Review: Fab Lab Festival Face Tattoos

Thursday, September 13, 2018

We went on a big family holiday to a lovely cottage in Pembrokeshire over the summer holidays. We weren't sure what the weather would be like whilst there but we were a short way from a lovely beach and made sure we took plenty of things to entertain the children. I decided to take along the Fab Lab Festival Face Tattoo set from Interplay. We were also celebrating Elsie's birthday while we were away and we thought it would be great fun to have a go at decorating all of their faces. 


Review: Fab Lab Tie Dye Kit

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Over the summer Gracie and I decided to do a few fun craft activities together. One of these was to have a go at creating our own tie dye t-shirts. We used the Fab Lab Tie Dye kit which comes with four different colour dyes, disposable gloves, a bag full of elastic bands and a full instruction booklet. We read through the instruction leaflet to see the different patterns we could make and decided to try out two of them.


Review: M&S Opticians Intu Derby

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Marks & Spencer have recently opened up opticians in five of their stores, Westfield London, Manchester, Derby, York and Bolton. I was asked to visit the Derby store recently to test out the service. I booked my appointment online at for the weekend after they opened and headed to the store at INTU shopping centre in Derby. 

Me and Mine

Me and Mine (August 2018)

Friday, August 31, 2018

August saw us temporarily move out of our house for three weeks while we had the whole place rewired. It was a huge job, we had to move out the majority of our belongings into storage and the whole brood descended on the poor in-laws. Thankfully it was the school holidays and we tried to keep busy with walks to the park or trips out and our final week was spent on holiday. 

It was the first big family holiday we have had with all of the children together. We stayed in a lovely cottage in Pembrokeshire along with the in-laws and the two dogs. We spent most of our days at different beaches, we celebrated Elsie's birthday and watched the sunset from the cottage balcony most evenings. I was in my element being able to take nice pictures of everyone and everything. It was a really beautiful place and it was really nice to have a break. 

September will see us moving back into our shell of a house and the children returning or starting their brand new school. 

Back To School Supplies

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

In just a few weeks the children will be heading back to school. There are a lot of nerves and excitement in our house about the prospect of the new school year. Gracie only had three weeks in her new school at the end of last term and it will be brand new for Zach when he starts Year 1 in September. We are hoping Elsie will start shortly afterwards if a place becomes available for her in our new local school. With all of the stress of moving and sorting schools I have left a lot of my school shopping until last minute. I grabbed most of the uniform last week in Sainsbury's while they had 25% off clothing.

All three children have lovely new school shoes courtesy of Get The Label, you can take a look and read the review here. They have also received some lovely items from a few of our favourite brands which we wanted to share with you. In the picture above you will see Zach's amazing new personalised water bottle from itsyourstory. He got to choose a character from a wide range including a monkey,  fireman, footballer, cowboy and many more but he chose the cheeky monkey because it was funny. I uploaded a photo file during the order process and now he has his very own 'cheeky monkey Zachary' bottle. He absolutely loves it and can't wait to take it to school with him.

Gracie has been really enjoying creative writing recently so was amazed at the contents of our Smiggle delivery. She now has a lovely 'Now You See Me Twin Zip Pencil Case' in purple to store all of her pencils and colouring pencils along with a lovely sequin mermaid notepad to jot down ideas and stories in. She seems to come home from school really inspired by what she is learning so it will be really nice for her to be able to come home and let her creative juices flow with her new stationery. 

Another item from our Smiggle goody bag was this water bottle. Although Zach was photographed with it when it arrived, it seems Elsie has taken a liking towards it so has decided that as Zach has a water bottle already, she should have the cool space water bottle. This comes in lots of different designs and colours.

All we need now is to get back in our house in time for the new school year and a phone call to say Elsie can start too!

back to school

Review: Get The Label School Shoes

Friday, August 17, 2018

I hate school shoe shopping. Last year I had to go all over trying to find shoes for each of the children and it ended up costing me a fortune. Elsie has teeny tiny feet so I had trouble finding her black shoes small enough and found that there were only two brands which sold black shoes in an infant size 5. This year though I haven't had that trouble because I was contacted by Get The Label and to my utter surprise they had shoes that fit all three children and at great prices. 

Our Dream Garden

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Last weekend we spent two whole days clearing out a large section of our garden. We chopped down some trees and bushes to clear some very cluttered areas down the side of our sheds and have managed to create even more space in what was already a very spacious garden. We are so lucky to have such a large open garden and our plan is to really make the most of it. We have a patio area for seating and BBQ, followed by a grassy area for the children to play in, behind this again we have two sheds, a fruit patch, more grass and lots of bushes and hedges which we would like to cut back and replace with fencing. 

We still have a lot more to clear at the moment and I think it is going to take us a few months to get rid of it all but we have already been discussing ideas and plans for the future of our garden. Both Sam and I have totally different hobbies, I like to write and he likes to play guitar, obviously the two don't always go together very well so we have been thinking about installing a summer house/shed in the garden for leisure use. We already have a shed to store the lawnmower and tools etc. in and a smaller one for children's outdoor toys but it would be lovely to have an area to escape to for quiet concentration, or even a noise proof one to send him to!

I would love a nice large one right at the bottom end of the garden, big enough for some comfortable furniture and with plenty of windows to enjoy the surrounding view. In fact it would be great for the Summer holidays while the children are playing outdoors most of the day too. I could get an hour or so of work done each day whilst keeping an eye on them at the same time. I find I have to work late at night in the holidays as it is so difficult to find the time whilst entertaining children. I have seen some great examples at  there are so many options when it comes to size and shape to suit each individual garden.

I cannot wait to have our dream garden and with a bit of hard work and determination we will have just that in the next few years!

*This is a collaborative post