Our New Home

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

As you may have noticed I have been away from my blog and social media for a few weeks. We got the keys to our new house at the end of May and it has been all action ever since. I have moved out of my hometown of Coventry to a village in South Derbyshire. It is so green and the kids have been out in the garden every single day since we moved. We actually happen to have part of the National Forest at the end of our garden which we are yet to explore as we have been so busy unpacking.

Today I got the internet back. I have no idea how I coped in the days before 24/7 internet access. I am so used to checking my emails every few hours and speaking to friends through social media. Up until today we actually only had DVD's to watch whilst waiting to get Netflix and Amazon Prime Video back up and running!

There is so much work to do on the house and I am so excited to work through all of the different projects. We are currently doing up the boys bedroom as it needed so much doing to it. Then we have a few bigger projects including getting the roof fixed and having the property rewired before we start decorating elsewhere. I, of course, took photographs of every room the day we got the keys so I can do before and after posts to look back on.

It is going to take some getting used to, living in the middle of nowhere. I am desperate to get myself on the road soon so I can get out and about with the kids whilst Sam is working. I have to say I am enjoying the quietness and being able to hear the birds outside all through the day. I am also feeling much safer and secure in this house which is great for my anxiety and my ability to sleep.

I am missing all of my friends though already! I have come to realise that I am a much more sociable person than I thought and I really enjoy the company of others and speaking to people over the age of 7. I definitely need to find me some local friends before I become completely insane. 

Over the next few months I will be sharing lots of updates and posts about the new house and the surrounding area. It is the start of a brand new adventure and I hope you will all enjoy reading about it. 


World Doll Day With Tiny Tears

Saturday, June 09, 2018

If you didn't already know, today is 'World Doll Day' and Elsie was sent the Tiny Tears Interactive Doll to celebrate. We are big fans of Tiny Tears already and Elsie has two other dolls from the range which she has received over the years. Most children at some point throughout childhood have been the proud owner of a doll of some kind. Dolls have even been dated back to as early as the Egyptian times where wooden dolls were found buried in Egyptian tombs. The strongest role models a child can have are those who nurture them such as parents, teachers, doctors, nurses etc. and so when it comes to role play they can mimic those they look up to by caring for their own babies or children. The stories they can create with a doll are limitless and it is fascinating seeing each child's unique way of playing with them.

Elsie is such a fiery character but put a baby or a puppy in front of her and she suddenly shows her nurturing side. She has always loved playing with baby dolls and pushchairs and any other accessories that they come with. As soon as her interactive Tiny Tears came she had her out of the box immediately and was on the hunt for the baby carrier she got for Christmas so she could take her baby out for a walk. She looked so adorable carrying her around in this tiny carrier.  The interactive Tiny Tears makes a range of sounds, she can laugh and cry and say 'mama'. The funniest thing is whenever the baby says 'mama' Elsie laughs and says 'I'm not mama, Mummy is mama'. She likes to think that she is a loving sister rather than a mummy! Her favourite thing to do with Tiny Tears is sit her on the potty so she can do a real wee. 

What I love most about watching Elsie, and her brother and sister before her, is the memories I will always have of them being so loving and caring towards a doll. I still remember Gracie bathing her dolls in a washing up bowl when preparing for her new baby brother to arrive and Zach and Gracie once arguing about who would get to push the dolls pushchair around on Gracie's 4th birthday. It is something they have all loved at some point.

Do you have any happy doll memories?

Me and Mine (May 2018)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

May has been a very exciting month for us. We started with a family trip to the seaside for the first time this year as it was Logan's birthday. It was really nice to spend a day visiting places local to where he actually lives and we were really lucky that it was a lovely sunny day so we managed to visit a local farm before heading to the beach for a BBQ. We also managed a very rare photo of all six of us together whilst there.

We also made it back to the bluebell woods before we ran out of time which was so exciting as I had hoped to be able to take some nice family photos and they turned out great. We had so much fun exploring the woods, finding all of the natural clearances and following them until we could find the perfect spot to stop. 

The most exciting part of the month has been receiving the keys to our new house. We have waited so long and it is a fresh start for us all with the kids leaving their school and us all leaving our friends and family behind. As the last day of May is our moving in day, we will have to aim to get a picture of us all outside our new house ready for next months Me & Mine.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

Bluebell Woods

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I have always wanted to find a nice bluebell wood to be able to take some beautiful photos and have never got around to actually doing it. This year I was determined to make it happen after seeing an array of photos popping up on my Instagram feed. Our nearest wood was at Ryton Pools Country Park in Coventry and after visiting slightly too early, we returned a few weeks later to find the bluebells in full bloom. They are so magnificent looking. I was just in awe looking at the colours with purple as far as the eye can see. 

I went armed with my camera and tripod and manage to capture so many lovely family photos that I just wanted to share a few of my favourites for you all to see! 

