House of flu

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This week I have discovered how truly awful it is to have both children poorly at the same time. They just had colds with sore throats but my god they were suffering. It was horrible seeing them so poorly and cuddling them in the night while they were sobbing their hearts out after coughing fits.

We ended up dragging them into Boots to buy a bag full of children's cold and flu medicines in the hope we could ease their pain long enough for them to sleep again. Every day consisted of forcing cough syrup or calpol down Gracie who hates medicine with a passion and trying to pull the syringe or spoon away from Zach who wanted more! When we weren't fighting over medicine they were fighting and arguing over who cuddled what toy or who got cuddles off mummy.

Of course it only took a few days for me and Andy to catch it too and we probably whinged just as much! Thankfully now that the week is over we are starting a new week flu free! (with only the emotional scars left to heal!) Note to self I need to get me some Fish Oil Supplements for my awful immune system. That and invest in some nice warm clothes of course.

Anyway hope you're all well and now im fighting fit again I have lots of exciting news and reviews coming up for you!

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  1. My little one used to get frequent colds every winter. Every 3 weeks, more precisely. It was a nightmare. Then a friend suggested putting her on supplements to boost her immune system: she was for a whole winter on cod liver oil, colostrum(ordered from New Zealand), zinc, Manuka honey and propolis syrup(sent from Romania by my mum). She has had NO colds this winter so I know this stuff works. Just do your research and put them on supplements, you will see a world of difference. Linking in from Magnificent Monday linky.xx