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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I don't often put on the lottery or bet on anything. Other than the yearly Grand National, which I actually love the competitive side of! I love to win. I was recently offered £25 credit to use at Lottoland to test out their site and give my opinion and thoughts on the process. Lottoland is similar to the lottery as you choose your numbers as you usually would or a 'quick +1' which is essentially a lucky dip and whether you win or not depends on the results of the lottery when it is drawn.

Now you are not actually putting the lottery on, you are betting on the outcome of the draws but the prizes are similar to that of the lottery, with many large money prizes given out. What this does mean is that you are not limited to the UK national lottery or Euromillions but can have a go at lotteries from all over the world. Some being cheaper to bet on than others. It does mean that you have to wait for the results to come in to find out if you have won so they are not quick wins. Over the past week I have tried my hand at Euromillions, Irish Lotto, Powerball and Megamillions. I didn't have much luck except for a £3.50 win on the Powerball, retirement here I come! I guess you can't expect to hit big in one week though! It is a game of luck after all.

They also have a range of different instant cash prizes with Instant Win games and scratchcards. I enjoyed playing the scratchcards although never won any more than £2 at a time and bought bundles of 5 or 10 at a time to make the most of the discounts. Sometimes I won small amounts like 5p or 10p which were a little pointless, but there is a chance of much bigger prizes. After looking at my account history I bought a total of 80 scratchcards and won 15 times with a total winnings value of £7.60. I guess that isn't a bad total but I would have totally felt better if my winnings had been in the hundreds or thousands. I felt close to winning big so many times!

Would I play again? Maybe. I think I did a lot with my £25 credit so the prices are good. I would worry I would start putting too much money in, yearning for that big jackpot that I feel is just around the corner. I think for occasional use the site would be really fun. I enjoyed spending half an hour every now and then having a little play using my credit or winnings. I did spot that you can set daily limits for money added when setting up your account which is great! I would definitely have to take advantage of that. If you are someone who regularly uses similar sites then I would definitely recommend for the fun factor.

If you are interested in finding out more about Lottoland and how it works then this is a great explanation of it all here.

Posted in collaboration with Lottoland.

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