Have you managed to see any Bluebells this year?


Review: Untamed Velociraptor Fingerling

Monday, May 28, 2018

As everyone in the house is Fingerlings mad at the moment, I made sure I went to speak to the PR we had been working with whilst at Blog On X earlier this month. Whilst there I spotted the 'Untamed Ferocious @ Your Fingertips' range which is actually a range of super cool ferocious dinosaur fingerlings! As soon as I saw it I immediately thought of a little boy who I thought would love it. 

I ended up bringing home this Velociraptor called Razor. He chomps and growls and moves his head and eyes. He also reacts to your touch in certain spots on the head. Logan thought he was really cool and all of the other children were so jealous because he is so awesome. The Untamed range is a great alternative to the monkey range if your child is into less 'cute' toys. It has certainly been a huge hit in our house. 

I am loving seeing the kids playing together with all of the Fingerlings creatures. They really are great fun interactive toys. There are no parts for them to lose by accident and they are all priced under £20. 

The untamed velociraptor is available to buy in Entertainer stores amongst other toy retailers. 


Review: Perfection Pillow

Sunday, May 27, 2018

I have always been someone who struggles with sleeping. I am always tossing and turning and waking up feeling like I have barely slept at all. Over the recent months I have also been suffering with a sore neck quite often and figured it was a result of the position that I slept in. I was sent the 'Perfection' pillow by reflexpillow to try out and see if it improved my sleep and neck pains.

'Inappropriate pillows do not support the anatomy of the human body so it's not surprising that sleep science has turned to pillows as a major focus' says Noel O'Connor who founded reflex pillow  during an impressive thirty year career as a specialist in the treatment of back and neck pain 'while your mattress may support your lower spine, the soft tissue of your upper spine and neck requires even more support'. 

I was so ready to try the perfection pillow out but a bit reluctant to get excited. It turns out even that first night of using the pillow was a complete eye opener. I felt so much more comfortable and supported. I slept through the night and my neck felt huge amounts better the following morning. 

With a head dip that is designed to keep the spine aligned and a dedicated shoulder slot, Perfection ensures the optimal positioning for your head, neck and shoulders. By supporting the upper body frame in this way, your neck and shoulder muscles are spared any stress and strain as you sleep which improves blood circulation and redistributes your body weight to help prevent stiffness.

In the few weeks since I begun using the perfection pillow, I feel a lot more relaxed and well-rested. I feel like I am holding less tension in my neck, which I was having to massage regularly as it felt so tight and sore. I feel so much better and I am just so impressed with the difference it has made to my everyday life. 

The perfection pillow is currently available as part of a kickstarter campaign and so far has surpassed the funding goal. You can find it here  to find out more information or purchase for yourself. 

Summer Garden Must Haves

Thursday, May 24, 2018

With all of this glorious sunshine we are currently enjoying, it is the perfect time for thinking about ways to entertain children outdoors. My children love to be outdoors and we love our woodland walks and visits to the park but when it is nice every day, I still have things to do at home so it is nice to find activities for them to play in the garden where I can keep an eye on them. It is also nice to have plenty of choice for when friends visit with their children so there are no arguments over who gets a turn first. 

Water activities

Water activities are a must! There is so much a child can do with water and it isn't exclusive to a paddling pool. We have always loved having some kind of water activity table for as soon as a child can stand up. Fill it with cups, watering cans etc and they can have a world of fun making 'drinks', watering plants or even starting a water fight. I keep looking at garden water slides. It would either be a genius idea or a big mistake, I can't quite decide which, but they look like so much fun! For babies I love the idea of a water filled play mat like the teletubbies water mat. It can be popped on the grass in a nice shady spot and gives the stimulating feeling of water play without the mess. 


Bikes, scooters, skateboards etc. are always a winner. We have our Cosy Coupe for the kids to drive around in, scooters for each of the children and a range of bikes to suit all ages. We have a scuttlebug bike which is great as it is foldable, a toddlebike which is great as a first stage before a balance bike, a Cruzee balance bike which is amazing for teaching balance. We are hoping Zach will go straight onto his bike without stabilisers this summer after years of using his balance bike. Having a range of ride-ons available means children can race or ride together. 

Ball Games

Is there anything more versatile than a ball? So many games have been created around them. You can get little football goals or basketball nets, golf sets or boules. If you are a bit nervous of trusting a child with a ball near windows you could opt for something like a swingball with the ball attached. 

If you are looking for outdoor activities that don't take up space, chalks and bubbles are always popular here. Last Summer I had all of the kids in the street drawing chalk murals on my front garden path, much to a few neighbours disgust at the mess. In my opinion it creates hours of fun, promotes creativity and imaginative play and it is easily washed off with a little water!

Let me know what your summer must-have items are in the comments below.

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