Iceland Day 4: Sam's Birthday, Shopping and Blue Lagoon

Friday, 26 January 2018

The fourth and final day of our Iceland adventure also happened to be Sam's 25th Birthday and despite the fact he didn't want to celebrate, I wanted it to be special. I had spotted what looked like a nice cake shop a few days earlier so we got up and walked into Reykjavik city centre to the cake shop where we sat and had a cake breakfast because everyone needs cake on their birthday. 

We then spent a while looking around all of the shops in the city centre for some nice gifts to bring home for the kids. We settled on some runic bracelets for the boys and some little fluffy Icelandic horse key rings for the girls. We then popped into Hard Rock Cafe Reykjavik for a birthday lunch. It was nice and quiet in there and the food and cocktails were so good. After visiting a few more shops and buying a few more souvenirs we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our visit to the Blue Lagoon. We arranged our visit for 5.30pm as we thought it would be a lovely way to end the day.

Again we went with Reykjavik Excursions who picked us up from our hotel and dropped us at The Blue Lagoon and handed us our return tickets so we could stay at the Lagoon as long as we liked. Although I was so excited to visit the Blue Lagoon before our holiday. The cold made me really begin to dread it after our experience at The Fontana Wellness the day before. The thought of walking around on a cold evening in my swimsuit filled me with sadness. We were both feeling the same but decided we had to just go for it. I was so glad we did because it was probably one of my favourite experiences of the whole break. We went and changed into our swimwear and were advised to pop a load of conditioner in our hair before entering to stop it drying out and being damaged. We then met outside the changing rooms ready to enter the Blue Lagoon. As soon as we spotted the entrance to the Lagoon we breathed a sigh of relief as you actually enter indoors. NO WALKING AROUND IN THE COLD IN A SWIMSUIT!

We stepped into the water and entered the Blue Lagoon via a little door in the water and it took us straight to a little cave. I expected it to be all lit up with outdoor lights but it was very dark with only the moonlight to guide you. Although it meant we didn't see much of the Blue Lagoon in all of it's glory, I felt like we had the best experience as there were so many people there but as you couldn't see them unless you were up close, it seemed a lot more intimate and romantic. The water was amazing, some parts are much warmer than others and it is a case of travelling through the water exploring and finding the best spots. They have a silica bar in the water where you can apply a silica mud mask. You can apply as much as you want to your face and body and wash off after 5 minutes directly in the water. The water is self-cleansing and completely renews itself every 40 hours. The waterfall in the Blue Lagoon is also amazing. It is a man made waterfall and feels amazing on your back and shoulders as it is so powerful it really works your muscles. We stayed in the lagoon for a few hours before we planned to head back for dinner. Even the changing facilities were great. The Blue Lagoon have their own natural skin care range and they have moisturiser for you to help yourself to in the changing rooms, I have to say my skin had never felt so good. 

I would love to go back to Blue Lagoon one day, maybe in the daytime so I can experience the views too! For our last evening we decided to treat ourselves to dinner in the hotel restaurant again which was delicious. The whole day was really nice, the best way to spend a birthday and the final day of our holiday.

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  1. I read this with copious amounts of envy(well jealousy really), Iceland I hear more about everyday. Iceland is very much on my bucket list and moving higher everyday, and when I real articles like this, the more I am determined to go this year. googling Blue Lagoon as I type.
    I hope to see an amazing gallery when you return:)
    nb: Ive just seen the photos, wow. Looks amazing.

  2. Omg! Iceland has always been on my bucket list and I really want to go there one day. Also, Blue Lagoon is fantastic. I love seeing the pictures on Instagram.


  3. Oh my goodness, I'm so envious of your trip. Iceland is very high up on my bucket list. It was really good to read a proper description of the Blue Lagoon experience too, it sounds just like a really good spa. Can't wait to read more!

  4. I would love to go to the Blue Lagoon - it's amazing that the water is self cleansing and good to hear that the water was not too cold.

  5. Wow I am so so jealous! I think Iceland is on everyones bucket list, it sounds amazing and the Blue Lagoon sounds AMAZING!

  6. I am so jealous. Iceland always looks like such a beautiful place to visit, but the Blue Lagoon sounds almost heavenly!

  7. Sounds like you all had a lovely day - what a lovely place to spend a birthday

  8. Iceland has been a place we have talked about visiting since we live a short flight away. I hope we get to go soon.

  9. Looks like a beautiful place and so much fun! I'll have to add it my list of places to go!


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