gJingle all the way!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

With the most 'unique' insight into Eco-friendly nappies. gNappies came up with a disposable insert back in 2005 that can be composted. You can use either these disposable inserts or a cloth insert inside one of their beautifully designed pant covers. As you can imagine they have been very popular and have created lots of gMums and gDads always eager to see the new releases!

Well today sees the release of another of these beautiful designs. Just in time for the Christmas season they introduce the gJingle.

gNappies are out to eradicate conventional disposable nappies from the planet. Over 20billion are thrown away annually making them on of the largest contributors to landfills. There is no evidence that conventional disposable nappies ever biodegrade. gNappies disposable inserts break down in a home compost (wet ones only) in three months producing good compost.

gNappies are available to buy from their website www.gnappies.com starting at £14.95 for a solid pant. The gJingle will be available to buy sometime today (14th November 2013) 

If you keep an eye on the blog I will have a detailed review up in a few days for you to see what we think about gNappies. 

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