About Me


If you don't know me already, my name is Carly Markham and this is my blog. I am 25 and a single Mum to three small children living in the West Midlands. My blog is where I share anything and everything about our lives. I gave up my part-time job back in 2015 to concentrate on my writing and have never looked back. I love to write and have also ventured into Youtube and the world of Vlogging in 2016

I enjoy travelling, exploring new places, photography, reading and writing.

My children have very important roles helping me with this blog. From doing the silly/cute/crazy things that inspire many of my personal posts, to working hard to test out lots of products and posing for photos. They love it. They really enjoy every part of it.

Gracie- 6 years old- Gracie loves Superheroes, My Little Pony and she loves to be busy. She is the kindest little girl with a huge heart. She wants to be friends with everyone and will be the first to comfort you if she thinks you are upset.

Zach- 4 years old- Zach loves Star Wars and Superheroes. He is a bit of a TV addict and loves watching films. He likes playing football. He is your typical boy. Wherever we go he earns the nickname 'Smiler' as he has the cheekiest grin and never stops smiling. He is actually really shy though and hates being the centre of attention.

Elsie- 2 years old- Elsie is the naughty one. She is constantly pushing boundaries and winding everyone up. She has a fiery temper but she is also really funny and can be so cute at times. Elsie is quite fearless and independent and I love that about her. She brings so much fun to our lives.

So now you know a bit about us, I hope that you will enjoy reading our blog and getting to know more about our family. Thank you for taking the time to read!