A day lost

Friday, April 26, 2013

Today was Andy's day off, the sun was shining and apart from a few hail showers the weather was pretty good. We decided to take Gracie out we thought we would stick some wellies on and go to the park or something to get both the kids some fresh air and go for a walk in the woodlands.

Well we got the kids fed and ready to go, was just about to leave the house when I heard 'oh no Gracie has been playing with my keys'. Then came the two and a half hours searching the entire house for the keys that i've warned him a million times to keep away from a toddler who loves to hide things. You'd think he'd learn the last two times she's 'lost' them.

The two of us practically turned the house upside down I checked all the bedrooms; inside draws, toy boxes, shoes, bags, cupboards, beds. I checked the toilet, bath, sink and even the bin. I went outside to see if they'd been posted out the letterbox there was no sign. All the while Andy was checking through everywhere downstairs. I must have asked Gracie a million times and all she said was 'there gone', 'in kitchen', 'Daddy lost them' and she took me to lots of her hiding places with no luck.

Just as we had given up and admitted defeat and I'd settled Zach down to play. Andy came strolling down the stairs keys in hand and where were the keys? They were in his work trousers from last night. Which ironically was the first place he looked before blaming Gracie!

By this time it was too late for a day out so we settled for a McDonalds followed by a little walk and playtime in the garden. At least we managed to salvage a few hours from our 'lost day'!

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