Review: Owleez Interactive Flying Toy

Sunday, September 22, 2019

We were recently sent an Owleez interactive flying toy to review. Owleez is a cute owl interactive toy that needs lots of love and care. You can care for them by feeding them berries and petting them amongst other things. The colour of their eyes tells you what you need to do to nurture them. Owleez come with a berry, a nest and an instruction leaflet that tells you clearly about their eye moods and how to teach them to fly. 

I gave our Owleez for Elsie to try out. She loves Owls, in fact she just loves animals and caring for them so I thought it would be fun for her to try. Using the Owleez is simple, you charge it using a USB cable that is wrapped on the underside of the nest (which means it cannot be lost!). It doesn't take long to charge and once it is ready you can get started. You simply turn it on and follow the instructions, which happen to be very easy to follow and are printed in large writing so it can be read and understood by children too. Also, they are handy to keep hold of to remember what the eye colours mean. 

Elsie was so impressed the first time we managed to get our owleez to fly though it soon crashed into the sofa and she was a bit horrified. It is much louder than I expected but so cool! The more you practice flying your Owleez, the better it gets. Just like any bird learning to fly. We did find that each time it lasts a little longer. It does have quite a crash landing though. I'm not sure why I expected a toy to have a graceful landing!

Overall, I think it is a great fun toy and it is certainly different to any other interactive animal toy we have ever had. I do wonder whether it will last long with the crash landings but we haven't had any problems yet with multiple crashes. I would recommend playing on soft surfaces like carpets etc. just incase. Elsie loves it. She loves caring for it, cuddling and feeding it like a good owl mama.

Owleez are available to buy at most major toy retailers including Smyths Toys Superstores.

*We were sent the item featured in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

|AD| Back to School Essentials

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The summer holidays are flying by and if you haven't quite finished your back to school shopping by now, like me, you may be panicking. Here are a few examples of back to school handy items from some of our favourite brands. 

One of my biggest issues with school is that I spend a fortune on school uniform for the children at the start of each year and by the end of week one, I have the dreaded stained white polo shirts. It doesn't matter how smart Elsie is sent into school in the morning, she will come home filthy each day without a doubt. I don't mind though as long as I can get them clean again. I would definitely recommend stocking up on stain removal products early on and use them for all of your white washes to keep the school shirts looking clean and fresh for longer. I have recently been trying ACE stain removal products and am impressed so far but I will keep you updated on whether they work long-term! They are available to buy at Tesco’s, Morrison’s, The Range, Wilko, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and prices start from just £2 each. 

Gracie is just going into Year 4 at school and it is the first year that she is encouraged to take her own pencil case and stationery into school. I remember choosing my pencil cases each year and it being so exciting seeing what everyone else had on the first day of school. Also lunch boxes are exactly the same, my younger two still get free school meals due to their age but Gracie has packed lunches and again gets to choose her lunchbox for the year. Smiggle is THE place for young children to go for a back to school shopping spree. They have absolutely everything you could ever possibly need and more from bags to individual stationery items.

Staying hydrated is so important so I do try to make sure my children remember to take a water bottle to school each day. I like to buy them nice ones each to encourage them to actually remember them. We are all big Harry Potter fans in our house and I love this aluminium drinks bottle, it has the Hogwarts crest on one side and a Gryffindor Quidditch symbol on the other (as seen above). I would definitely use this myself but Zach has claimed it as his. You can look at the range of aluminium drink bottles from GB Posters here. They do some really cool ones (I want an AC/DC one!) and I have been told there will be more added shortly including this Harry Potter one. 

These BIC Gel-o-city quick dry gel pens have been added to Gracie's pencil case ready for school. Now that she has her pen license, she can use pens at school and I thought these would be great for any poster making activities etc. that she might have. The fact that they are quick drying means she won't end up with smudges all over her work and the small tip means that they will be nice and neat in comparison to felt tip pens. They are available to buy from most major retailers. 

Something that I often buy for school is handy pocket packs of tissues. Especially in the winter months, I like to make sure the children have a packet either in their bag or coat pocket so they are accessible on the school runs or at break time. You can buy multipacks of these Kleenex pocket tissues at most major supermarkets at a reasonable price. 

*These items were gifted in exchange for this post but all opinions are my own. 

|AD- Press Trip| National Forest Adventure Farm

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

On Saturday we visited National Forest Adventure Farm in Burton-on-Trent. We had been invited to experience the space themed events to celebrate 50 years since the moon landing. To celebrate the big anniversary, National Forest Adventure Farm have carefully designed their maize maze which was revealed earlier this month. The maze design features Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission Saturn V rocket recreated in maize form. 

AD Treetop Adventure Golf Leicester

Friday, July 12, 2019

On Saturday we visited Treetop Adventure Golf in Leicester. It is located just outside Highcross shopping centre so it is a very accessible location with plenty of parking nearby. 

Each child was given the right size golf club for their height. All adult clubs are the same size and the five of us were given a different coloured ball each to play with. There are two different 18-hole courses to choose from. We chose the Tropical Trail, though there is also the Ancient Explorer course available. The children chose the Tropical Trail as it had more animal themed features. 

|AD| Review: Gatorade

Thursday, June 27, 2019

I was recently sent a variety pack from Gatorade to try out the different flavours with some merchandise as an added bonus. The variety pack includes a Gatorade branded sports towel, a Gatorade branded reusable sports bottle, 3 x Gatorade Red Orange, 3 x Gatorade Lemon, 3 x Gatorade Cool Blue and 3 x Gatorade Orange. 


Review: Ziggle Colour Changing Raincoats and Umbrellas

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Back at Blog On in May I stumbled upon these gorgeous raincoats and umbrellas from Ziggle. As soon as I saw them I just knew the girls would love them! I was shocked to find that they were made to fit children up to 8 years old as they mainly sell beautiful baby and toddler items. These raincoats are not just pretty in design but they also change colour in the rain. As you can see in the umbrella photo below where the raindrops have started to hit and the unicorn has begun to change in appearance. 

Review: Monster Jam Live Tour

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Disclaimer: We received free tickets in return for promotion and an honest review. 

Last weekend we had a whole family day out back in my hometown of Coventry. We were invited to attend the Monster Jam tour at Ricoh Arena and I knew that all four kids would absolutely love it. We were given passes to the pit party beforehand so managed to make a whole day of it, getting there early to see the monster trucks up close and meet the drivers. Unfortunately, the rain that day was horrific so the pit party was cancelled, though you could still enter the pit party area to take photos with the trucks themselves and then queue up to meet the drivers inside the arena, rather than meeting them next to their trucks.