Review: Monsters University Soundtrack

Friday, July 05, 2013

Now I remember being 10 years old when the original Monsters Inc was released and me and my brother loved it! Fast forward thirteen years (yes it was really that long ago!) and it's a film I still enjoy but this time I'm watching it with my own kids. Gracie loves monsters Inc and I even taught her to try and say mike wasowski like boo does in the film which is so cute! It is one of our household favourites and I was so excited when I heard about the release of Monsters University. We are yet to see the film, we'll be watching that next time Daddy has a day off work, but we have been reviewing the soundtrack and here is what we think:

We've got the soundtrack as a download on Play MPE Which is great as I can use the app on my iPad or iPhone to access it for Gracie to listen to wherever we are. The film soundtrack actually only has one song with words to it which is the last track on the album the rest being just  musical compositions by the legendary Randy Newman. Although the music has no words it still captures the attention of everyone that listens as it is so emotive with a great use of tension in the tracks to set the scene. You can see the similarity to the music in the original monsters Inc film too. There is a mix of high and low tempo tracks which helps them not all sound the same! If the music is anything to go by I'd say the film is going to be pretty amazing. Gracie's favourite track is Roar which features Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia, you can tell what Daddy listens to in the cait is a very upbeat tune and a great song to do crazy dancing to (we do a lot of this at home). I think this is a great soundtrack and I think Gracie will appreciate it even more once she has seen the film and can place the music she recognises within the film. 

The soundtrack is available now for digital download only. It is definitely worth buying if you have a monsters fan! 

We received a free download of the soundtrack for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own

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