Are you satisfied with your home?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Since starting my home improvement projects I've found myself making things so difficult for myself as I want everything to be 'perfect'. This is the main reason I am starting one room at a time. It seems to be taking forever though. I would love to have one of these houses you see on the television with nice homely furniture, no toys lying around and everything just seems right.

I keep changing my mind when it comes to ideas for my main rooms downstairs. My kitchen is slowly falling apart at first I thought it just needed redecorating but I've come to find a few appliances need replacing and a few cupboard doors are broken. So my list of things to replace/fix just gets bigger and bigger. Whenever I'm not writing on my blog I am doing some kind of DIY or planning my next projects. Although it is hard work I am enjoying seeing things start to come together.

I have actually been documenting my projects so far on another blog which I will share with you all shortly (when the blog design is finished!) I'm hoping that eventually I will have a big diary to look back on at all the hard work we have done and be proud! Eventually I will have the perfect house complete with cool designer chairs and vintage upcycled furniture.

Am I asking too much?! Is anyone ever satisfied with their home?

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