Real Nappy Week 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This is a very special week for Cloth using mums. It's Real Nappy Week 2013. The idea is to raise awareness for the new generation of cloth nappies.

Many companies have got lots of offers and competitions at the moment which is great for anyone thinking of trying some! I bought my first ever cloth nappy during last years Real Nappy Week and my collection is still steadily growing.

If you are looking for offers, competitions or advice pop over to Mymummyspennies blog page. There are lists of current offers and competitions from lots of different companies on her blog.  Jen was one of the people that helped me with lots of advice when I was looking into using cloth. Even with what seemed like millions of stupid questions I had trying to get my head around it all, she was always there to help me. Everyday this week she will be publishing guest posts from different people about their experiences (look out for mine coming up sometime later in the week). Also Wednesday night at 8pm on Mymummyspennies Facebook page there will be a cloth nappy week chat with Babipur as a guest to answer your cloth nappy questions. If your free at that time tomorrow night I suggest you take a look, ask some questions or if you already use cloth you can offer your own guidance and advice to other mums. There will be prizes on offer for those that join in!

I haven't had a good look yet but I'm on the look out for some new nappies to try as well as a wetbag, since mine sadly died this week! And some cute baby legs for the summer (if it ever arrives). If I see some good offers I will post them on my Facebook page HERE. Feel free to post any you see on my wall for me to share them. I've already posted my first bargain of the week on there!

Hope you all have a great Real Nappy Week!

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  1. I have pretty much been a loyal buyer of honest diapers from day one, but have tried expensive diapers on occasion, only to come back to these. They are the better deal and don't fall apart. I have had tabs rip off on Huggies while attaching them to my kids. I like the expensive diapers best