My Debenhams Children's Toy Wishlist

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I  was asked to put together a toy wishlist from the Debenhams website as part of a Blogger Christmas competition. They sell a very large selection of fabulous children's toys so it was hard to narrow down but here is my top five:

1. Lego Duplo The Jokers Challenge

Zach is Batman mad and we have the Lego Duplo Batcave for him for Christmas already. This would go so well with that set and I'm sure he would have hours of fun. I actually hadn't seen this until I browsed the Debenhams website but it's now top on my ideas list for any Christmas money he gets.

2.  Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall

Gracie actually hasn't got any Sylvanian Families toys yet but it would make a lovely collectible for her and something we can add to year after year. I am sure she would love the cute animal figures. It is something I would love to buy her and hopefully will soon.

3.  Teksta T-Rex
Ok so the Teksta robots are available as a Kitty or a Dinosaur. I know Gracie would absolutely love the cute pink kitty and Zach would love the Dinosaur. I would definitely side with Zach though, Dinosaurs are pretty awesome and I'm really curious to see what it would do!

4. Winnie The Pooh- Hide Inside Winnie

I thought this looked super cute for Elsie. It's hard buying toys for babies but I decided this would look great in her bedroom as an ornament while she's too little for it and would be great fun for her to grow into it.

5. Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy

Gracie and Zach love helping me do the housework and I always have an extra pair of hands helping me push the hoover around so I think they would love a toy hoover for themselves so they can copy me whilst I am doing the cleaning.

This post is my entry into the Debenhams Christmas wishlist competition.

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