider while buying a suitable air fryer. That’s why this buying guide is essential to follow to get the perfect product for the optimal output.

Well, let’s know what the factors or features are that you have to choose in your air fryer.


Size is the very first and largest consideration while buying an air fryer. As there are lots of volume and capacity of air fryers, you should consider the right size fits your needs.

For example, if you’re a single individual, you can choose a one-liter size air fryer. But, you have to choose from 3- to 5-liter or a larger one if you buy it for your full family.

We have selected all sizes of air fryer in the above review. So, you’re all set to choose your preferred one from that.

Fewer Odors

Most traditional fryers come with greasy odors that may be merged in the food. These odors are not just unpleasant; they’re also adamant about eliminating from the food items.

So, if you find something like this in your fryer, choose a better one to overcome the issue of hopeless odors.

In any case, you can select our reviewed products as per your need and budget for the best results.

Easy Cleaning

Many air fryers are available in the UK market that is tough to clean with ease. It’s great to enjoy crispy bites on chips or other fried items; it’s not desired to clean the fryer for a long time to lose the craving of making them once again.

So, you have to buy the easy cleaning air fryer that’s effortless to clean, and you can do it through your dishwasher.

That means the device you’re going to purchase should be as more comfortable to clean as dishwasher safe.


You expect the fryer you buy should provide you with a broad range of favorite dishes. These may include chips, chicken, onion rings, and lots more.

So, it’s vital to check for the full scope of the food preparation capability of the fryer. That’s why it should be versatile enough to provide you with all types of fried foods whenever you want.

FAQs & Answers Section

We know some questions are peeping in your mind. Let’s know some of them below:

Does There Any Difference Between A Deep Fryer And An Air Frying Device?

Although it looks like they work in an almost similar way, there are some differences. For example, a deep frying unit needs more oil to fry food.

But, if you get an air cooking unit, it takes a very nominal quantity of oil than a deep fryer.

What’s The Suitable Air Fryer Size For Me?

It widely depends on the number of family members. If you’re a single person to enjoy fried food, you can buy a one-liter sized fryer.

But, if you buy it for your full family, you have to choose from 3- to 5-liter or larger ones.

Can I Cook Frozen Fish/Meat In My Air Fryer?

Yes, it may take a bit more time, but it’s possible to cook frozen items.

How Much Fat Or Oil Should I Use In The Air Fryer?

You should follow the recipes of the food you’re going to prepare for the best result.


That’s all about choosing the best and the top-rated air fryer for chips. Hopefully, you’ll be able to select your optimum one after reading this review. So, choose your preferred one according to your needs and budget.

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