Review: Parragon Book Buddies

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm a little behind on our book reviews at the moment as we had our book advent through December and so had a new book to read EVERY DAY! So we didn't get to re-read enough times for me to tell you how much we enjoyed them.

In December we received two new books from our friends at Parragon. One suitable for each of the kids! 

The first book was another adorable set for Zach called 'Thank you for being my friend' the set contains a small book with a cute Cleo giraffe soft toy. As I have said before, these sets are lovely and my favourite thing about them is the little story with cute illustrations that Zach adores. Cleo is a cuddly giraffe who after bursting out of some brightly coloured wrapping paper finds that their new home is full of scary monsters. She eventually comes across a nice fluffy yellow duck who looks after her that night and shows her the following day that the 'scary monsters' where just household objects that look scary in the dark.  It is just the right length to keep him interested (he's 15 months old) and he loves that he can be clever and look at it himself. I will always say these books make fantastic presents for babies for Christmas/birthdays/special occasions.

The second book was 'Everybody loves Butterflies' which was the perfect age for Gracie. It is about a little caterpillar that is scared of change, he doesn't want to be a butterfly. He visits lots of other insects who tell him how great butterflies are but he doesn't want to listen. Then after a Visit to the wise old owl he's not scared anymore and that night he becomes a butterfly. When he becomes a butterfly he realises that everyone was right. It is great being a butterfly and wants to be a butterfly for ever and ever! It is a lovely story that shows children from a young age that change is good. I love that the last page of the book has a detailed, child friendly, life cycle of a butterfly diagram. Gracie loves this book and already remembers bits of it off by heart and so sits and reads it on her own making up her own version of the story. It is quite discreetly educational which is great for preschool children.

Two more great reads from Parragon Books that we are proud to have in our book collection. The books are available to buy from Amazon here:

'Thank you for being a friend'

'Everybody Loves Butterflies'
We were sent these books free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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