Me and Mine (October 2018)

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October has been a mixed month. We have managed to get a lot more done in the house over the weekends and are feeling very much like things are finally coming together. We are almost ready to start decorating the rest of the bedrooms in the house, so fingers crossed we will all be sleeping in our own rooms again soon (hurrah). We managed a brief trip back to Coventry to see some family for the first time since moving. We didn't see everyone we wanted to though so will hopefully be back again soon.

We have had sick children off school on a few occasions this month which will hopefully not happen again anytime soon! Elsie has been learning to write which has been eventful. She is so stubborn. Gracie has been doing really well at school, as has Zach when he has managed to attend. I have been struggling a lot recently and it has taken it's toll this month. I wrote all about it here. Sam has started a new job. There has been so much going on!

We have had half-term with all four children. It is so nice when they get to spend time altogether as it has been happening less and less recently. I tend to spend the first few days reminding them to play nicely and not leave anyone out but they do get on so well. They have spent lots of time playing in the garden, we've had a trip to the local park and tonight we had a Halloween party at the grandparents house. The kids had been working hard with Nanna all day baking and making treats for the party. 

This months photo was a last minute snap after the Halloween party and trick or treating tonight.

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  1. Oh no sorry to hear there's been sick days - I hope November brings better health :)

  2. Sounds like you have had a busy month, glad you all had a good half term x

  3. Sounds like a busy, but content, month! Hope you have a super November with no sick bugs!

  4. Sounds like a busy month! My October was also packed so I'm looking forward to a more quiet and relaxing November x

  5. Ooo great that you got to see family in Coventry, but sorry to hear about the sick days though xx

  6. We’ve been the same and had lots of sickness with our daughter this month. Seems like there is bug after bug going around